Applause first thing i have to say is this laptop was worth the money and with this high price tag, i really thought that would be hard to say, but with the premium feel the amazing display and the packed in power. This computer blew my mind. So i did end up getting the 15.6 inch 4k display, and i have to say that this display is probably one of the best displays that is out right now currently on the market. Now i know that that’s a big claim but hear me out now the reason i say that is when you start getting into the larger displays and the larger laptop uh screens those screens just really don’t. Look as good and let’s not underestimate the fact that this laptop screen is 15.6 inches, and that is pretty big for a laptop and seeing as though the competition really doesn’t line up. It kind of strays me away from going for larger screen laptops, but hp hp changed that. For me, this display is bright, large and vibrant, which makes this computer a pleasure to do any type of editing on now. We can’t mention editing without getting into the performance that’s also packed into this machine. This laptop is packing in an 11 gen intel i7 processor, along with 16 gigabytes of ram, which means this machine is no slouch. This laptop can handle just about anything that you throw at it with that being said, for my gamers, i have to tell you this isn’t a gaming laptop, although it is very powerful and can handle other things, gaming, just really isn’t the focus that the hp was Going for when they made this laptop so with the price being as high as it is, i just really think there are better options, and although this computer can handle lower level gaming, it just isn’t going to come up to what it should be with the higher More demanding games, but for my creators, honest and truly, i would definitely recommend this computer as an option for any creators out there.

This computer can handle 4k video editing like a champ and the photo editing is crisp and clear the whole way through, and i know that any creators would definitely enjoy editing on this pc. My only withdrawal is that if you are a traveler and you like to maybe do a lot of your work and video editing in places like a coffee shop or maybe outside at the park, this laptop is a bit chunky. So with that being said, it is not the most portable device. However, powerful portability really takes a suffer here. So when it comes down to the speakers, this laptop comes with a banging offset sound system and they sound really good. Let’S. Take a Laughter, listen Applause, Music! Now that sounds pretty good to me and, in my opinion, these speakers have a good balance of both volume and quality of sound. So now we’re going to get to my favorite section of the video which is going to go to my best pros and my worst cons. So this is the portion of the video, where i give you a list of both my pros and my cons, and at the end of this section i will tell you who i would recommend this computer for so let’s get right into it. As far as the pros are concerned, this laptop has a luxurious design to it very beautiful design, one of the better designs that i’ve seen in a long time, it’s very sleek and elegant, and it just feels really good in the hands.

This laptop also has a very beautiful display. That display is something that is hard to replicate. The 4k screen makes it a pleasure to look at in any setting now, as you just heard, another pro would be the great speakers these speakers get pretty loud, while maintaining the quality of sound the entire way, and then my last two pros would be one. The multiple ports with the multiple usb type c ports, the usb a port as well as the hdmi port, which i really find, makes it helpful. If you like to edit at home, you can have multiple options in how you set up your station and then. Lastly, the great performance, like i said this computer can handle just about anything that you throw at it now on to the cons, so my first con would have to be the battery life. The battery life is definitely not the greatest in this computer um, this computer. It has a decent average battery, but there is definitely better options if battery life is important to you. My second con would be again it’s such a good probe, but also such a bad con that it is a 15.6 inch display, meaning this laptop is pretty sizable. It’S, a big laptop yes, it does come with a carrying case, but it’s just not light and portable, so there are definitely better options out there. If you were looking for portability and something that you can take all the time.

In fact, this specific model actually has a smaller model. A 13.3 inch display model that basically replicates the same thing without the hdmi port, of course, and it charges by usb type c, but it’s still a better option with the same amount of power. But if you were looking for a more portable version and then lastly, i have to say that the fans i didn’t notice were on a lot now, i’m, not sure if this was just because i was just running intensive apps a lot. Every time that i was on the computer um, but i did notice that there were times that the fans just were on and they were blaring now. I have to admit i’ve seen better cooling systems in laptops, so that’s definitely going to make it on my cons list now. Lastly, we have to get to who i would recommend this laptop to, so i would definitely recommend this laptop to anyone who is looking for a powerhouse laptop that they typically use around the house again, this isn’t the most portable laptop. However, it does handle performance quite well. Um the ports make it a pleasure to hook up to my external displays and it does everything that i needed to do and then the in the event that you do want to be more portable and maybe go somewhere else and do some work. You can have that option i’m, just telling you there are better options out there, so any creators definitely look into this laptop now gamers, i wouldn’t say this laptop is going to be on my recommendation list.

Anybody who’s looking for just a work, specific laptop. I do believe that there are cheaper options out there, because you don’t necessarily need the highest amount of processing power. Now, like i said again, i’m recommending this laptop to creators simply because it handles editing like a champ and it’s definitely easy for any type of work. At home flow – and i know that a lot of creators like to have multiple monitors – it’s – definitely easy to hook that up and then you’ll have your different options as far as your attachments or any accessories that you might want, with the laptop so again, i’m recommending This for the creators, so if you made it to the end of this video, i just want to say thank you very much.