Youve got desktop pcs. Laptops tablets, phones, foldable phones. There is no lack of options for the type of device you want to use where things differ. Is peoples perception of the experience they expect from a device and im talking an operating system level for phones? You may well think of android or ios for tablets, its largely the same its just versions made specifically for tablets like ipad os. Then we have windows now, when you think of windows, you probably think the pc desktop laptop, two and ones have become a go to for me, but theyre still very much what i would call a pc to do. Pc things on that leads us to this video doing an overview on a device which is very much a tablet, looks like a tablet feels like a tablet has features which are geared towards being a tablet, and it does that except this tablet is on windows 11.. So that begs the question: does it make sense? Well thats? What were here to find out? This is the hp tablet. 11 on windows, 11., Music, welcome to microsoft, expert zone uk! I you are watching an overview video. What does that mean? That means were going to show you everything. We think you need to know about this device what it does, what we think its story is without diving, too much into the review style, personal opinion or try at least lets start with the build and what you get in the box.

The hp tablet 11 is an 11 inch windows, 11 device, its a lot of 11s, whose build is very much on the tablet end of the device spectrum, the body at the back specifically has this sandblasted anodized finish with the hp logo cut out in a vertical Orientation not but youll see it that often because in the uk at least on hps website, it comes with the magnetic kickstand that slaps on the back plus a soft cover keyboard as well as a pen. Now, at the time of filming, you can get that whole package for the device and the accessories from 499 pounds and 99 pence again thats via hps uk website at the time of filming just from the price. You know we are looking at something thats more of an everyday use case. The device itself weighs in at just 0.6 kilograms, with the soft cover and kickstand, adding just under half a kilo to that, so its very nice and easy to carry around now. Weve already mentioned that the kickstand itself is magnetized to the back of the device. Now this folds down the middle that you can see here, allowing you to prop the whole thing up now, because the whole thing is magnetic. You can actually prop this horizontally on either side, but if you look here, we have this cutout so that we can also prop the device vertically love it. Now. The soft cover keyboard connects via a 5 pin connection.

If you attach it horizontally, it acts as a great case cover for that notepad look and feel, but you can also attach it all right vertically. Look at that. Well, get any use cases later, but thats, pretty cool last bit of accessory talk is that the pen magnetizes to both the side of the device and also the front of the soft cover seriously the notepad vibes here are real. As for the rest, the side of the tablet is where youll find your volume rocker and a micro sd card slot at the top of the device. We have the power button, which doubles as a fingerprint reader for windows, hello, passwordless entry, you have a usbc port for charging and transferring data, and then we have this magical little button with a camera icon which, when you press it, does this. Yes, this is a 13 megapixel rotatable camera with temporal noise reduction and integrated dual array: digital microphones, its been a lot of attention paid to this little thing since the device was announced, so you can be sure well get to that Music. This beautiful display that we have here is a 1440p quad hd glossy display packing that number of pixels into 11 inch tablet. This size really makes a difference, as the quality is fantastic. It looks great for streaming browsing whatever youre wanting to do. Really. It gets pretty bright at 400 knits enough to knock the exposure off my camera. If i didnt control it properly and the colors are nice and rich for those that care about the color specs, it has 100 srgb around the edge of the display.

We have a small bezel which, for a tablet, is perfect, because it gives you room for your thumbs uh and in terms of protection. Your display is protected with corning gorilla glass 5., so it will happily resist your standard day to day, scratches just dont be threatening it with your car keys or anything thats. Just silly. Your speakers can be found in said bezel, but there is apparently three of them. I honestly couldnt tell you where the third one sits, so you can just have a listen to them. Hello, you lovely lot and welcome to expert zone and our how to series where were gon na show you how to do things with microsoft products. We then have the specs, the full details of which are on your screen for you now, the device we have includes an intel, pentium silver processor, with uhd graphics, four gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes, nvme, ssd storage and 32.3 watt hour battery. That is rated to last up to 6 hours and 45 minutes. That battery will also charge up to 50 in approximately 45 minutes. With the included 45 watt power adapter, it should be said that the hp tablet 11 also has the option for 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigs of storage. So weve covered a lot of the hardware stuff and i dont know about you but its clear to me for from the way this hardware has been designed. This device is, first and foremost a tablet, so lets look at how everything interacts and what makes it a good choice for a tablet around the home Music.

