Intel i7-10875H vs Ryzen 9 4900Hs – 8 Osnovna usporedba CPU-a!

. To su ključne specifikacije razlike između tih procesora.. Obojica su 8 Jezgra 16 dijelovi navoja. Međutim, the i7 has double the L3 cache. A higher power limit and higher boost speeds, but the Ryzen chip is able to use faster memory and has a higher base. Clock. That 5.1GHz boost speed, na primjer., […]

4900HS vs 9980HK vs 9750H vs 3750H vs 9300H – Usporedba procesora

. The Intel i9 9980HK is the only other 8 core CPU in this comparison, Međutim, unlike all of the others, its unlocked and can be overclocked, naravno, assuming thermal and power limits permit., The 9980HK has double the cache of the 4900HS, a higher power limit and higher Single core turbo boost speed. […]