I couldnt wait for the video review uh, just a new guidance excitement. The hp comes in this outer case with lovely spectre box, the laptop itself, which ill start going through dimensions in a minute, lovely leather case original case, the barrel, pin charger and no pen. So i will step through the the size and the specifications. The hp spectre. 16 comes in this lovely night, color black color. You can see the outer shape its on the right hand, side its got a usb c thunderbolt: 4 port, its got a barrel, pin charger connection, its got another usbc thunderbolt port port, the heating and cooling ventilation. Ports. Here, on the left hand, side you have a three and a half millimeter headset jack, full hdmi, 2.0 connection there and a compact usb, a port which is a rare thing nowadays in laptops and in this beautiful 16 inch, 16 to 10 aspect ratio. General features of the hp spectre 16. It has gone through significant improvements over the previous version, which is 2020 15.6 inch version, which i owned for over 15 months. The laptop is in a one, unibody team, one format: you can see the um its got, the fantastic keyboard non, numeric, uh keypad on the side, its a very nice size, the trackpad is fantastic size and this, the one most beautiful function of this laptop is the Screen, which has got 16 inch, oil led screen, which ill turn on and just step through the advantages and disadvantages pros and cons of this laptop.

The laptop has got this specific version i bought from hps website with my own money is intel i7 um, ‘0 h, 11, ‘0 h with 16 gigabyte of ram and with um 512 ssd. The laptop overall features security features has got the face id through infrared camera. Its got fingerprint login and its got this hp signature buttons on the right hand, side, the the travel of the keyboard is fantastic and in comparison to previous version, is nicer and cooler. The most beautiful function of this laptop, as i mentioned before, is the screen its got three or half k, um or led screen its fantastic. It is very responsive and it is a fantastic laptop for producers and business users. Im, not a video creator myself, but i use most of my laptops for work and the the office functions on this thing is just fantastic, so the the um, the connections as you can see, on the right hand, side are the usb 3 thunder pole, thunderbolt 4 Micro sd slot apologies, ive mentioned forgot to mention micro, sd, slot barrel, pin charging point and usb 4 and thunderbolt there on the 45 degree angle and on the left hand side is the usb, a port which is better reading. These start style laptops, usb hdmi 2.0 and a three and a half millimeter headset jack, so uh, starting with the the functions of this laptop uh, the the screen, its just amazing, its 16 to 10 ratio and its 16 inches in size diagonal size, the laptop screen.

It does not come with a pen active pen uh, which is rather disappointing, but it supports microsoft pen protocol for your needs, so you can see its screen. It works with both finger and pen. You can see very responsive, and the oled screen is just fantastic in in functions in terms of its just blacks are blacks, are very black and the the all the viewing functions and the color accuracy is really nice again. I am reviewing this laptop with a business user, mind im an engineer i use most of my laptops for big excel files and big image files, so this has got a function and the the properties of a laptop that it just cops really well with everything you Throw at it continuing on with the functions its got, the dual speakers on either side of the keyboard, which is very loud. It also has got speakers underneath there. So you got four speakers, you got the ventilation vents here and it extracts the air from here and its just. It takes the air from here extracts it from here. So if you work on this laptop on your lap on a desk, it just keeps cool. The previous version had an extraction fan on the either side, right hand, side and left hand side. If you are using external mouse on the right or left, it would keep your hair hands really uncomfortable, so it was very uncomfortable thats why i moved into the 16 inch version so going through the the specific functions again.

Its got plenty of ports on either side. Unlike dell, xps 15s or 17s is 360 degrees, you can put it in any mode. You like the screen is just fantastic in terms of accuracy and and the the led function i will start using the active pen. I will use to demonstrate the functions of this. Ive got a microsoft, surface pen i on it works on this. You dont even need to um pair with it. You can see the accuracy of the the writing on this on these multiple modes that you can go. Um, you can see no jitter really, nice writing experience. The palm rejection works with the onenote app really nicely, but even if you are using simple apps like microsoft paint, you can see its its fantastic, its very accurate and its rather shame that hp doesnt send the active pen with this. So you can see you know going into any apps any um third party, apps or internet explorer or youtube. You can see the the angles with the viewing costly and the screen. Quality is fantastic. The webcam is five. Megapixel is extremely nice to to use in comparison to previous versions of comparison to the dell xps series, its not 720p 720p webcam is full 5 megapixel hd camera. So in terms of system properties, it comes with a um, as i mentioned i7 processor, 11. ‘0 h. Its got dedicated graphics card, um, nvidia gear force rtx, as you can see, im just trying to go into system settings.

