This right here is the letter V and while it doesnt represent a d sequel for V for Vendetta, it does stand for victus, which is hps entry level, gaming laptop and this year its been renewed with some brand new specifications. So it is a 15 inch laptop that has Intels 12th generation, I5 1200 H series processor, 16, gigabytes of DDR for memory. We also have 512 gigabytes of SSD storage and it does come with the RTX 3050, with 4 gigabytes of vram on board. We also have a y Wi, Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 standards. Additionally, and finally, like I mentioned this – is a 15 inch full HD screen, and there is a lot to talk about with regards to this laptop its an interesting one. So lets get started, starting with the packaging experience. You know, PC manufacturers are serious when they paint the Box black rather than the generic cardboard color. So anyway, it comes in a cool looking box once you open it up inside. You have a few things. Firstly, you have the laptop and a ton of protective packaging remove all of that stuff. And finally, here it is the HP victus, 15 inch laptop now past that you also have the inclusion of a massive 200 watt charging adapter, which makes sense. Given the hardware on this thing and, of course, a decharging cable piece as well now, finally, you have a quick start guide, warranty and regulation information design wise.

This is one of the most elegant looking entry level gaming laptops Ive, seen recently its well composed, and while the build is made entire of plastic, it doesnt feel cheap or finicky in the slightest its sturdy and firmly in place now its worth noting, while the color Here is called Mika silver, theres, very little silver about it actually Id say its more so kind of like a darker variation of space gray, but just a observation. The laptop has a overall weight of approximately 7.4 pounds, making it kinda heavy for a 15 inch laptop, but within the territory of gaming machines in general. Now, starting off at the top side, like I mentioned, you have a plastic surface, finish theres, not a lot of texture going on here, its pretty smooth and solid. You will notice, of course, that giant v logo is kind of hard to miss. It is reflective, of course, and generally speaking, it looks nice though it is a bit of a fingerprint magnet. The rear side of this laptop is where you will find the heat exhaust fence. So, as you can see, youve kind of got a massive heatsink that goes from one end to the other, and this is essentially where the hot air comes out from on the side of this laptop is where youll find all the i o ports. So, on one side you have the DC charging port, you have one USB, a port. They go to Old, headphone jack and towards the corner.

There youll see you have a full sized SD card. Reader cant complain now. On the other side, youll notice, you have a one more USB, a port, a much appreciated, HDMI, 2.1 port, a ethernet Jack and, of course, a USBC Port that supports both a power, delivery and DisplayPort functionality. Generally speaking, this is a healthy composition of i o on a quick side. Note guys, if you are enjoying the content, please consider subscribing to this Channel and liking this video, I put a ton of time, effort and resources into making these videos, and its just me by myself here. So you subscribing to my channel genuinely means a lot and allows me to grow and do more stuff just like this. Thanks for watching lets continue. The bottom side of the laptop is a pretty happening, place. Youll notice, you have this massive air in take vent from one corner to the other, though its worth noting, both the cooling fans are actually located on the right side, which means the entire left side is mostly just for show and passive cooling. I suppose now its worth noting you do have HP crew girl at the bottom, one on either side. So this is a bottom firing setup. As soon as you unfold this laptop, you are immediately greeted by corporate dominance. You can see the Intel sticker, the Nvidia sticker, the bank in Austin, decal, the HP, victis decal and even a 144hz certification plenty going on but past that you do have a pretty spacious Palm rest over here now the trackpad isnt half bad either.

So while you do have a plastic surface finish, the clicks are nice and tactile Flex is relatively limited and you have a decent amount of surf real estate, but to be fair, who even uses a trackpad for gaming? The keyboard is definitely of respectable quality, while not necessarily the best keyboard Ive seen on a laptop, you do have well labeled Keys, relatively spacious, keycaps in terms of surface area and youll also notice. The keyboard is, of course, fully backlit. Now you dont get RGB lighting here for you color Maniacs, but I personally like white lighting anyway and of course you have a 10 key number pad as well for productivity for day and gaming for night. Now it is worth noting the overall typing experience is decent. Its tactile, the keys, dont, feel finicky or flimsy, and you have a decent amount of key travel, though I wouldnt go as far as saying that its the best experience out there generally speaking, though its a great keyboard, also you do not have fingerprint scanning built in So keep that in mind as well directly above the keyboard, you have the equivalent of a fake exhaust in a car. This is not a speaker Grille. This is a not a cooling vent. Its this weird thing HP likes doing where they just poke a bunch of holes to make it look like some sort of vent or Grille its kind of weird but anyway past that you do have the hinge, which Im a little concerned about as there is a Fair bit of wobble also, the hinge mechanism is not that sturdy, which, which does raise a little bit of concern in terms of long term, wear and tear you have a super fat chin at the bottom of the display and a v logo for the victors to Go alongside that, thankfully, you do have very narrow, bezels that look nice, sleek and modern.

