So you guys are going to be able to take a look at the graphics, Ali, more importantly, what’s going to be changing with this latest update to the 1.4.8 e6 connect ios version. Now they say this is a major change. Uglavnom, they fully converted to metal uh api, so apple does have a metal api that basically uh. It allows for a more seamless communication between the gpu and the app all right and it can help frame loss. It can actually improve graphics and things. So basically they said it should manifest into some subtle changes to also major changes in visuals and performance, such as the aliasing and slight or significant frame rate increases in some courses and menus, so basically it’s taking more advantage of that gpu all right before they used To compete in order can to communicate and with this metal, api it’s actually been out for a little while they’ve been using it for years now. So now this app is taking advantage of that and it’s supposed to give us some smooth. You know frame rate uh limitations. You know that were there before, maybe on some older devices, but also even on newer devices. I could see a little stutter here and there, so this will be interesting to test so let’s. Prvi, just go i’m going to go to play golf all right and i’m going to go to next and we’ll also talk about some of the other updates in this version.

So let’s just go to next again and let’s go to asiana country club. Prvi, all right and then we’ll just go t off and then we’ll do some flyovers for you guys so you’ll be able to see the graphics both on my ipad pro and then iphone now. I know some people mentioned before that the iphone was really scaled down and i’m, actually seeing similar graphics now on the iphone and the ipad. Dobro, so let’s go ahead and open up our little menu here and let’s go ahead and see. If i can hit this drone button on the phone and the ipad at the same time, there we go and i’m looking at both the iphone 12 pro and the ipad and i’m. Seeing very similar smooth motion looks like we have a pin in a different location. That’S kind of funny i didn’t think about that let’s go ahead and go to our next hole, Dobro. There we go and then i’ll fill you guys in on a couple of these other changes really quick. While we have a second so resume game closest to the pin and long drive can now be resumed in the resume menu when you’re using a demo mode license. A small watermark will now be at the bottom of the screen, and then your club select menu. The selected club is now highlighted and the auto caddy can be toggled on and off zoom to aim. Marker is added all right, which was really awesome.

People been using that for a while now on the full version, the pc version they now have that here on the ios version, okay and then on the par 3 courses. They change. The default aim marker okay to be near the pin all right for easier viewing before you kind of had to be careful there. You could be aimed you know, in a bad spot, so let’s go ahead and hit our flyover again here, Ja sam, seeing very similar graphics on both this ipad pro and the iphone 12 Pro. Where, before i would have to agree with others comments that the iphone was, you know pretty significantly scaled down from what i could tell now. I understand they want to make this ios version. You know somewhat available for people that may have older devices. znaš, and obviously some peopleoh how about thati missed a uh accidentally aimed and i’ll tell you what i can do for you guys. Why don’t? I show this really quick. So if you tap ok on the screen, wherever you want to aim let’s say you want to aim at the green and you want to see what’s up by the green. Pa, you can hit this zoom button. Alright and i’ll do the same thing on my ipad. I’Ll just kind of tap by the green and hit the zoom button all right and that actually wasn’t that good of a tap. So if you just tap right here, there we go and obviously on the smaller screens, i’ll tell you guys, it’s not as easy to tap around.

You may want to get yourself a little stylist i’m, using my finger right now and it’s, not that easy, so see how you can zoom in and then it allows you to move around and actually comes back automatically, Ok, after so long, dakle, to je, something you guys Should understand too so let’s go ahead and just try to do a flyover on this really quick. There we go got them both started at the same time on the iphone it it can be. You know a little tricky to tap. You know exact spots not going to lie. You know all the icons and everything are pretty small on my iphone 12 Pro. If you have, the max might be a little bit easier for you. Dobro, so we’ve taken a pretty decent look at asiana here, let’s go ahead and just exit out to the main menu and let’s go back to play. Golf all right and i’ll. Tell you what i’ll do why don’t i go to the demo course and there’s a reason i’m going to do that, because you could actually download the demo course and see how it’s performing on your device versus these devices. So i think this would actually be very useful for people to do a comparison. Maybe you have an iphone that’s, a couple generations older, an ipad air or something along those lines. You’D be able to see what the difference is doing. The same thing with yours versus these two so let’s do a fly over really quick.