Now i know i literally just mentioned it, but lets look at that processor again. We have an intel, pentium silver processor in here now to cut a long story short. That kind of processor is designed for low load tasks. We are talking browsing online shopping streaming, emails, kids, homework, light multitasking. If you need a device that is for big workloads, you should look higher up the performance chain, but for light stuff like we are talking about here, does the job just fine, with the 4 gig ram model, its generally pretty swift, you might have a couple moments Where it takes that extra second to load an app when you first launch it, but once things are moving its exactly what you need for those sorts of simple tasks, if you do need a bit more oomph for opening multiple applications, there is always the eight gigabyte Ram option as well to consider now, when we dive into windows 11, we can use the fingerprint reader on the side for windows, hello, login. The position of it means you can unlock your device easily, be it in its vertical orientation or horizontal. The hp tablet, 11. Sits down nicely with the included kickstand in whatever position you choose to have it. As weve already said, the soft cover keyboard can also attach to either orientation as well. I keep mentioning that this device is clearly meant to be used as a tablet, and one of the main reasons for that is the soft cover.

Now, of course, on a desk we can sit down and use it like any other two in one laptop, but the option to have it attached in its vertical position is a new one and makes it great for chat windows. So you can see more of a history or message history, even or an entire word document. Now it should be said that when youre, using just the touchscreen folding the keyboard round to the back of it, i find a bit uncomfortable if im honest its because of this, i found myself removing it when i just wanted to use touch preventing any accidental presses Of the keyboard for starters, and also just to have a nicer feel and that right there is what i mean when i say its meant to be used as a tablet. I can easily say ive spent 90 of my time with this device just using the touchscreen. The keyboard is an accessory that i can easily attach if i need to do some serious typing, but otherwise i just stick to the tablet. That brings us to windows 11 and what that experience is like when only using the touchscreen im, just gon na say it. Windows 11 is a massive improvement. When it comes to touch interaction, the touch points to your different apps are easily accessible. You can swipe from either side for notifications and widgets and all the trackpad gestures that you might use on the trackpad here, theyll work directly on the screen as well.

The refresh that windows 11 offers is a big part of why this experience works. Things like the new settings options being able to snap apps side by side or top to top. Those improved touch points that we talked about the new and improved touch keyboard, which you can put into a split layout for easy thumb typing for me. Unless you need the soft cover for typing some schoolwork or something like that, you dont really need to use the keyboard and touchpad and thats a good thing. If youre going to call your device a tablet, it needs to be usable as a tablet and it is well probably do a video in the future about the windows. 11 tablet experience as a whole, so let us know if youd like to see that and any questions you might have as well just drop them in the comments for us now. With all this talk about the touch side of things, it is easy to forget that we also have the included pen now full disclaimers here. Unfortunately, the pen i got when it arrived was damaged, so ive not actually been able to try this pen properly. I was able to use a pen that i already have to try out the inking experience for windows and its as good as its ever been be that for drawing your latest masterpiece, making notes, sketching ideas. Inking has always been a great part of windows and that hasnt changed here.

The fact that in the uk at least this tablet comes with the pen thats great. The last thing we need to look at from an experienced point of view is that 13 megapixel camera and im not ashamed to say that the only reason it is the last thing we are mentioning is because it means i can do this again, so cool the Camera is, as weve mentioned, a 13 megapixel rotating camera. The button on the top of the tablet is how you swing it round from external to internal uh. You get this lovely little mechanical noise um when you do it. I dont, like youve, probably heard it already in this video but ill put it in a mic. Just in case here we go oh its like they channeled the dial up internet noise of my childhood and just put it into a camera. The camera quality itself is okay, its not going to replace your smartphone, but in natural light. It works really well for video calls on teams, and things like that. Uh hp themselves have also built in a glam cam widget, which gives you some presets for camera. Placement lets you manually adjust the rotation and zoom plus it gives you a tabletop sharing mode for easily showing any drawings that your kids totally did and wasnt you at all. I asked at the beginning of this video: does it make sense to have windows 11 on a tablet were going to do another video down the line that really dives into that question, but from my experience with the hp tablet, 11, the short answer is yes, for You watching the real question is: what do you expect and what do you need from a tablet for me, that expectation was to act as a second device around the home.

Do some quick online shopping, uh watch some shows when im traveling play solitaire, which i totally didnt lose an entire weekend over. So if we use my use case as an example, the advantage of a device like this is that its the tablet you need it to be, but traditional tablets can only do so much. The advantage here is that it can also be a pc when you need it to be: throw the keyboard on open up the full, desktop versions of office and download any app. You want, be it from the microsoft store, or you know just online. You get all the portability of a tablet without sacrificing whats great about pc, and there are stuff that we havent even had time to mention here like cloud gaming on xbox game, pass ultimate and also the eventual introduction of using android apps natively on windows. 11.. We will 100 be revisiting the subject of windows 11 in tablets in the future. As for our first tablet overview, though, the hp tablet 11, i can sum it up like this. This is an entry to everyday device, uh that is great for around the home, be it as a second device or one for the kids, its portable, its light its by no means a powerhouse, but its not more than enough to get the basic tasks done. Its got a good little trick with the camera, its good little windows 11 tablet. Thanks for watching our overview on the hp tablet, 11 weve got more tablet.

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