We’Ve seen awesome products in terms of hardware. Hp has also been one of those companies, and today I want to talk about their spectre x360 to let you guys know how it stacks up against the competition and to see if it’s worth taking a look at HP is in a really good job here. In terms of build quality, the laptop feels very sturdy good weight to it in the hand good feel to it. Overall, despite how thin the laptop is, it doesn’t feel flimsy or plasticky at all, feels like a good nice hunk of metal. The design is a little more subjective. I think it looks good, but by no means great also by no means ugly it’s, just a very neutral looking laptop. The very thin has a very slick profile, but it’s. Definitely not something crazy, like the new Lenovo products with their floaty, holographic keyboards or anything like that and speaking of keyboards. This was one of my favorite things about the spectre x360. Really really nice keyboard keys were nice and big, and the spacing was good felt. A tad cramped sometimes, but I really like to travel on the keys, despite how thin the laptop is, they still are very, very clicky. It was a pleasure to type on it actually made me want to type up more things. So that’s probably the best compliment. I can even give a keyboard. Trackpad was a little bit weird, very wide, but short regardless a big enough trackpad that, after a little bit of adjustment, you get used to scrolling and gestures were all very smooth in terms of ports.

We have one USB type, a on the left, as well as the headphone mic input right next to it and on the right we have two USB C Thunderbolt 3 ports would have been nice to see. One extra USB see Thunderbolt 3 port on the left or see them split one and one on each side, just for flexibility and charging just be able to charge from both sides of the laptop, but not really a big issue and speaking of charging the battery life On the spectre, x360 was slightly below average. In my usage, I was getting about five to seven hours of good usage time that was with a combination of document creation, web browsing watching Netflix and then a little bit of video editing, some slightly heavier stuff on the side. Moving on to the screen, we have a 13 inch display here in 1920 by 1080. W LED backlit touch screen, I think it looks fantastic 1080p is perfectly fine and for the screen, size images look very sharp, very saturated, very vibrant colors. My favorite thing about this whole display, however, was the super thin side bezels. It gives you this feeling that you’re watching some widescreen experience so watching movies and TV shows is really enjoyable. Now, if you’ve been looking at this laptop and you haven’t guessed to get HP loves the name of this laptop. Hence why it’s over the entire thing, but there’s another name as well on the speakers and that’s Bang amp Olufsen HP seems to be very proud of their partnership with them, and I got ta be honest.

The first time I use the speakers. I really wasn’t that impressed. They were very loud, but they sounded very muffled, but it then found the Bang amp Olufsen app, as well as the HP audio app, both of which give you full control over the sound profile. You get a full EQ, so you can control the levels of all the frequencies and whatever you’re listening to as well as standard bass and treble controls with this manual control in the correct settings. Depending on what you’re listening to and what you prefer. In terms of sound, you can get some really good results out of these speakers. They’Re, nice and powerful, without sounding like they’re too loud or busting at the seams, and you can tell HP, was really focusing on the speakers and sound of this product because they had speakers on top, but also speakers below they made sure to place them in such A way that no matter what mode you’re in laptop mode, tent mode or tablet mode you’re, always getting clear, loud audio and speaking of those modes that’s. The big thing with this laptop it’s, a convertible and HP, like other manufacturers, is marketing the convertible, as this amazing laptop in this amazing tablet. In my experience of using and reviewing convertibles I’ve come to the conclusion that as of now – and this can obviously change in the future, the perfect laptop doesn’t make the perfect tablet and the perfect tablet does not make the perfect laptop.

The spectre x360 is no different. It is a much better laptop in my opinion than it is a tablet and there’s two big reasons for this when you flip it back and use it in tablet mode, it makes for a very, very thick tablet, because you have two parts where you of the Keyboard base and you have the screen also having that keyboard flip back, even though it’s turned off you’re still sitting there pressing the keys while you’re holding it in tablet mode, it just doesn’t feel as secure and as pleasurable, to use as dedicated tablet. Would that being said, I don’t think it’s really fair to complain about it because, as a feature, it doesn’t take away from the device being a good laptop at all it’s, just more of an additional thing. If you want to use it moving on to performance, we ran some Geekbench tests and got a single course score of four thousand and thirty seven and a multi core score of eight thousand and thirty six. We also ran an open CL test and got an open sales score of 19107, so you guys can go see how that compares and contrasts against other computers that are priced similarly or whatever you may be using at the moment from what we saw. This is about on par with things like the MacBook Air, which the spectre is clearly competing with, and inspector actually came out quite a bit faster on some of those tests.

In my real world usage, it was definitely quick. Very zippy got everything I needed to done. If you’re gon na be a regular user browsing the web creating documents watching videos, this laptop is going to be more than a quick enough and does a really good job stacking up against the competition. And so those are the big things that kind of shaped. My overall experience with the spectre x360. However, there were a couple, other small features that I thought were awesome very thoughtful and very helpful and also define maybe who this product was for features like quick charge, allowing the battery to charge up to 50 percent in 30 minutes HP sleep in charge mode, where The computer can be sleeping or in the hibernation mode and still be charging things plugged in, like phones or tablets via USB. These features, plus the slim profile of the computer, make me really think that it’s made for someone who is traveling constantly on the go and needs a super versatile device that can be charged up very fast and charger other devices when it’s in your bag and when I’M traveling these features are very welcomed and would be greatly appreciated. Let me know in the comments down below who you think this computer is for.