11 laptop. Yes, guys we’re about to do some extreme upgrades to the channel, so let’s go ahead and uh open her up. Um no she’s, not bad four gigabytes. Uh 11.6 hd uh diagonal display has more features: uh, microsoft, 365 personnel, it’s, uh let’s. Take a look stream. 11 laptop, not bad guys so we’re going to go ahead and get right into this. So for fear of this taking a very long time guys, i am going to actually use my handy dandy pocket knife. Just go ahead and sort of kind of you know get that done. Sorry about the shakiness, guys i’m recording on a table all right, guys, let’s uh pop her open, see how she looks. Nice very clean, cut, guys very, very nice soft, oh wow, very good packaging. They have this is seeming like it’s, going to be pretty cool, so i’m gon na try to stop all that jiggly effect that’s going on guys wow. I did not think it was gon na be like this guys. Wow. Look at that guys. I’M. Actually gon na position, you guys just a little bit better we’ll, bring this right here. So, okay let’s uh continue so let’s uh actually grab the rest of this see: uh it’s, very beautiful, sweet white design, charges and stuff let’s, pull that back out very nice, guys very, very nice we’re going to be plugging this thing up and actually uh. Taking a look at it, um sorry for the background, all these guys, i’m kind of in a public little area.

I figured this – was the best place to record today, so it’s, not bad let’s uh go ahead, see we can do as a matter of fact guys. I’M gon na do something very nice here, i’m gon na turn this around real quick guys. Put you guys about right here, so it’s a lot more comfortable cool all right, one! Second, guys: okay, that’s, a few minor camera adjustments let’s get right into it, so wow! So sleek in design guys, i haven’t seen anything like this before that’s interesting, a sort of cover beautiful. That is beautiful, guys that is her. That is her. That is definitely her. No not yet. She needs a little bit of juice in her. These usually come uh, powerless, so i’m gon na go ahead and uh plug in the adapter. You feel me guys in this quiet place, there’s just something inside of me that wants to cause havoc yeah yeah cool. This is turning out to be a very good, buy, guys so here’s, the adapter and stuff, and just plug that in there like so uh. You know i don’t want to uncoil this. I always want to keep this try your best to kind of organize it. So it doesn’t fall off plug that bad boy up right about uh let’s, see where’s that power. Ah, i know where it is so it’s on the right side: yeah, yep cool. We have this all plugged in let’s, go ahead and take this part off guys.

Yeah yeah very nice, so hp stream, 11. i’ll uh have the exact name of the computer in the uh description. Okay, sorry about that guys. I’Ll try to do my best to take out any background noise or anything like that, plug this up guys, one second: i’m. Gon na have to move her just a little more there we go okie dokie. This is a pretty pretty good cable, pretty pretty pretty long cable. All right. Where is that power button? Where are you at mom? Maybe uh let’s see how i power you on youtuber doesn’t know how to power on his laptop, oh wow, let’s, see let’s, see here, one second guys: i’m gon na do some minor technical adjustments. Actually, this is always good to have a general terms. Look let’s see, which are you ready, Music, the power button. Jesus christ blame on. Why don’t you interesting Music, fast car racing overall it’s, a pretty nice computer, guys, i’d say i’m. Definitely gon na have to find this. How to actually power on the laptop i’ve. Never seen a laptop like this should be somewhere on here, like a manual of some sort. Ah, here we go. Yes, yes, set up instructions. Finally, okay, so we have that in there. Okay, where is that that’s a great question? What there is no way? Oh, my god guys, oh my god, that was the power button, the entire time. Oh my god guys! This is insane.

This is one of the sleekest computers i’ve ever seen very nice, guys very nice. So i guess we’ll do a quick uh spin around of whatever what’s uh going on on the actual computer itself. Um i’ll actually be using this, as you see to do a lot of uh upgrading to this channel, so guys definitely stay tuned for that we’re. Going to be doing a lot of upgrading on this channel, so stay tuned, all right stay tuned. All of you, because i know happy you’re watching some of you, my friends, robert raven. All of you guys stay tuned we’re going to use this to up the level of this youtube channel considerably we’re going to take this through the roof. With this hat, with this laptop right here, i’m going to see uh how long it takes to boot up yeah. This was one of the best buys wow. Look at that hi there, i’m cortana and i’m here to help a little sign in here. A touch of wi fi there and we’ll have your pc ready for all you plan to do use your voice or the keyboard along the way, and if you’d like me to stay quiet, just select the little microphone icon towards the bottom of your screen. If you need an assistive screen, reader press, the windows, control and enter keys at the same time to turn on narrator, okay enough, intro, let’s, dig in your region is set to the united states.

Is that right, nice? The design of this thing, guys is very nice design is so nice keyboard. So nice, absolutely amazing. Look at the keys on this now let’s get you connected to a network that way you can get updates abs and cat videos as soon as possible, so guys want to use that one so guys at this point we are done with the general intro. I will do a, i may do another review on the computer as a whole as far as how it works inside with windows and stuff. But again this is the hp stream 11 and i will have the exact title up there on there. For you, this is a very good buy, very compact computer it’s made for videos uh. I actually got on sale for about 170 dollars, 210 bucks tax, so uh it’s, something that you guys may want to look into. So this your boy, kid sitting back again prepare for the channel to go all the way up to a whole nother level. So binge watch my videos guys. I love all of you.