Mini pc with an i3 processor. It’S got some impressive specs as far as memory, and that goes but it’s not an i5 or an i9, be interesting to see how well it runs, here’s the instructions for it. Nice soft tray very well tightly packed under the tray. We have an hdmi cord, oh that’s, a usb cord. This looks like an hdmi cord. Oh my seal is closed. Dobro, we’ll get that open in a minute. We’Ve got the power brick, and this is a visa mounting pad or a plate. I should say for mounting on a on a stand: standard visa stand, it looks like this. Plate comes off and you can probably add a uh hard drive. Although this has a hard drive in it, so maybe just upgrade it we’ve got two usb ports: two hard net hard network ports; um an hdmi port, a display port power, connector locking slot speaker. We have two more usb ports. These are 3.0 because they’re blue that’s, a lightning port reset power, uh microphone light. It looks like it’s, not a microphone port, but it’s got a microphone. This is a power light, dakle, to je, probably when the mic is connected. This is where you connect the mic and that’s the headset. I should say and that’s the uh microsd card, tako lijepo, compact setup, Ok, so i’ve set up a monitor. I have a portable monitor and i’ve connected it via hdmi cable. I had to use the cable from the monitor because the monitor has a mini hdmi port and the hdmi cable that comes with the computer is a full size on both ends, but it shouldn’t make any difference other than that so we’re going to hit power on The computer and the blue light goes on i’ve connected a keyboard and mouse using a pretty standard 2.

4 gigahertz dongle that plugged into the usb. So that should work. Fine and i’ve got the minis forum logo up, which means it’s connected to the uh computer there’s. My mouse go with english i’m going to go to the united states region i’m. Going to go with u.s keyboard layout are not going to add a number keyboard we’re going to connect to one of my local networks and the keyboard uh connected automatically during setup, which is wonderful, remember, To je, not wired, To je, just so we’re now connected to the wi Fi so far, pretty seamless network connection set up so it’s saying it says now: let’s see what’s new from windows, tako da sam, assuming it’s downloading updates. This is the licensing agreement for windows, which we will accept windows 10, obviously and we’re going to set this up for personal use. Let’S click on that now it wants to create a pin which is typical for a windows installation, so the monitor the keyboard and the mouse all um connected without an issue and are working quite well with the installation i’m going to check. All of that score check. All of these, and just let it restore whatever it is it installs for them, so i can play with it later skip adding my phone. Only save files to this pc rather than add one drive i’m going to skip microsoft, 365 office i’m, not going to install xbox. I do not want cortina right now there it is i’m going to close edge, cortina there’s, no yeah it’s working beautifully and look at i’m, not going to say what i just typed i’m going to look at the computer itself.

Here’S the c drive go to properties and we are looking at 896 Gigabajta. Teretni 33 Koristi 990 Gigabajta, so it’s one terabyte hard drive in it, nice microsoft edge. You can search amazon. This is where they they’re the ones that sent this to me. to je, where i bought it see how it looks there. It is quite snappy there.