Six months now, and i would say, awesome tablet like thumbs up like five star for this uh for this tablet. It’S called the uh samsung s4 and else it’s an lte version, so lte version. So that means i can put a sim on this. Like i would say, i mean i can’t find a fault on this it’s. An awesome tablet like for, if you want to give it as a gift to somebody or for your personal use. ne, if somebody who’s going to uni, i mean this table is for you it’s an awesome table like this. I mean it’s it’s snappy it’s an android and then you know it’s samsung. It updates all the time and uh i’m i’m really happy with it. I mean i have used tablet so many tablets in the past and my kids has been using this. You know uh since it’s copied and my daughter is doing online schooling and she used this for a few days and now she switched to a computer, but this is an awesome, but the screen is awesome. I think this one has uh, i don’t know maybe nine. I don’t know 10 palac 10.1, something like that yeah, but awesome tablet. I bought this for 600 hundred, probably six or seven hundred canadian dollars from as amazon. It was a deal i got it uh uh. I got it on a deal i don’t know. I can’t remember, but it was like us probably like a three four months back uh.

I would say so far the best tablet. I have used um. If anybody looking for a tablet, that’s uh, you know awesome tablet uh, that won’t, let you down it’s an old tablet. I mean samsung s4, probably get three four years old. I guess i’m, Oprosti, if i’m wrong, but still even 2021. This will work perfectly like without any issues like videos, glazba, youtube watching a movie awesome, and i bought this cover too it’s it’s fully protected. I got a screen protector on it and it’s like fully 360 Uh. Look at this look at the case. It’S awesome like fully protected, and also it has the caseis from uh. I don’t know how to pronounce this. This is pigeon or spigen uh. ลฝao mi je, if i’m getting it wrong right. So this in the name of the case right these people, they make good cases. So i bought uh cases for my phone as well. They make good screen predictors cases all that all the phone accessories. Takoฤ‘er, this comes with the uh stand, so you can just you know, just keep it upright and you know watch a movie or something uh it’s. An awesome tablet honestlyand i connected my wireless wireless earbuds to this. So so this is my uh. What do you call my entertainer, so youtube uh and i listen to youtube music uh when i work out and stuffand you know, as for my kids as well, you know they watch youtube and all those nonsense on this uh it’s.

An awesome tablet like if you guys want to go for it, go for it it’s awesome. If i can, i put a link down below if you want to purchase one but awesome tablet like i would give a five star for this right. Hvala ti.