But how does the cheaper 75 i3 9100F from Intel stack up Lets see what the differences are in games and applications at stock and, while overclocked to see which is worth it. Starting out with the specs? The new Ryzen 3100 is a 4 Jezgra 8 thread part, while the Intel i3 9100F has 4 cores but 4 Teme, so no hyperthreading there.. They both share the same base clock. Međutim, the 9100F has a higher single core turbo boost speed.. Na 3100 has more cache, though both have the same default: 65 Watt, TDP and Im, comparing these two processors, because theyre only priced 25 USD apart. Njegova vrijednost, noting that Intel is about to launch their 10th gen i3 10100, which does have hyperthreading so depending on the Price that could change things up, make sure youre subscribed for my upcoming 10th gen comparisons., Both CPUs were tested in the same system. Međutim, Ive obviously had to change motherboards. Za AMD Ryzen 3 3100 Ive tested with the ASRock X570 Taichi and for the Intel i3. 9100F Ive used the MSI Z'0 ACE motherboard., Ostale komponente su inače bile iste.. Ive testiran sa 16gb DDR4 3200 memorija radi u dual kanalu na CL14 i s Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti smanjiti GPU uska grla.. Iako oba čipa dolaze s burzovnim hladnjakom, Nisam testirao s tim. Ive, used the same Fractal S36 AIO with Noctua NT H1 paste for both CPUs. Tako možemo dobiti jabuke na jabuke.

Usporedba temperature. Testiranje je dovršeno s najnovijom verzijom windows i Nvidia vozača, zajedno sa svim dostupnim BIOS ažuriranjima. Imajući to na umu, Pa, prvo provjerite razlike u različitim aplikacijama, kao i izvlačenje snage i toplinske tehnologije nakon čega slijede gaming testovi na 1080p i 1440p rezolucije nakon toga, then finish up by comparing some performance per dollar metrics. Ive tested both CPUs at stock to start with, ali 3100 can be overclocked which well check out later., Starting with Cinebench R20 Ive got the Intel i3 9100F processor in the top bar and the Newer AMD Ryzen, 3 3100 in the bottom bar.. Na 3100 has a 46 higher multicore score. Međutim, single core is much lower, where it just had a 5 Dovesti. Ive je također testirao stariji Cinebench R15, jer ga mnogi ljudi još uvijek koriste, and the single core performance was even closer together here with the 3100 bodovanje samo 2 Veći. Međutim, when it came to multicore, na 3100 was now a much higher 57 Naprijed. Ive je testirao mikser, BMW and Classroom benchmarks and as a test that works better with more threads, its another win for the 3100, which was completing both tests faster.. Bilo je 51 faster for the classroom test, zatim 46 faster in the shorter BMW test. Ručna kočnica je korištena za pretvaranje jednog od mojih 4K videa za pregled prijenosnog računala u 1080p, sa stožerom 1080p30 unaprijed postavljenim i kao još jednim programom koji koristi dodatne niti, na 3100 was able to complete The encode 44, brže od 9100F.

Adobe Premiere, was used to export one of my laptop review. Videozapisi na 4K i Ive koristili su VBR 2 proći, so both were running for over an hour. U ovom testu. Na 3100 was able to complete the task about 36 faster than the 9100F.. If you spend more on a 9100 with iGPU, though it could do better by utilizing, quicksync. Premiere was also tested using the Puget systems benchmark tool and in this test the 3100 imao 50 higher score than the i3, and this score includes more than just export Times, which is what we saw in the last graph, it also tests things like live. Playback. Ive je također testirao efekt stabilizatora warpa u Adobe Premijeri, which is a less threaded workload and is used to smooth out a video clip.. Na 3100 was completing the task. 16 Brže, which was one of the lower differences out of all applications, Testiran. Speaking of apps, with smaller differences, Adobe Photoshop was also tested with the benchmark from Puget systems, i na 3100 bio je samo bodovanje 6 Naprijed. Of the i3 9100F. 7 Zip je korišten za testiranje brzine kompresije i dekompresije, a workload that Ryzen traditionally demolishes Intel in.. Na 3100 Je 68 faster when it came to decompression and 50 faster for compression. AES encryption is another workload that Ryzen seems to thrive in when compared to Intel. In the VeraCrypt test. Na 3100 was over 91 faster for both encryption and decryption workloads. The biggest difference out of everything, Ive testirani.

