So fresh jeju, aloe eyes makeup cleansing balm again, a rich oil based cleansing formula that helps decongest, pores, melts dirt makeup and impurities from the skin surface, surface surface infused with aloe vera extract. This leaves your skin clean and hydrated excellent for double cleansing. Just wipe off with a damp cloth and wash your face for best results, use for best results, use fresh jeju, aloe ice foam wash but anyway in order to go, and it is alcohol and paraben free, cooling and soothing so perfect, shot i’m using my skincare case Again is 349 something 350. i ovaj 100 grams snowshot and humongo 18 that’s a 50 grams long and one dominator in fairness, so we’re showing cute and look at all in fairness, so let’s open it up again antennae which is very nice light blue inside. So how to use scoop and ample amount and gently massage all over your face and neck wash or wipe off with a clean, damp cloth, ammonia up compared to other cleansing bomb nana trico. This one is paranthalava ambilis, makeup Applause alongside means mascara, so until and so voila congrats. I love it and make hunting loop. Look at that. So anyway hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you veloz for watching.