I want to be i promise, but when it comes down to it, a big screen phone handles most of my gaming reading and casual consumption stuff, and when i need a bigger screen, i normally want a keyboard to go with it, so a chromebooks, a perfect fit For that use case and between the two most of my digital needs are met, and i started asking the question: where does a tablet even fit in for me, and the truth is i just dont know now that doesnt mean i dont want to like tablets? I like the idea of them, and i feel like i generally want to have a reason to pick one up, but unless im forcing myself to, i just dont require one and i never feel compelled to reach for one now, im, not representative of all consumers. Plenty of people prefer tablets and even find great use for them in both personal and professional settings. Im im, just not one of them. So why am i telling you this? Because this has all become painfully obvious for me during my time with the hp chromebook x211 and instead of trying to approach this device review from a philosophical perspective of where tablets do or dont fit. In these days, ive just decided to sidestep that whole thing and instead focus on what this device does well, where it struggles and hopefully arm you see what i did there with enough detail to know.

If this tablet is the one for you or not so lets get into it Music before we get into all that, todays video is brought to you by nordvpn and theyre the vpn of choice for millions of consumers, because theyre awesome at what they do and thats Keeping your browsing safe and secure, whether youre at home or out, and about if youd like to learn more about them and all their services head over to chromeunbox.com forward, slash nordvpn and there you can learn more and get started. So lets start off with the build quality of the x2. I have to commend hp for a job. bravo. It feels great in the hand its well crafted. It looks great doing just about anything seriously. There are very few faults to be found in this one. So lets talk tablet. Prvi, the whole thing is crafted out of this single slab of powdered aluminum, that resists fingerprints, and it has hps cool new logo in the back and chrome. The whole thing is just sturdy: its cool to the touch it has a great weight without all the additions, the back and the keyboard. Na 11 inch tablet comes in at 1.25 pounds and can be held in one hand for reasonable amounts of time. The volume rocker and power button are in good spots, theyre clicky, they dont interrupt this clean aesthetic hp has going on. I mean honestly, this thing is just gorgeous now we cant forget the other pieces that come in the box for this one.

If the tablet is fantastic and the other parts that attach to it are junky, then the overall experience can feel kind of cheap, but thankfully, with the x2 thats, not the case at all, the back panel is sturdy. It has a firm hinge with a huge range of motion and slaps onto the back of the main tablet, with a really firm magnetic clasp for real this things, tough to pull off once its in place. The keyboards magnets are really good too. It firmly connects the keyboard and tablet if theyre even close to being in the same vicinity, and i appreciate the extra magnet that lifts the back part of the keyboard up to the screen when its in laptop mode. But i do wish that was a little bit. More sturdy, it works, but compared to the strength of all the other magnets. In this thing it feels a little bit weak now in daily use. I never actually had the keyboard screen. Magnet part come apart, but it always felt like it was just on the verge of doing so. All closed up the seams are really good and all the additional pieces dont feel bolted on or half baked it. It just all comes together in a smooth overall package and again i really think hp built this thing right. The only complaint i have with the build is the hinge running across the back side. It works great, but the hinge itself protrudes from the back and if you leave the back plate on and set the tablet on a table, theres a wobble thats frankly just kind of annoying, especially if youre trying to like do any kind of work with the pen.

Take notes or just even mark up a pdf or something i found myself taking the back plate off all the time. As i was trying to use the tablet and honestly that just got really frustrating having to take it off and put it back over and over again, Dobro, so that covers all the ways that this thing is built and put together its almost all good stuff. At this point, and that honestly just continues with the screen when we talk about the one on this tablet, svoje 2160 od strane 1440, 11 inches 3×2, its just a treat to look at. I love everything about it. The aspect ratio is the right one for tablets, the bezels all around are symmetrical. The brightness is really bright at 400 nits and everything just looks great on the screen. I have zero complaints here, its the perfect size for tablets. It allows for light one handed operation still large enough to get real work done when the keyboard is attached, and i i just really think hp 100 nailed it on every aspect of the screen here now being a tablet. Prvi, the x2 doesnt have to have the best keyboard, trackpad combo, but it needs to be usable. The lenovo duet comes to mind when we talk about serviceable keyboard covers that definitely dont make you want to use them on a regular basis. Sada, thankfully, hp did a good job on this part of the equation too.

