The Lenovo Lockdown 👿

To je, oh, oh, Ok, sure lenovo is continuing the annoying trend of making the pc as a platform less free and open than it used to be by using amds platform. Secure boot feature to lock ryzen cpus to a specific system. Oh good, i mean why would you want to take a cpu from […]

¡Las Mejores TABLETS Calidad Precio del 2022!

In this guide, you will discover the best quality price tablets of 2022 so as not to waste your money and choose a quality product.. We started Hi. How are you You already know that at Solo, Lo Mejor, we select the best devices such as the best Samsung Tablets or the best Tablets of […]

HP Chromebook x2 11 Pregled: Chrome OS, Tipkovnica & USI Pen

You can get all of that starting at 599 dolara. So is it worth that price im nj for and thats what you will learn in this review Music before we start follow me on instagram, i will be sharing lots of behind the scenes stuff over there. The hp, chromebook x211 looks like […]

Surface Pro 8 Pregled – A Redesign At Last!!!

It and tonight were going to be reviewing the microsoft surface. Pro 8. microsoft have finally redesigned the surface pro 8 tableta. This is a much needed improvement because weve been on the same design since about the surface pro 4., now im a big fan of the surface pro devices and ive had every […]

HP Chromebook x2 Test: Chrome OS, Tastatur & Stift

All das fr ab 499 euro solltet ihr dazu greifen, ich bin angefhrt eble und genau das, erfahrt ihr in diesem test Musik bevor wir, einfach, schaut, mal, u, meinem, neuen, Instagram, vorbei, dort werde, ich immer mal wieder einblicke von hinter, den kulissen verffentlichen das, Hp, probook X2 sieht wie ein sehr, hoch, […]

Gaming on a $300 Mini PC?!

Can it game, though it has an athlon 300u, which is a very budget processor, but can it play some lower end games well were about to find out, but first a word from todays sponsor todays video is brought to you by wondershare and theyre all in one Tool for everyone who uses a […]

Is the Mac Mini M1 Still Good In 2022? Dugoročno pregled

lets dive in this one is the base model m1 mac mini its got the m1 chip, 256 gigabytes of storage and 8 gigabajti ovna. Točnije,, this is actually a refurbished model from apple, which i highly recommend apples got an awesome refurbishment program. If you can find one in stock, they kind […]

Wacom Cintiq 16 Pregled | Is It Worth It In 2022? [Animation + Drawing Tests]

Have you tried to support the Gundam our lives with members will embark on our free, No Matter What you want to speak. Tell When your beautiful girl and tourists will study of tools for your opinion that Now on that they enjoyed in the square footage and ends of the Earth where you want […]

Xbox Handheld ControllerNacon MG-X Pro Review (2022)

2 le, as opposed to a usbc connectionand i know some of you Will be thinking, this is a deal breaker because of the potential of latency aka input lag and honestly at this point in time. I dont know what the latency is on this device, but we will find out in […]

Asus ROG Flow Z13 Non-Sponsored Review 🤬 Watch this video BEFORE buying!

Ladies and gentlemen, there will be a lot of critics in this video, so im looking forward to discuss every point with you in the comment section below so asus released the most powerful tablet ever created. It has a lot of cool features, actually im sure theyve spent a ton of time implementing each […]

Asus Vivobook 13 Slate OLED Is Now Actually Better?

Pretty much came and went just like that, and it was quite the hectic year to say the list so heres hoping that 2022 will be a much much better year. But speaking of 2021 late last year we took a look at the vivobook 13 slit oled from asus, and personally it was a […]

The JingPad A1, Testing The World's First Consumer Linux Tablet!

, Its generally, not an Out of the box, experience. JingOS is a new Linux distro that hopes to make that a bit easier and they even have their own tablet. The JingPad A1.. Now there arent a lot of Linux distros that run well on tablets, but JingOS says it can serve as both […]