Yes, this budget yeah now for those wondering this is actually called the intel evo badge and only pieces on the intel evo platform come with this badge. So if you see anyone like this on any laptop, then what that means is that the laptop in question, regardless of what it is or from what brand it is, has actually met all the key experience, indicators and specifications that have been said by intel and its Oem partners and guys in this video i’ll be talking about some of the major um specifications. You should expect from any laptop with this badge on it. With that said, let’s get right into this video. Shall we Music, so the first specification that an intel evo badge system must come with is with a chipset. In other words, all intel evo laptops must be powered by the latest 11th gen core i5 or core i7 chip. Along with you know, intel’s integrated, xe graphics card now guys laptop. I have here, actually comes with the 11th gen core i7 shape, and what makes this chip very special is that it pretty much empowers. You know clean and light laptops like this one to be able to do way more than you probably expect them to do before now now. A typical example of this is in the benchmark score, so i try to run you know a single core benchmark test using the latest sign bench software and guys i was able to get a score of 1260.

. Now, in practical usage, i noticed like a major boost in gaming about two times actually, which is quite impressive, especially for a laptop that you know, has a form factor like this. But one area that, like knocked my socks off, is with the ai based intelligent performance capabilities of this chipset, especially when it comes to editing softwares, like you know, premiere pro, for example. Now, to put this into context, i was able to export an eight minute long. 4K file from premiere pro using intel’s 11 gen chip in about ‘ minutes, which is like a far cry from what i got on other devices that i paired with yeah now asides from the chipset and the air capabilities. What you know other features: can you get on the intel evo platform? Well, they’re. Actually quite a number, for example. Did you know that all intel evo systems must have about 19 hours or more of real world work day battery life on full hd display yeah? So i tried to test, you know this theory out and i was actually able to get about nine hours of battery life with moderate use that included surfing the internet and using a couple of you know, downloaded applications like microsoft, word and others, and yet another feature. You’Re going to get is the instant week feature so let’s say your. You know laptop goes to sleep, and you urgently need to use it well, rather than waiting for a few seconds to get it to come on, like you’d normally do with other laptops.

You can actually get laptops with this budget away from sleep in less than a second yeah, so we’ve talked about all of that, but what about you know? Wireless and wired connectivity features well guys it actually comes. You know pre loaded with a lot of amazing features in that regard. For example, this laptop is actually powered by the latest wi fi, six, which increases the wireless speed by about 40 percent as compared to say the wi fi five there’s. Also, the fact that this comes with intel’s um 5g solution, as well as the thunderbolt 4 port, which saw me charging this laptop from 700 in about 45 minutes.