, V Ray referentna vrijednost, uses the CPU to render out a scene and as another test that sees a benefit from more threads theres, na 41 higher score with the Ryzen 3 3100.. The Corona benchmark also uses the processor to render out a scene again as another test that scales with additional threads. Na 3100 was able to complete the task 51 brže od 9100F. Ive rabljeni. The Hardware Unboxed Microsoft Excel test and the 3100 was able to complete the big number crunch test 71 faster than the 9100F making this one of the biggest differences out of all applications tested so that Ryzen chip might make a nice office. Pc. GeekBench (1998.) 5 hardly saw much difference between the two when it came to single core performance. Na 3100 bio je samo 1 Brže. Međutim, there was a much larger difference to multicore where the 3100 bio je sada 27 ahead of the 9100F, though this is on the lower side when compared to most other multicore workloads tested.. To su razlike između Ryzena 3, 3100 and Intel i3 9100F. U svim tim aplikacijama, Testiran., Kao što možemo vidjeti, rezultati se zaista mogu razlikovati. Na temelju specifičnog radnog opterećenja, Međutim, na 3100 was coming out ahead in every single one of these tests, so both single and multicore workloads., The improvement seems fair and expected when you consider the 3100 troškove o 33 more money than the 9100F.. Kada pogledamo ukupnu snagu sustava iz zida, Međutim, Zanimljivo, both processors were running the blender test at 119 Watts, Ali, kao što smo upravo vidjeli, the blender test was completing 46 da 51, faster on the Ryzen 3 3100.

So it seems to be a fair bit more efficient with the power its using., Iako nije baš izravno usporedivo. Na 3100 was running 100MHz slower in this test.. Not only is the 3100 performing much better while using the same power, its also actually running slightly cooler as well. The difference. Wasnt big though, and even under this CPU heavy workload, both were running quite cool granted. I am testing with a beefy cooler here, expect different results with the stock coolers. Like the 3300X in yesterdays video enabling the auto overclock feature through the Ryzen Master. Software only gave us a little boost. Na 3100 is already fairly tapped out at stock, which I think is good for the majority of people that will probably end up buying a lower end processor like this.. The 9100F does not support overclocking. Omogućuje da se u rezultate igranja. Sljedeći Ive testiran 17 igre na 1080p i 1440p rezolucijama.. Kao podsjetnik Im pomoću RTX-a 2080 Ti smanjiti GPU uska grla, cilj ovih brojeva nije pokazati vam kakve stope sličica očekivati od tih procesora s razumnijim GPU-ovima koji uspoređuju procesore jedni s drugima. Battlefield V je testiran Trčanje kroz isti dio igre u kampanji, Način. Ive got the 1080p results down the bottom and the 1440p results above. In this game. The i3 9100F was coming out ahead in all instances with a 13 higher average FPS at 1080p and 10 viši na 1440p.

Assassins Creed Odyssey was tested with the games, benchmark tool and the results went the other way in this test, gdje je 3100 was in front. In all instances., Na 3100 imao 23 higher average frame rate at 1080p and was 27 viši na 1440p. Dužnost zove. Modern warfare was tested in campaign mode and was another game that ran better with the 3100., Na 1 low at 1080p wasnt. Far behind. Even the average FPS from the 9100F, Međutim, the differences are closer together. Once we step up to 1440p., Prigraničja 3 was tested using the games built in benchmark and the 9100F was back in front in this test. S 7 higher average FPS at 1080p and a little lower 6 increase at 1440p. Apex Legends was tested with the Season. 4 Worlds Edge map running through the same section of the game.. This game also appears to favour the Intel processor, at least in terms of average FPS. Na 1 low performance was much closer together with the 3100, actually slightly ahead. U 1440p. Control was also tested by performing the same test pass through the game in all instances, and there was basically no significant difference between the two processors here at either resolution. Just an ever so slight lead by the i3 in most cases. Crveni mrtvaci, Iskupljenje 2 was tested using the games benchmark tool and the 3100 was ahead at both resolutions in average FPS.. Na 3100 Je 14 higher at 1080p, then had a 7 lead at 1440p.

. Sjena Tomb Raider je također testiran s igrama benchmark alat. Dakle ne 1 niski podaci ovdje nažalost. The average FPS differencewas much closer here. Međutim, na 3100 had the lead once more, though just by 2 da 3 Fps. Fortnite was tested using the replay feature, with the exact same replay file on both processors., The 9100F had a 6 lead in average frame rate at 1080p, though slightly lower 1 nizak rezultat. Then the two chips were much closer together at 1440p., Rainbow Six Siege je testiran pomoću izgrađene u mjerilima s Vulkanom.. The average frame rates werent too different between the two just a 2 3 lead by the 9100F, though interestingly, the 9100F has a 14 Veći 1 nizak rezultat. At 1440p., CSGO was tested using the Ulletical FPS benchmark and the results were basically the same with either processor. No major differences one way or the other a couple of FPS in either direction. DotA 2 was tested playing in the middle lane and was performing a fair bit better with the 9100F. This game saw the second biggest improvement with the i3 out of all 17 titles tested with a 15 higher average frame rate at 1080p. Lowering slightly to a 13 lead at 1440p., Overwatch je testiran u rasponu vježbanja, i dok to radi bolje od stvarnog igranja, to mi lakše omogućuje da izvedem potpuno istu probnu vožnju, što je idealno za ovakvu usporedbu.

