Unboxing the Remix and Hands on Part 1

This time is something a little different. This is the remix it's, an android tablet that actually comes with a keyboard it's, a very similar looking to the surface, the original surface, with its top color, and they advertise it as a productive, Android tablet that has the keyboard and it also has a custom […]

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Remix OS Unboxing & Tipkovnica – 3:2 Ratio Atom Tablet

Je li 8300 two gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabyte emmc? So not really a lot of space on the internal storage, but it is only a single OS and we should have enough room and remix. mislim, on two gigabytes of RAM should be reasonably good, but I won't check that out and the […]

Jide Remix Ultra Tablet Review

Quick review and thoughts on the Remix Ultra tablet by Jide Tech. Molimo pretplatiti za više videa: O: Tehnologija tablete gostiju najnovije kineskih tableta, mobilne telefone i druge srodne gadgete. Cilj nam je da dostavi iskren recenzije, iz perspektive korisnika možete odabrati najbolji kineski tablet za svoje potrebe. Covering […]