Oh now, i recently reviewed the amazon fire hd 10 and i got a lot of comments on that video asking me if i would review the amazon fire hd8, so i picked one up and i’ve been using. It for a couple weeksand i just want to give you guys my thoughts and overall impressions of it. Now this is the 10th generation i got. Na 32 gigabyte twilight blue. I really like this color it’s, really nice color. You can also get this in plum, white or black, and this model only costs 90 us which, if you can get an hd tablet for under 100 dolara, gets to be very appealing to a lot of people. Sada, for an extra 20, you can get a 64 gigabyte model, but one of the beautiful things about the fire hd tablets is that it does have expandable storage, so that makes buying the base model and then expanding that storage, with a micro sd card later on. If you need it an option and this sd card reader accepts cards up to one terabyte of storage, pulling open the box. You obviously get the fire hd tablet. You get a black usbc charging cord. You get a wall adapter. That is also black. Sada, something to note is that this wall, adapter, is only five watts and from a completely dead battery you’re. Looking at four to five hours before the tablet is fully charged using this wall adapterand i just want to mention that, because that might not be an issue for some people, but others might want to get a bigger wall adapter to charge this up faster.

For the design it looks extremely similar to previous fire hd 8 models. You got the all plastic back, no camera bump, which is nice that lays nice and flat the all glass front, with just slightly thicker bezels than some of the other more higher end tablets out there and like the fire hd 10, most of the buttons in the Ports are on one side of this device. You have your volume rocker, your sleep and power button, a microphone, usb c input and headphone jack all on one side, the only part that’s not on the side is the micro sd card reader. On the other side, you have your two speaker cutouts and for a 90 tableta. These speakers are actually pretty good. Now they don’t have much bass, but they do get really loud in a normal room setting. I can keep the volume between 50 i 60 and hear everything no problem. One thing i mentioned on the fire hd 10. Is that? Because the speakers are on one side of this device when you’re holding this in landscape mode to watch movies, you can sometimes accidentally put the speakers into your lap or set it on the ground and they’d get a little bit muffled. So you’ll just want to make sure that the speakers are pointing up in landscape mode. Taking a look at the screen here we have an 8 inch 1280×800 Prikaz, so it’s, not a full hd 1920×1080 Prikaz, but it’s still a nice screen.

To je 444 nits of brightness, which is pretty bright. It can be used outside. Međutim, the reflective glass makes it a little bit difficult in direct sunlight overall. Is it my favorite display i’ve ever used? Absolutely not, but again i think, it’s more than good enough to watch videos on surf the web play games and that sort of thing the fire hd 8 comes with two 2 megapixel cameras, one on the back and one on the front. The one on the front has been moved to the side of the device so that, when you’re holding this in landscape mode, the camera is now on top and when it comes to quality, it just kind of seems like amazon knows that people rarely use their tablets. For taking high quality videos or photos, they’ll typically use their phone or another camera when they want a really nice high quality shot. But people do use their tablets for web conferencing and video, chats and that’s kind of how this is set up. The camera on the back is okay at best, but the camera on the front is more than good enough for web conferencing or video calls and, along with its overall smaller form factor the fire. Hd 8 is noticeably lighter than the fire hd10. It comes in at just .8 pounds which makes this extremely comfortable to hold for a long time, which is great for readers, gamers and people that want to hold this while they watch movies or longer content, To je, also more portable at eight inches we’re, not too far Away from some of the bigger smartphones on the market right now, so that means that you could easily stick this into a purse.

Perhaps if you have a large pocket it might fit, but this is really really portable. Sada, for internals we have a mediatek processor, which amazon claims is thirty percent faster than last year’s model. It also has two gigs of ram: it has hands free amazon, a l e x, a in and you’re welcome for that for not saying her name and activating all your devices. It also has bluetooth 5.0, and as of this review, it is running fire os, which is the latest software and so far i am really liking this fire os 7 operating system much more than previous fire os’s they’ve consolidated all those windows that they had on. Previous os’s into just a 4u window, your home window and then a library window they’ve also added a button to the bottom dock. That gets you to the device dashboard where you can access all your smart devices like your smart lights, your smart plugs and smart thermostats. Now the home window has been the same as it’s kind of always been with just a list of apps that can be rearranged or grouped together. The for you window is meant to kind of help you get to the things you want to do faster, so it’ll show your recent apps it’ll show your most used. Apps it’ll show you things that are trending it’ll. Make suggestions for you, based on the things that you do on your tablet and then the library window is all of those amazon services that they made windows for in previous os’s, condensed into one.

So you can see quick snippets of your apps, your games, your prime video and your books, but if you want to get more, you just click on show more and then you can actually open those up and get a lot more options now, like i said, i’m Really liking this os and one thing that you can do and that i’ve done with all my fire, hd tablets is load up. The google play store on this it’s, really simple. All you have to do is follow some instructions and you’ll. Have it loaded in about 10 minutes and i’ll put a link to how you do that in the description below so check that outand i do this because, while the amazon app store is a pretty good app store, it still doesn’t have nearly the same amount Of titles, the same amount of games, the same amount of apps as the play store. So this just opens up this tablet to way more capabilities and i’ve actually been pretty impressed with the overall performance of the mediatek processor. In the two gigs of ram scrolling around the tablet has been very smooth going in, and out of, apps also has been really smooth same thing, with multitasking apps, open up nice and snappy for the most part. Sada, if i have too many open, the two gigs of ram does start to bog down just a little bit, and i do notice some stuttering going on but that’s to be expected.

Most games that i’ve tried have played perfectly fine. If you start to get into more graphically intensive games, you might have to go into lower settings for it to play smooth, but most games are going to play just fine on this. For battery life, amazon quotes 12 hours of battery life on this fire hd 8, and actually that seems about right for me in my usage now, i think it’s pretty rare, for people to use a tablet for 12 straight hours, typically you’re using it for a couple Hours at a time and then setting it down it’s on standby and that’s. Typically, what i do is that i use this for a couple hours a day and then i’m off doing something else, and i pick it up the next day and by doing that, i’ve gotten four full days of usage out of this and when i break down How much i’m using it each day it does come out to roughly 11 da 12 sat od baterija život, so overall i’m really liking this fire hd 8. I think it’s a nice little tablet, especially when you think that it’s under a hundred dollarsand i also really like what amazon has done with their fire os operating systemit still heavily promotes their products, but it seems like it’s, less intrusive and it’s. Just overall. More simple, more easy to get to the things you want to get to faster without having to scroll through five or six windows, to get to where you want to go and i’m really struggling with, which tablet i like better, the fire hd 10 or the fire Hd 8, because i, like the fire, Hd 10 screen more the full hd screen, but i really like the size and the portability and how comfortable the fire hd 8 is to hold.

So if i’m on the go or if i’m travelingand i want to read a book or if i want to watch a movie just holding the tablet, i almost always reach for the fire. Hd 8 because it’s just more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time, but if i’m around the house or sitting in bedand i have something to prop it upi’ll always go for the hd 10 because of that nicer, bigger screen. So you just kind of have to figure out how you’re going to use the tablet and that’ll give you a better idea which tablet’s best for you. I also think that the fire hda might be a little bit better for kids, especially with their smaller hands. This thing is a little bit smaller footprint a little bit lighter it’ll be easier for them to hold so that’s my take on the fire hd 8 iz amazon. Opet, i think this is a really great little tablet and there’s a lot of use case scenarios for it. So if you’re interested in it i’ll put a link in the description below check it out there.