Now dont get me wrong. This isnt, the best keyboard youll ever use, but its absolutely usable for lengthy writing times and itll 100 percent work for users that just need to bust out a few emails, write some blog posts or knock out some more lengthy documents. I wrote a handful of articles on this keyboard and found it to be plenty comfortable to use for long periods its a keyboard cover, though so. Keep that in mind its not really rigid, like the tablet portion of this device is theres some flex here, but it didnt really bother me while i was using it the extra magnet that gets the back of the keyboard up off the table that we talked about Earlier does add some stability. It keeps it from wobbling left to right when its in your lapand it just makes the entire laptop mode of this thinga lot more usable than something like the duet or pixel slate ever could manage. Za mene, the trackpad is much the same, its wide glass and has a perfect click and honestly, i didnt feel like i was using a trackpad thats made as an afterthought or an attachment other than the fact that you can flex the keyboard cover enough to register A trackpad click there was nothing about using it that felt cheap or flimsy. Even in my lap the whole thing was usable, but that word usable, doesnt really conjure up images of a good time.

Does it its not exactly what you aim for when youre making a piece of hardware but thats exactly what this tablet starts to feel like when youre trying to use it as a chromebook on a regular basis, a standard chromebook is always going to be better. For this type of use and whether i liked it or not, thats how i kept ending up using the x2 like a chromebook and thats, not its best use case, its a tablet, not a chromebook, and when you start using it with the keyboard on it. All the time you really start to feel it sorry ive said i wouldnt get into the tablet versus chromebook stuff, but its just hard not to anyway lets move on to some of the other external things going on with this tablet around the outside theres, a volume Rocker and a power button, a sim sd card tray, two usb type c ports and im very glad they included the second usb port, but a bit sad. They chose to ditch the headphone microphone jack theres plenty of room here, so i just dont get it. I do like the inclusion of an sd card option here, but some of you will confuse that with a sim card tray for the models that support lte down the road. This tray will pull double duty, but for the available model that we have here, theres only a spot for a micro sd card. In that tray, you will need a sim tool or a paper clip to get it open, and luckily there is one hiding in the box in the paperwork section, so youll want to keep up with that for sure.

Hidden in the power button is a fantastic fingerprint scanner and it works just like youd expect allowing you to get logged in up and running with just the tap of a registered finger. Theres. No doubt this needs to be part of any chromebook, and it just makes things feel so much more cohesive. I really really enjoyed having it there flanking both sides of the screen or the stereo speakers that sound alright. There are some tablets that really lean into great sound, and i was hoping hp would do that with this one, but thats just not the case. Nažalost, and the fact that the speakers are kind of thin and weak makes me less apt to pick this up. For video watching an activity tablet should be great at take the pixel slate, while it didnt really appeal to me as a tablet for multiple reasons. It has great speakers, and that made me choose it for content consumption when given the opportunity thats just not the case with the x2, like many chromebooks on the market these days, the two supports usi pen input, but this one does it in a much cooler way. Taking a cue from the ipad pro, the pin that comes in the box by the way magnetically attaches to the side of the tablet and it charges while its there. It looks cool it works well, and it gives the pen a place to stay when its not actually in use.

Pa, talk about the pen performance in a second, but the fact that this one comes in the box and basically just takes care of itself when its not being used its just awesome. The pins tips up tad wide for my liking, but again its an included pen. So it gets a pass for not being perfect in every way, but all those cool tricks dont give the hp x2 a pass on how the stylus actually works and the results are what youd expect for usi in a chromebook. At this point, a bit all over the place, apps like squid, still work better than most and googles. New cursive app is pretty bad. We did a whole video about that app and its shortcomings, but it does feel odd that this new handwriting app launched with this new tablet and it all works together. So poorly part of that is the lack of speed. This tablet is saddled with and well talk about that in a minute, but the other part is cursive, just isnt optimized the way it should be just yet. I tried some other apps and they werent great either concepts. Google keep and others still had far too much pen lag to be useful, and i cant tell if thats on the pin the processor or the combination of the two either way the pen experience was pretty mediocre and, while im hopeful that it gets better eventually dont Buy this tablet right now expecting an exceptional inking experience its just not there yet, so we have great build quality, great aesthetics, nice additions in the fingerprint scanner magnetic stylus, a fantastic screen.

