Looking at the acer chromebook spin 713.. Ovo je 13.5 palac. Two in one chromebook it’s a nicely sized laptop designed for productivity, but it has all the advantages of google’s chrome operating system. Highlights of my review unit include what acer calls a virta view display more on that shortly, do 10 hour battery life wi fi 6. A 10th generation intel core i5 cpu 8 gigs of ddr4 ram, a 720p webcam and 128 gigabytes of pcie and vme solid state storage. Kao što možete vidjeti, the spin 713 has a premium metal body, it’s sculpted, to look thin while offering space towards the rear of the sides for a range of useful ports. These include dual usbc usb type, a hdmi and a microsd card slot, so it has performance and ports, but what makes it really suited to actually getting work done is that vertiview display? This is a high resolution. 2K touch panel with the 3 2 aspect ratio. Instead of the 16 9 aspect, omjer, which has become common in laptops now, that makes a real difference when you’re trying to get work done, i’ve cut out a sheet of paper that’s in a 16 9 aspect ratio overlaid on the spin 713’s display. You can see that this chromebook offers additional vertical space that lets you see more text or more numbers on screen without having to scroll. The downside of this choice is black bars on the top and bottom of the screen, if you’re watching 16 9 video.

Međutim, it still looks pretty good. This is a very nice display, adding to the productivity, friendly approach, there’s a full size, backlit keyboard and a large trackpad with gorilla glass with a 360 degree hinge. It lets you rotate the display to create multiple form factors to suit. Whatever you want to use the laptop for that 2k ips display really does pop and is covered with gorilla glass for protection. Zapravo, acer says the reinforced metal design plus the gorilla glass offers military grade durability, that’s worth thinking about when kids and students are involved. While its built in display is 2k, which works out to 2256 od strane 1504 piksela, you can easily connect the spin 713 to an external display and output at 4k resolution. The hdmi port is handy for connecting to a tv. Ovdje. I used one of the usbc 3.2 ports to output 4k video to an external computer monitor. I kept the spin 713s display as the second screen. Now i had a few minor quibbles with this chromebook first, i really wish the left shift. Key was full sized that mini key tripped me up a lot. The logo is slightly raised on the lid, which looks cool right out of the box, but it quickly snagged hair and dust, and while the laptop supports usb c charging, which is a good thing, acer uses a traditional power supply and it’s a pretty big one. You can see it here compared to the compact white usbc adapter used by a different chromebook, but all of those are pretty minor issues.

Ukupni, the acer spin 713 is a well designed chromebook with the specs ports and display that make it ideal for anyone who’s. Looking for a chromebook, that’s optimized for getting work done, it would be a nice option for students who are remote learning or for somebody who’s working from home. So long as you don’t need any windows.