RX 5600M vs GTX 1660 Ti – 20 Igra Laptop Usporedba!

Rezultati su daleko bliže nego što sam očekivao.. To su razlike u specifikacijama između ove dvije opcije.. Both have 6GB of GDDR6 memory at same speeds.. Na 1660 Ti is NOT Max Q and runs at the maximum 80 watt power limit for the GPU. Ive been told by AMD that the 5600M […]

RX 5600M vs RTX 2060 – 20 Igra Laptop Usporedba!

. To su razlike u specifikacijama između ove dvije opcije. Oba imaju 6GB GDDR6 memorije. Međutim, its important to note that the RTX 2060 Im testing with here runs with a 90 Ograničenje snage vata, so performance will be lower with an 80 Watt 2060 or better with the new 115 watt configuration. […]

Intel i7-9750H vs i9-9880H – 6 nasuprot 8 Usporedba jezgre!

. To su specifikacije razlike između tih procesora. Najveća razlika je, naravno, će biti jezgra brojati. The i7 has 6 Jezgre 12 Teme, while the i9 has 8 Jezgre 16 Teme.. The i9 also has more cache and a higher base and boost clock speed. So basically it should be […]

Intel i7-10875H vs i9-9880H – 8 Osnovna usporedba CPU-a!

. To su ključne specifikacije razlike između tih procesora, theyre specced. Sasvim slično, unatoč i7 i i9 brendiranje., Obojica su 8 Jezgra 16 thread parts theyve got the same amount of cache and same base. Clock speed., The single core turbo boost speed of the 10th gen chip is a bit higher and […]

Intel i7-10875H vs Ryzen 9 4900Hs – 8 Osnovna usporedba CPU-a!

. To su ključne specifikacije razlike između tih procesora.. Obojica su 8 Jezgra 16 dijelovi navoja. Međutim, the i7 has double the L3 cache. A higher power limit and higher boost speeds, but the Ryzen chip is able to use faster memory and has a higher base. Clock. That 5.1GHz boost speed, na primjer., […]

Vega iGPU Gaming Usporedba – 12nm vs 7nm (4900HS vs 3750H)

AMD je zamjećio da, umjesto da koriste svoju najnoviju Navi arhitekturu s Ryzen 4000, they would instead use an improved 7nm version of Vega. Amd, determined that Navi graphics would not Have the necessary optimizations ready in time, so they decided to stick with the Vega architecture and improve it.. One of the big differences with […]

4900HS vs 9980HK vs 9750H vs 3750H vs 9300H – Usporedba procesora

. The Intel i9 9980HK is the only other 8 core CPU in this comparison, Međutim, unlike all of the others, its unlocked and can be overclocked, naravno, assuming thermal and power limits permit., The 9980HK has double the cache of the 4900HS, a higher power limit and higher Single core turbo boost speed. […]

Aftershock Vapor 15/MAG-15 Comparison – GTX 1660 Ti or RTX 2070 Max-Q?

But what are the differences between them In this comparison? Pa, compare games at all setting levels, video, editing, thermals and battery life to help you decide if its worth paying more for the 2070 Max Q upgrade.. Both of my laptops are essentially the same. Apart from the GPU difference., Both have an Intel […]