I was looking for good laptop mid range price for her work and slim with touch screen. She mostly performs video, editing and audio mixing watching movies. It should be light weight and touch screen. Then good processing, speed with ample storage, reviewed, sevral brands like Lenovo Surface HP..etc, Since we compare performance and the price you always get the best with higher price. This one, luckily moderate or infact, very good performance with this price camera has shutter to close one HDMI port and USB C, and other port for power supply will show your camera, i, if you want to close, there is button to slide privacy shutter. Let me show you: camera functions, re opening normal camera; 720p; Vrlo dobro, but not WH, compatible Music Speakers on both the side, Glazba, usb C power port. If you need more USB C, you have to split with external splitter Processor Inte, L, i5 quad core with HT. Hence logical processor count 4 X, 2, 8 intel lender 16 gb ram and ssd hard disk under 500 gb and we’re, getting an SSD hard disk for faster storage and access, Very good performance and speed.. Even if I restart it quickly come back and login with 1 2 min Music, Let me restart and show you Main thing is passwordless Music Once restarted. You will see how quick it comes back restarted now will show you sign in with her fingerprint passwordless sign in it has passwordless sign in uses, PIN or Finger print to sign in just use the windows hello sign in for browsers, pure Single sign on SSO experience Across apps and Browser very good features and slim less weight with a 699 dollar kit, costco acronym and five hours battery backup for the heavy load activity like video, editing or photoshop solid performance with it Music, if you have any comments, feel free to post it.