Now you also have a relatively thin forehead at the top. Unfortunately, it does have a mediocre 720p webcam, but I suppose I should be grateful as some companies like Asus with their Rog strix g15 dont, even give you a webcam so yeah, keeping in mind that the display here is prioritized for gaming. I still have a love hate relationship with this screen, so on one side, you have a healthy 1920 by 1080 resolution, which equates to a 16×9 aspect ratio. You have a fantastic 144hz refresh rate, which of course, as we all know, is great for gaming. You have a high quality IPS panel with wide viewing angles, a 9ms response time. Additionally, its worth noting do have a anti glare coating on this display. Now, color accuracy comes to a mere 45 ntsc or approximately 56 srgb, which means colors look dry and lame. Basically, I would not recommend this laptop for color sensitive activities like photo editing, for example, now to make matters a little worse, you have a mirror brightness rating of 250 nits. This is not enough for bright settings. Basically, this laptop is designed to be played in a low to moderately lit room and do not use it outside the sun will just absolutely destroy the screen in terms of sheer glare keep in mind. We have the I5 processor here, but you can also get this in the i7 configuration now, regardless of which one you get at the bare minimum.

This is a very capable machine day to day task like web browsing document, crunching or lets say watching. Online content are going to be a total Breeze for this laptop. Even high intensity activity is like 4K video editing photo, editing, 3D, modeling or coding are pretty much possible on this machine and youll have a good experience, even with just 16 gigabytes of RAM. Now gaming is interesting, keep in mind again. This is a entry level gaming laptop and that RTX 3050 wont be able to max out most recent titles. But games like Doom Eternal, for example, can easily be played towards the higher settings with a healthy frame rate ranging somewhere between 90 to 120 frames per second, which is pretty darn amazing, now even games that are more CPU, biased in terms of performance like Guild. Wars. 2, for example, run pretty smoothly thanks to the h series I5 chip we have here so even under high activity areas, I was able to get 40 plus frames per second and gw2 is a pretty poorly optimized game, so thats not too bad and games like fortnite, Which are way more optimized, in contrast, tend to do pretty well, so I can run the game at high settings and easily get over 60 frames per second in so again its a pretty pleasurable experience, though I will say this is not a card designed to max Out games its definitely designed to play them at high settings with good frame rates.

Thermals are a rather interesting story, so, based on our test under unrealistic Peak loads, we hit a maximum average surface temperature of just about 45 degrees Celsius, which isnt as brutal as some other laptops out there. More realistic, sustained loads will yield you around 38 degrees Celsius, which is fairly cool literally now, with that said, the fan noise can hit a maximum of about 51 decibels, which is actually in range with most other gaming laptops. What is a little concerning is that the fan is almost always on on this thing, even when youre doing low intensity activities, though in all fairness, putting the setting towards low performance mode does alleviate that problem to a good extent depending on the region. Youre. In this thing comes with a 70 watt per hour, four Cell lithium ion battery. Now, realistically speaking, if youre bold enough to play games on battery life, you can expect anywhere between one to three hours of Life. General productivity activities, on the other hand, can squeeze the life all the way up to seven hours. Aside from that, its worth noting you do have a dual speaker setup. Like I mentioned earlier, they are bottom firing and theyre reasonably loud and theres very little Distortion, but have a quick, listen for yourself, Music Applause. The configuration we have here will cost you just north of about 1100 US Dollars now to be fair. You can downgrade or upgrade certain components depending on the region youre in and you can go all the way down to about 850 US dollars for the cheapest possible configuration.

But with that said no matter which one you get, this is a well built machine. Generally speaking, it has a great build quality, its sturdy. It has respectable components like a good trackpad and keyboard. For example, my only gripe with this machine or the two biggest flaws I see in it. Firstly, is that super fragile hinge system, which I think should have been a little bit more secure and well tuned and additionally having a mere tour of the netspeak brightness, is just ridiculous and really does affect the usability of this laptop display. However, if you are willing to look past those flaws, I still think this is a good computer from a performance or Price ratio. You are getting relatively powerful hardware and you can have a pretty good gaming experience and even potentially max out certain games. So with that said, I definitely think its worth its money. I think its a great laptop and definitely one of the better gaming entry level laptops out there. If you guys enjoyed this review, please consider liking this video and subscribing to our Channel.