An idea begin by popping out the built in pin from its secure silo in apps, like google docs, you can use the s pen to highlight important details or try selecting the drawing option in the insert menu to add a custom sketch want to get more creative Apps such as adobe sketch allow you to unlock your inner artist. The stylus menu gives you access to more tools, including screen capture, laser pointer and magnifying glass to change functions tap on the stylus menu in the toolbar to screen capture a chart, drag and release with your pen to select the area it will be saved automatically as A png file when you’re done remember to put the pen back in its silo, for when you need it next, Music equipped with a nearly 360 degree hinge. The galaxy chromebook works as a tablet laptop and anything in between. When you need to be on your feet, you can fold back the galaxy chromebook into tablet mode. The galaxy chromebook automatically adopts a touch friendly interface for use with your finger or the built in pen. If you’re, sharing a presentation with a colleague or client switch to presentation or tent mode tent mode is ideal for showing a presentation without the keyboard getting in the way the galaxy chromebook features a built in fingerprint sensor on its keyboard, making it easy for you to Access but keeping others out when you’re setting up your new galaxy chromebook you’ll be prompted to enable fingerprint login once set up.

You can unlock with a quick press later you can always alter, remove or add fingerprints from within system settings. You can also unlock your galaxy chromebook using your android smartphone in your chromebook settings, go to the connected devices section and choose android smart lock. When your chromebook is near your phone, it will unlock automatically Music. The galaxy chromebook comes with 256 gigabytes of onboard storage, but if you need more space, you can increase your chromebook storage in one simple step: insert a microsd card into the slot on the side of the machine and you’ve boosted. Your capacity need to remove it. Just click it and pop it out. You never have to worry about running out of space with galaxy chromebooks micro sd card support. The galaxy chromebook can run many of your favorite android apps, so you can get work done. Your way just open the play, store and download productivity apps such as microsoft office, canva, sign now, pipedrive and goco Music, organize your app library by holding down an app with your finger and dragging it to where you want it. Customizing your galaxy chromebook experience master.