You know avijara being the demo course. I think a lot of people played it when they were demoing in the beginning, so they played it a million times with people testing the software that may not have purchased it yet etc. But i’ll tell you what it’s a fun course. I mean it’s one of those courses where uh you know i actually haven’t played it in a while um. It might be something i recommend you know, whoever i’m playing with next, that we actually play because it’s actually a really nice course, and if you haven’t been able to download the demo version, you should, if you have a device or if you don’t, have a device. I know this a lot of people have been sending these questions are looking at the flight, scope, amiibo, plus or they’re. Looking at the sky track um, you know a lot a lot of those higher volume type units um if you’re looking at unicore or you’re. Looking at um, you know other there’s a lot of different launch monitors that hook up uh. You know to e6 connect. You have four site that connects now um. You have trackman that connects you know so all kinds of different hardware um. You know even some of the the really low end uh launch monitors that connect here’s, just a little par three. We can just look at really quick and there you go. I did it again. I hit the the icons, are small, so let’s just do this.

I’Ll tell you what, because that’s there let’s go ahead and tap and uh let’s tap up on the green and let’s use that zoom button on the iphone and let’s see how easy this is to use uh let’s say you wanted to move around all right. You can actually move around and the one thing that i’m noticing is is i don’t see the green grid that’s on on the ios version. That might be something that they don’t have something that you guys should be aware of. I don’t see the green grid in that zoom in option. That might be something we have to ask them about let’s see. If we can do another fly over here without tapping nope, i did it again. I’Ll tell you what the icons are small. You really have to there we go and i’m trying to do two at once, so i mean if you, if you were doing just a single device, it probably would be a little bit easier. You know to pay attention. I think a stylus would be the way to go. If you had uh, if you were playing into a net, you could get a nice little tripod with the spring loaded at the top um. And then you could, Znaš, use a little stylist and you know move it around. You know with the stylist right on a you know, an iphone on a tripod, so that might be something people look at because you can get into a a really entry level setup.

So let’s say you just had a mat and a net in a meevo plus or a sky track. You could use this ios version which actually comes with the flight scope, amiibo plus, and be ready to go. So i mean most people that have an iphone. I mean you wouldn’t even have to buy a device or a lot of people who have an ipad i’d, be very interested to hear what you guys have to say in the comments. I’D love for you to comment below and let me know what device you have. If you can compare to thisand let me know if there’s frame loss, let me know if there’s a graphic quality difference anything along those lines. I’D really like to know, because i think that that would be. You know very useful to people to see i’m. Seeing very very similar graphic quality on both like. If i look at the greenery right now on both devices, it looks very similar. Mislim, to je., obviously down scaled. You know quite significantly versus uh, the pc so here’s. Another part three let’s just skip ahead. I wanted to give you guys one more good fly over i’m, getting a little more used to the small buttons i more more along the lines just have to pay attention to the uh. Oh there we go right. As i say something um. I have to pay attention to the phone which has the smaller icons.

Obviously yeah i mean i think that, especially on the iphone i think, Ja sam, seeing that little increase in graphic quality, like they’re saying i mean i’m, obviously seeing some very smooth movement um, Znaš, and they said even in the menus, you could see a better movement Which you know if i tap all these, you know at the same time it looks like it’s loading very fast. We can go to one of the games, for you guys really quick, naravno, now i’m hitting the ipad and the wrong one. I think i have these let’s go to darts, really quick, so you guys can see. That starts just kind of look. Look at that. Give you a little idea very loud, sound effects on darts and then we can exit this round and let’s just go to main menu again. I guess and let’s go to games next and then we’ll go to that blackout game. So you guys can take a look at that there you go all right, so you can kind of see the graphic quality there on both the games, and i hope this has been an excellent overview for you guys. Let me know if there’s anything else, you’d like me to test along the way. Žao mi je, the background images change automatically there’s, not much. I can do there. You know as far as matching those up, but i can can tell you that between the menus and like those background, graphics and everything, they’re they’re very crisp on both devices i’m sure, kao što možete vidjeti, so you know i really hope this has been a great Overview of the graphic quality with the most recent e6 connect golf simulator software update, that’s the 1.

4.8 i, as i mentioned before, this is with the iphone 12 pro compared to the latest generation ipad pro.