Xiaomi Mi 8 – 24 Sati kasnije, Test trajanja baterije & Odgovori na pitanja

So this is just a follow up video you could say my impressions after now, a day of use with the phone so there's a couple of things I wanted to cover in this quick video before I do my camera comparisons. Before my full and final review of the mobile phone, so a lot […]

Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Unboxing – Ne isplati se

Konačno, it is out and finally shipping from China, but it is quite expensive in fact, a lot more. You have to pay for this model. Trenutno, at the time of this video over the standard me eight that I reviewed so in this video I'm not going to go into an extreme amount of […]

Xiaomi Mi 8 Unboxing & Hands-on pregled (engleski)

, So it is now their third Snapdragon, 845 mobile phone from them. If you count the black shark, so got the mimics twists, we have black shark and then we've got, of course the meet eight. So this one here is also their first mobile to have dual GPS it's, something that is actually […]

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pregled – 5 Weeks Later Is It Good?

I was disappointed to see that Xiaomi did not go with wireless charging. They dropped that from their mean mix 2s. They also dropped the second during loudspeaker and they didn't go a step further. Adding IP splash resistance that doesn't have an IP rating and I just feel they could have gone a little […]