Viewing. Međutim, finding the best android tablets can be hard to choose, because there are lots of them available these days to make your finding easier in this video we have listed the 5 best android tablets, just for you so lets look into. It need tablets for regular content watching or for using them as an e reader at an affordable price. Then the samsung galaxy tab a7 can be the one without cutting much from your pocket to bring your content to life without pulling you down. It comes with a 10.4 palac, vibrant and colorful ultra widescreen and android 10, which can be upgraded up to android 11. for a quick transition between entertainment and video calls seamlessly. It comes with the front facing landscape oriented camera. The tablet runs on a qualcomm snapdragon 662 procesor, s 2 gigabytes of ram to back it up, it can be expandable up to 64 gigabytes of storage to store your favorite music and movies. Dolby atmos surround sound, will enhance your quad speaker system during your favorite music movies and tv shows at an affordable price. Youll get a 70 40 mAh baterija, which is surprising to see at an affordable price. The battery easily can handle 10 hours of play dam so that you can watch more tv shows all in all samsung galaxy. Tab a7 should be enough to make your kids happy with a great battery play time and colorful screen. Do you want plenty of screens at a great price, made the amazon fire hd 10 plus that kicks up with great features, yet at a reasonable price equipped, s 10.

1 palac, ips lcd protected by aluminum silica glass with nicely curved edges and corners, which will protect Your tablet from drop shot for the size of the tablet. The resolution is high enough to get a nice and sharp picture its powered by a mediatek helio, p60 processor, 64, gigabytes of storage and 4 gigabajti ovna, which is good enough for watching movies and reading. With the help of text to speech, alexa will read your favorite novel for you, which will give you hands free accessibility. The battery will give you 12 hours of use with fast wireless charging so that you dont have to worry when youre on the go overall for better display at a budget range and alexa. As your personal assistant, Amazon, fire, Hd 10 Plus, should be the one on your table looking for a tablet that will give you the comfort of your couch, while watching movies, lenovo tab p12. Pro is here to save your comfort with the 12 Točke, 16 cinematic amoled. Double vision display it will let you explore a cascade of colors, its bright and safe enough to watch your favorite movies for hours. This tablet will provide your premium audio for deeper dive with jbl pod speaker system and can be upgraded to android 11. for new standards of the resolution, speed and response. This tablet comes with wi fi 6 certified qualcomm, snapdragon 870 procesor, which will deliver you buttery, smooth visuals to enjoy the latest aaa gaming 120 hertz display refresh rate, will give you perfect animation, even when youre drawing something this tablet can also be used as a secondary Display with touch and pen which will bring out your true productivity equipped with a 10 200 mAh baterija, it will back you up with fast charging for up to 17 sati, while watching videos and up to 10 hours while were browsing all together for multitasking movies.

Sound quality and gaming lenovo tab p12 pro is a big deal to get one in the tablet. Market lenovo is competing with samsung to give its best quality and the lenovo yoga tab 13 is worthy enough to convince fans for immersive entertainment. It comes with the 2k display, supported by dolby vision and jbl speakers with dolby atmos. Ovaj 13 inch ips lcd, has an aluminum frame and aluminum back finish with a built in stainless steel kickstand, its paired with the snapdragon 875g chipset and adreno 650 gpu, which is the powerhouse of this big tablet. It also comes with 8 gigabajta ovna i 128 gigabajta prostora za pohranu, which is a very reasonable amount of space. If youre going to do a lot of multitasking work, this tablet can be used as an external display for your desktop or laptop. It comes with the 10 000 mah massive battery power, which is more than enough for the launch display, despite using it as a second screen. It goes for up to 8 hours a day overall for using a big secondary screen for multitasking with a powerful, chipset lenovo yoga. Kartica 13 should be enough to bring out your inner strength Music when its all about the android tablets. Samsung holds a top position and it stays among the few android makers that try to challenge apples, ipad lineup, undoubtedly the galaxy tab s7 plus, is one of the best creations with the best performance, s 12.

4 inch super amoled, 120 hertz refresh rate screen. This tablet will provide you with vibrant color and smooth animation, which will make you feel more comfortable when youre, watching movies or reading. This tablet comes with snapdragon, 865 5g plus, along with the adreno 650 gpu, which will give you more advantages when youre playing video games on the big screen to make your riding more real. It comes with an s pen with an active stylus which will give you a feel like youre riding on paper. Ima 10 080 mah max battery with fast capability which will allow you to work all night long with 5g support. This tablet also has features like bluetooth, 5.0 gps under display fingerprint and dual camera with night mode. Samsung tab s7 plus is prepared for everything and lacks nothing for experiencing an ultimate and optimized android tablet experience. This is the overall best quality android tablet you can have, so that was all about the top best android tablets.