. I was sponsored to do a review on ASUS Zen Book. Flip S laptop this time.. We love you ASUS. I will work on an illustration on the laptop And try to review how it actually works.. I wanted to work at a cafe or somewhere outside to film myself, But because of the pandemic, I filmed myself in my living room. Responsible, YouTuber 2020. Please imagine me in a fancy, cafe. Filmed in A living room. He wishes. It was a fancy cafe And I will do this in three different ways. First I’m, going to draw with ASUS pen on Zen Book directly. Sljedeći, I will try folding the laptop and connect a bluetooth keyboard And, lastly, I will connect a drawing tablet to the laptop and draw.. So here I am holding ASUS stylus pen on my right hand And left hand on the laptop for shortcut keys To draw directly on the screen. First about the stylus pen. Ja sam, never seen any legit stylus pen that comes with a laptop unless they’re from a professional. Drawing tablet company., Except for Apple pencil maybe., So I had low expectations for ASUS pen too., But it was much better than how I thought it’d be.. It feels like I’m holding a pencil but heavier So I liked it for that. Pen pressure was working very good., But it wasn’t as good as the professional drawing tablets when it comes to light pressure drawing.. If a professional tablet could sense pressure level from 1 da 10, I felt like ASUS pen could sense from about 2 da 10.

Wouldn’t really matter when you’re doing a rough sketch. But if you were about to do a very detailed, delicate painting, It could bother you a little.. I tend to grip my pen very firmly, So I thought it was going to apply too much weight on the screen and flip it over., But it surprisingly didn’t Screen was very resilient in terms of flipping., But as you can see, The screen was a little wobbly, While drawing on it., So it might be very hard to go for a full illustration work in this state.. If you’re just planning to do idea, sketches or simple editing, this could suit you.. Sljedeći, I flipped the laptop backside to create a stand And connected a bluetooth keyboard that I personally own. Still using a ASUS stylus. I used my bluetooth keyboard because doing a digital art makes me use a lot of different shortcut keys.. I think I could carry both this laptop and the keyboard at the same time, because the laptop is very light and small.. This is my Wacom Mobilestudio that I usually carry with me., And this is the Zen Book FlipS. approved. If you are someone who often works outside of your studio, Weight of your gear is as important as the specs in my opinion. Might not matter too much. If you drive your own car to travel around, But if you often travel internationally And have to walk to a cafe or a shopping mall that you can work at You’re going to have to carry your laptop around all the time.

. So the weight of your laptop really matters. – I didn’t realize that when I got my first laptop. So I got a computer with huge screen. Amazing specs and very heavy weight And almost killed myself Connection with the bluetooth keyboard had no problem And I’m, nisam siguran. If it’s the support this stand gives me Or that I got used to this stylus, But it was much easier to control over the pen pressure which allowed me to draw more comfortably., Almost felt like Wacom Mobilestudio., Never thought it would, but it’s actually pretty great. It. Never fell down or folded, while drawing. Fairly stable, But the fact that it’s not properly fixed made me anxious.. I wasn’t going to put too much weight on it, but it felt like it was going to fall. When I do so., znaš, But certainly because it’s a brand new laptop, It did not lag once while painting., Please check out the link below for detailed info, The one I usually carry with me often lagged or had delays. Tako, it gave me cancer when I had to do some heavy duty work.. na kraju, I will now connect my drawing tablet to the computer. Ja sam., an Intuos user, so this felt most comfortable to me.. The other laptop I have is also a display tablet, But whenever I use a display tablet, I found myself working in a very hunched position, Which easily made me feel tired if I had to focus for a long time.

Using a regular. Drawing tablet just feels right to me.. It makes my life a whole lot easier., I use a medium size, Intuos And I’m planning to buy a smaller one. If I ever get to work on my trip to other country. In terms of the size of your drawing tablet, Many of you guys asked questions about what size of tablet will fit you.. I got to work with all the different sizes of drawing tablets And I personally recommend medium or small sizes.. Huge tablets made my hand move around much more In the end, just making me tired, Brže., Your body will get used to the size of your tablet. Over time., Small doesn’t always mean bad And bigger. Doesn’T always mean better. And it’s. naravno, just my personal opinion.. So I tried three different ways of doing digital painting with this laptop.. But for me I felt most comfortable working with my drawing tablet. And I tend to control layer or brush opacity, quite often, while painting By using the buttons on numpad. But if you have ZenBook Flip S, you can always click the top right corner of its touchpad And it will turn into a numpad keyboard. This comes in very handy. Because it can reduce the distance. Your hand needs to travel to press. The shortcut keys. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but all the professionals will get it.. These things really matter., Men’s greed is endless, and since I got more used to working in this environment, I kind of wished the screen to be smaller.

It’s, something that really depends on personal tendency.. But I prefer smaller and lighter laptops. If I plan to carry them around, even if that might make me feel a little uncomfortable., The fact that it runs on Windows made it easier to work with my other computer too. And something I consider very important as other specs when doing a digital painting Is The Color Reproduction. – And this is what made me really like this laptop. ZenBook Flip Shas OLED display. The usual screen monitors have LCD display.. If the LCD is a 3rd gen display system, OLED is the next generation the 4th. To tell the difference. Try filling up your screen with a pure black image.. It might seem like perfect black to your eyes, But once you turn off your screen, you’ll see darker black., But an OLED screen can perfectly reproduct that pure black, without turning it off.. If pure black could look pure black It’ll be able to display other colors more accurately too right, Colors are always relative., Isn’t it cool. I will sign this work And it is finished, So I got to try three different ways of painting on this laptop.. Do you feel the difference? I hear people say that real professionals don’t blame their tools, But I guess I’m, not a ‘real, Profesionalni’ yet., So that’s it for my review.. The best thing you could do before buying Would be to experience the machine yourself and use your own judgement.

Hvala za gledanje, And I will come back with more fun videos next time. See ya. If you liked this video, please like and subscribe to, this channel.