, if you have yet to catch our take on this laptop, do check out our previous video over on the features channel or our website. Where we talk more about the features of this laptop and honestly, how great of a value it really is, but today, for this video, we aren’t sponsored so we’re gon na dive a little deeper and talk more about the amd ryzen chip that powers this laptop and See how the macbook 14 stacks up against its own family, Music Applause Music, so let’s go through the specs of the matebook 14 one more time. This laptop is powered by an amd ryzen 5 4600h, which is a processor that has 6 jezgrama i 12 Teme. This is coupled with 16 gigabytes of lp ddr3 ram running at 21, 33 megahertz and you get storage in the form of a 512 Gigabajt, pcie ssd. Just looking at the spec sheet alone, the matebook 14 looks really promising, but what makes it even better has to be the sticker price you get all of that at just under 1 300 singapore dollars, not to mention that the design of the laptop itself is pretty Great, along with an awesome, Prikaz, good keyboard and trackpad so on and so forth. All of that had a really reasonable price, but let’s talk a little bit more about that. Ryzen cpu, as mentioned the ryzen 5 4600 h, Je 6 jezgrama i 12 threads with a base clock speed of 3 gigahertz and a max boost clock of 4 (2007.).

The chip is based on the zen 2 architecture and does also come with integrated vega, Grafike, featuring six graphics cards now at the time of writing. The other two main laptops which huawei have in their lineup will be the macbook 13 and the macbook x pro, and they both still feature the 10th generation intel, U, processors, both of which we’ve actually reviewed links to them down below or up here. The macbook 13 comes with the intel core i5 10210u, while the matebook x pro comes with the intel core. I7 (1998. 10. 510U. These two processors are largely similar to one another, featuring four cores and eight threads, with only minor differences such as the clock speeds and the amount of cash. If that’s, it let’s begin comparing performances between the chips by going into our standard benchmark test of cinebench, r20 and darby results, as you can probably tell the results, paint quite a different picture from what’s on the spec sheet, especially for the macbook x pro and honestly. It all comes down to how the system manages the balance between the thermals and the performance of the chip for the midbook x. Pro specifically, huawei has decided to be really conservative. The temperatures are, zapravo, well maintained, hardly ever surpassing the 80 degree celsius mark. But the reason for that is because it was power throttling the cpu limits, the frequency way below the base clock during extended workloads and it doesn’t utilize, its full rated 15w tdp as well.

The result does provide a quiet and comfortable user experience. You barely feel the hit at all, but it really is under performing given the specifications and the sticker price. As for the mate book 13 and the matebook 14 that i have right here, these two laptops are much more similar to one another being for like tasks or creative world. The two laptops will perform arguably the same and will provide with you a great user experience. The differences start to show when it comes to programs. You want to use applications which makes use of intel quick sync, as with most adobe programs are where intel would have the age comparatively speaking, but other applications like handbrake a video transcoder software would see amd. Have the edge thanks to the higher call counts? Gaming is where things gets a little different. The ryzen 5 4600 h in the macbook 14 does come with integrated vega graphics, while the intel core i5 10210u in macbook 13, is actually paired with a dedicated nvidia. Geforce. Mx250 for graphics, needless to say that matebook 13 performs better in gaming, you will be able to easily get a near 60 frames per second experience in cs, go with the mx250, and even aaa titles would at least give you a decent 30 frames per. Drugi, the integrated vega graphics with the ryzen chip will definitely lag behind, but that’s not to say it can’t game at all. If you’re just playing less demanding games like csgo, minecraft or even gangshin, it will still provide you a decent experience.

But with all that said, there are still other things that you have to consider. Na primjer,, the matebook 14 doesn’t have the ryzen 7 option any longer, at least here in singapore, and with that you do also lose touch screen support if that’s important to you go for the mate book 13, because that has it. But if let’s say you need standard usb ports now you’re on the other side of the story, the matebook 14 does features two standard: USB 3.2 Luka, while also featuring a full size, hdmi and still does have at least a single usb type c port. But the last factor to considerand arguably the most important has to be the price. The macbook x pro costs a whopping 2698 singapore dollars, as we’ve mentioned before, take this out of the equation. This laptop makes no sense at all. As for the mate book 13, it will set you back a reasonable thousand five hundred and ninety eight singapore dollars, but the matebook 14 is even better at 1298 singapore dollars out of the three main laptops which, while we have in their lineup our pick at this Moment have to go to the matebook 14.. It has a slightly bigger display. The amd ryzen 5 does perform admirably for light tasks, but most of all, it really is value packed for the price you’re paying for had this not been an option. Our pick would have still went to the mate book 13, but now that this is available, i’ll pick because the macbook 14.

. But what about you what’s your choice? Let us know in the comments section down below and if there are affiliate links in the description, do check it out.