I mean outside hps outdone themselves with this tablet in a bunch of ways, but what about the inside stuff, with the snapdragon 7c 8 svirke ovna i 64 svirke interne pohrane? How does this thing actually perform? Not great honestly for some general browsing its fine, but if you get into some multitasking and even a bit of real work, you feel the processor struggling to keep up. While i can forgive this for most things, i constantly felt the lag when moving things around in tablet mode, i mean love it or hate it. Chrome os has some useful parts of the tablet ui that when given enough horsepower to support them can actually be kind of fun to use swiping around the interface should feel fluid and intuitive like im just moving stuff through space, but the processor in the hp just Cant keep up, it makes all those fun swipes and animations sluggish and kind of aggravating to use, and then theres android app performance as an arm based tablet with snapdragon branding. I really expected android apps to fly on this thing that just wasnt the case to be fair. Some apps worked just fine, but a few of the smaller games. I play on my phone struggled mightily on this device. Ultimate golf was so laggy. It was unplayable call of duty mobile that used to play quite well in the duet when you could install it wouldnt. Let me go past the lowest possible graphics settings and drawing apps like concepts were just terrible.

I dont understand why things werent better in this department but theres clearly some work that still needs to be done for snapdragon and snapdragon 7c on chromebooks. Evo ga sada.. To se, rekao je, i know a ton of people that use the duet on a regular basis in tablet. Mode and dont seem to be too bothered by the overall performance for web apps or android apps. The missing animations and jittery multitasking dont seem to be that much of a bother for these people and if that sounds like you, the hp will actually be a step up from that experience. Za mene, my standards for gesture based navigation is my phone for better or worse, and it floats through my swipes with ease. It moves me from app to app without much thought and thats, just not the experience on the hp x2 as much as i wish it was. I just have to let you know that using this thing as a tablet is probably going to feel a little bit. Half baked so after all the good and all the bad is this thing worth buying. It depends for those of you who use and like tablets and find that something like the duet is pretty good for your uses. Id say: 100 Posto. The hp x2 is a step up from that device in every possible way, its built better. It has a better screen, a better aspect, omjer, better keyboard and trackpad, an included pin its got a faster processor, a fingerprint scanner and more ram.

Even for you, pixel slate users. There are upgrades to be found here. The keyboard case is better. The size is more manageable and the pen actually has a place to live, but for those of you who are like me and arent sure where a tablet fits into your life im, not sure what to tell you. The x2 is a well made tablet that handles chrome os like a mid range chromebook, would its not so bad id tell you to skip it, but its also, not fast enough that you escape the regular jitters and slow downs. If the perks on offer here sound like things that youre into this could be a great device for you, if youre into high performance machines and spend most of your time with keyboards and mice and stuff like that, attached id argue that your money could go farther With a more standard chromebook, but we cant forget price and thats a big part of the equation, as were filming this. A big change happened that is really notable. Hp decided to drop 200 off the 599 price tag for the x2 and that matters a whole lot at 5.99. You have to decide if the aesthetic and tablet form factor are right for you at ‘9. That decision becomes a lot easier, while 400 isnt secondary device money. It does put this tablet into the same realm as the lenovo duet. Opet, the x2 beats that tablet in every way possible and its now only a hundred bucks more.

I definitely think its worth. That kind of upgrade, but i dont know where you are in all this. I cant tell you whether a tablet is right for you or if a chromebook is better, but i can tell you one hundred percent, that this hp x211 is a fantastic overall piece of hardware that i think a lot of you could really enjoy and who knows? Maybe if we eventually get some tablets with a bit more horsepower ill get on board too, but guys thats it for this one. If you enjoyed this video, give us a thumbs up head down there and hit that subscribe button and be sure to ring the notification bell as well.