If i can show that um and its just just. Does it really nicely the thermal uh function? The the previous 15.6 inch version was heating in this palm breast area, really about it thats. Why? Even though i kept it for 15 months, it was becoming very uncomfortable if you work three four hours on demanding activities so just going through the pros and cons of the laptop, the fantastic stunning three and a half k or led hdr screen 16 to 10 ratio. Its really nice, you can see you dont, need to scroll too much if you are using um content creation. Web surfing, excel powerpoint outlook premium, build and slimness is very slim, its just two cages, just above two kgs, dedicated nvidia, graphics, card, impressive webcam and speakers which ill show if um the fantastic pen support, even though its not provided the standard. Microsoft pen works with it. Uh, fantastic, deep tactile, keyboard travel is one and a half millimeter if you are not tweaking all these macbook butterfly or magic keyboard. Shallow keyboards im im obsessed with the keyboards its really nice to write all day. Long cooling is being resolved that you know in comparison. The previous version, no longer cooks, your legs or your hands onto either side lots of parts. The the room for the improvement areas for the laptop is is expensive, its currently traded in the uk as 2200 pounds. They did a 200 pound discount before i purchased it, but in comparison to not express 9510, its still a bit, you know lowering processing, speed, uh and its a bit expensive side.

Battery life is, is a lot better than the previous version, but in comparison to other laptops owing to or led screen battery life is hitting about three four hours and i dont do like 200 dpi dim screens. I just go full blown im, a heavy user business purposes and, as i mentioned, it does not come with a um active pen fans, even though the thermal performers have been improved. The fans kick in quite regularly for unknown reason that you know when you are in excel just kicks in its just just. It still has got some room for improvement theres. If im going to this all hp, newer hps come with this software called hp command center. You can change the settings of the fan, so you can see you can go balanced, smart sense. Even if you go for cool or power saver, you might be able to hear the fans now its just kicked in. You can see its working, its cool, but it just comes in and out. It is quite irregular, which is a bit. You know if you are not in favor of um fan noise, it becomes an irritant in terms of package. It comes with this lovely little case. Its just fantastic to carry its got a pen pen pocket there. You can put your active pen in there and it comes in this spectacular view, as usual spectre box. So i recommend this laptop for professional users. You know heavy demand users.

If your battery life is not a big issue for you and the size is not a big issue for you, i would highly recommend this, so i will compare the um size of this laptop. I will put the link and the screenshots of the size and the processing and the the hardware capabilities but ill, compare that into ipad 12.9 inch, um 2021 version size, wise and hp dragonfly. This is how it compares to the ipad 12.9 inch 2021 corner to corner you can see, is the size comparison and the thickness comparison? It just lies beautifully, and you can see this in comparison to the hp. Dragonfly 13 inch model, which is also another favorite machine of mine. You can see that if you got another one and a half inches there and another one and a half inches there to just get the additional screen estate there to make your work life easier. So its a you can see the keyboard tactileness you can see. This is the dragonfly, and this is the spectre side by side. You can see that the trackpad size has been increased and the keyboard this fantastic hp keyboard exists there coming back to the security functions of the laptop one of the improved things that the windows, hello, login, is just superbly fast, and the fingerprint sensor moved from this Side or from bottom to here it works fantastically well, and the theres also additional security function here that its got the sensing it senses when you are near to machine through the infrared sensors there, if you walk away from the laptop it just locks itself, its really Nice function both saving the battery and also you know, locking your security functions of the laptop, so no one can interfere with the laptop.

So in terms of you know, 2m1 functions, so you can see the pad marks here. Hp still hasnt improved these things that these pads here or the foots that when you go in the 360 two in one mode, it sits on the floor there. But when you shut the laptop it just keeps leaving marks here so for content, creators or users of tablet function, the keyboard becomes disabled when you are in 360 mode and you can comfortably write on this, you know or draw on this really comfortably doing what you Need to do on the screen or you can use in the the tent mode, as you would like this or you will just go into presentation mode if you are doing anything to just use an external keyboard and just continue using the function so its in a Very elaborate, laptop back off the laptop you can see. The hinges are very nice, its not very bling. Like the previous version you dont have the gold rose gold sends there. So you can see. The hinges are very nice and the opening of the laptop i havent opened this. You got the the screws there, four screws and the the pads, the plastic footings there. So its the you can see its the diamond shape there, the its just very narrow, hitting touching the floor. If youre on a slippery surface, i tend to uh slip the laptop when im trying to open the laptop with um hinge its very sturdy, very strong hinge.

There and again its just very comfortable to use the backlight is, is in three stages and you can see the laptop fan just hit him and the sound quality is just fantastic. The bang olufsen sound system, it becomes, it gets really loud and really comfortable to to use um. The speakers, especially for teams, calls and everything else. It just gets really loud and then its just a very pleasant laptop to use. So you can see it just gets really loud sleep. Thank you for for watching this review, uh its been rushed a bit or into time constraints, but its its just recently out in the uk, its been sold in the united states for a couple of months, but its just kind of entering into uk market. I just want to get this review out the way, so you can see and make your mind up its a fantastic laptop. You know its got all these pro functions of a laptop with good, build quality, good sturdy usage and a fantastic screen.