. There wasnt much difference to average FPS. Međutim, na 3100 had a nice boost to 1 lows at 1080p.. Divizija 2 was tested using the games benchmark tool and it was a win for the 3100 in all regards. Out of all 17 games tested this game. Had the biggest improvement with the 3100 u 1080p, where the average FPS was 31 ahead of the 9100F., Vračanje 3 was tested running through the same section of the game. The 9100F was the winner. Ovdje. Averages were barely ahead with the 3100 u 1080p, but its less than two FPS.. The 9100F saw a slightly higher 4 boost to average FPS at 1440p, but perhaps more importantly, there was a larger difference. Vidi se u 1 Padova. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was tested with the games built in benchmark this time. Na 3100 was in front in all cases.. The difference to average FPS was more minor, Iako, when compared to the bigger gains seen in the 1 low results., Far Cry New Dawn također je testiran s igrama izgrađenim u benchmarku, though this time the 9100F was back on top with some big gains.. This title performed the best on the i3 out of all games covered and had a 15 higher average FPS at 1080p over the 3100. On average over these 17 igre testirane, the Intel i3 9100F was just less than one percent slower than the Ryzen 3 3100.. Kao što možete vidjeti, Iako, the results can vary significantly between individual game.

Games like Call of Duty or The Division. 2 really seemed to favour the 3100, while others like Far Cry and Dota preferred the 9100F.. Many games saw minor differences, one way or the other, but yeah once we average the results of all 17 titles tested. Na 3100 was a little faster. When we look at the 1440p results. Međutim, the i3 9100F now has a less than one percent lead over the 3100.. This is a similar margin to the 1080p results, just going the other way. Sada, Međutim, there are less larger swings between the two processors at this more GPU bound resolution. Na temelju tih rezultata. Processor selection doesnt really seem to matter too much in terms of gaming in the grand scheme of things. On average theyre, just one percent different in terms of average FPS.. Kada uzmemo u obzir troškove, Iako, the 9100F is offering better value in terms of cost per frame., Although the gaming performance was similar on average, the 9100F is currently 25 jeftinije, which is a significant amount at these price points.. Uglavnom, if youre only gaming, the 9100F is 25 jeftinije, while only performing 0.9 slower at 1080p or 0.9 brže na 1440p, so its offering better value out of the two for games granted, it can depend vastly on the specific title.. To je rekao, Iako, if youre after a good gaming experience, its probably worth spending a little more to upgrade the processor further to boost 1 low performance and have a smoother experience unless youre on a really strict budget Im, not exactly trying to recommend buying an i3 for Gaming here or the 3100 for that matter again, unless youre after a lower end option.

, If youre, not gaming or otherwise doing a mixture of gaming and core heavy workloads, kao što smo vidjeli ranije, na 3100 offered some nice gains in the more productivity focussed workloads. So that would make sense as a better all rounder.. Za 25, more some workloads were seeing in excess of 50 performance gains, which could be worthwhile depending on what youre, using it for. U smislu buduće nadogradnje. Na 3100 also seems to offer the most options. As it uses the AM4 socket. Tehnički, if you buy a fairly decent mid range motherboard, you could upgrade to the '50X 16 core processor in future.. The 9100F could be upgraded to the 9900K 8 core processor at best, as Intel are moving to the new LGA 1200 socket for the 10th generation.. Osim toga, Ryzen offers faster, PCIe 4.0 Podrška, while Intel 9th gen, and even the upcoming 10th gen uses PCIe 3.0.. As hardware unboxed have shown, the '50X can run well in fairly priced B450 motherboards. On the Intel side. If you get a B360 board, then memory for the 9100F will be capped at DDR4 2666 Brzine. You need to go for a Z'0 board, like I tested with, to use the faster 3200 Brzine, which could be more expensive, whereas faster memory and overclocking is supported with the lower tier Ryzen boards. Njegova vrijednost, noting that, at the time of the 3100 launch Intel 10th Gen isnt too far away from launching. Once Intel launches the 10th gen i3 10100 with hyperthreading Id expect the story to change, naravno, depending on pricing.

Ill test it out in a future video once its available. But with the same thread count. It should be much more competitive. Na kraju dana. Mislim da smo mi., jer potrošači ovdje pogođuju. AMD-ovi konkurentni procesori očito su jedan od glavnih razloga što je Intel vratio hiperthreading sa svojim procesorima 10. generacije, as it was missing from the 9th gen. In all, but the top end i9 series., Let me know which CPU youd pick and why down in the comments Intels i3, 9100F or AMDs Ryzen 3 3100 Granted at this point its probably worth waiting to see how Intels 10th gen stacks up.