Blog live youtube channel. The hp spectre x360 14 is the pinnacle of ultra thin convertible laptops. This device features top tier hardware that provides great performance for both works and plays, but this laptops, impressive power and gorgeous design come at a high price. The spectre x360 is available in three colors, like silver, black and navy blue. It brings a touch of sophisticated style that perfectly complements its internal components. This device is more than fast enough for most of your tasks in real world use the spectre, x360 14 ships with a leather carrying case and hp tilt pen. The included protective case protects your hefty investment from flexing and scratches also, the included rechargeable tilt pen looks and feels like a high quality. Traditional ink pen, the spectre x360 14s entry level models of this two and one laptop start at 1 300.. If youre willing to spend a bit more to get a quality laptop that will serve you well for years to come if or want to buy the best of the best, no matter the cost. The spectre x360 is an excellent option, so lets dig into the details and find out whether spectre x360 is worth your money. Music, hp, spectre, x360, 14, laptop hp, spectre, 360, packs the fastest components in the smallest chassis. The 14 inch spectrex 360 feels surprising light is soon removed from the box. Also hp went with clean aesthetics and minimal branding, despite being lightweight hps laptops are usually reasonably durable.

What else does one need the speed, portability and endurance at a competitive? Are you in the market for a laptop that packs serious power without a hefty price tag, then the hp spectre x360 could be the perfect device for you design. The design of spectre x360 is impressive. When it comes to user interface and build quality, it has an aluminium body that keeps weight down while still being sturdy. The fit and finish of the chassis are good and there isnt a lot of flex around the palm rest area. The lid does have a bit of flex, but the screen doesnt warp when light pressure is applied. The laptop weighs just under three pounds and packs a 14 inch screen into an 11 inch case. The spectre x360 measures just 0.67 inches thin and is not too heavy. Its the perfect size laptop for throwing in your bag and comfortable enough to carry around the two hinges, allow you to use it differently, including the tent and tablet modes. The 180 degree hinges feel sturdy and solid, while folding the laptop into different modes, its quiet during basic tasks, but the cooling fan begins to spin when its engaged in the heavier task. This feels like a high end device and the build quality backs up the design display. The spectre x360 14 is a compact work machine with a gorgeous display, its equipped with a 13.5 inch oled multi touch enabled display. You can create the best content with three thousand by two thousand resolution.

Its square three to two aspect display gives an expansive view of text and web pages. The oled panel is very bright at 400 nits and offers a good color gamut. The colors looked accurate and the screen offers 100 srgb support. The screen has small bezels. With a screen to body ratio of 90. You get a matte coating on display that does an excellent job of reducing glare and reflections. The text and icons look easy on the eyes and there is joy watching movies on display if youre a digital artist, you may want to go with an oled touchscreen for enhanced color and detail. It comes with a gorilla glass for durability when using touch controls. So you wont have to worry about damaging your screen when you swipe right or tap performance. The spectre x360 14 brings the best of both when it comes to power and portability. It is powered by the 11th gen core i7 1165 g7 cpu, which provides responsive and powerful performance. The spectre x360 is one of the lightest laptops and you can buy it with four cores and eight threads. The 16 gigabytes of ram is enough for running multiple software and a ton of browser tabs simultaneously. There is a one terabyte of ssd and they can be faster and more reliable in the longer run. It is also paired with an irsc integrated gpu with the fastest dedicated vram. This hardware combination should run professional photo and video editing tools smoothly.

It provides solid performance for everyday tasks like browsing, editing and streaming content. It quickly loads web pages and lets you run heavy software without affecting the performance intels iris c. Integrated gpu did a decent job with gaming, but keep your expectations low. The spectre x360 doesnt ever get too warm to the touch during regular office work. The fans stay pretty quiet, which is excellent for those who work in an office or share a workspace with others. Its fantastic performance and good value make it a standout among its competitors. Music keyboard generally hps spectre range, has the best keyboard on laptops. The chiclet style keyboard has an ultra low profile that feels great to type on good sized keys are well spaced and there is decent key travel. The keyboard had decent feedback while typing and the key design is excellent. It has two levels of backlighting to make it easy to type in almost any setting. You can turn off the backlight for bright rooms or when it would be a distraction like in a meeting the fingerprint reader lets. You skip the password and works well for logging into windows. The keyboard is perfect for everyday use and its delightful for the price touchpad below the keyboard. You get a large touchpad that feels natural to use. It provides a smooth surface, making it significantly more accessible for the fingers to glide on the smooth. Trackpad allows for pinch. Zoom and quick scrolling, both the keyboard and touchpad of spectre, x360 work perfectly fine connectivity, theres still enough room for a decent port selection.

Despite a relatively slim, build you get a usb type, a port and a magnet to attach the pen on the left side. The right side of the laptop houses, two usb type c ports, a headphone jack and an sd card reader, the usb type c port – supports data transfers and power charging. The spectre x360 has the latest wi fi 6 and bluetooth 5 wireless connectivity Music battery. It is equipped with a 4 cell and 66 watt hours battery giving a long battery life. It offers around 12 hours of regular use on a single charge, making it a perfect travel companion when you need to top up your battery. The usb type c port supports rapid charging, the fast charging refills the battery from 0 to 50 in approximately 45 minutes. So you can recharge the device over your lunch break or while youre in a meeting speakers hp, partnered with bang and olufsen to pack some high quality audio into this slim laptop. The four speaker array delivers clean, clear, sound in both laptop and tablet mode. The bang and olufsen speakers sound amazing, even at total volume. The hp audio boost app included with a laptop allows you to create custom audio mixers. The sound is still better than many laptops that are available on the market. Now webcam the slim bezels on spectre x360. Come with a 720p webcam with a microphone at the top bezel, it had a physical camera shutter and a dedicated mute button for the integrated microphone.

This is helpful for virtual meetings so that no one peeks into your office or listens to your calls. The webcam works with windows, hello, to allow facial recognition for another layer of protection operating system. You get pre loaded, windows, 10 home with lifetime validity. Also, you get pre installed. Microsoft, office, home and student 2019 pros Music cons, Music conclusion, hp, spectre. X360 is a great long term investment for anyone looking to upgrade their mobile workstation spectre x 360 notebook feels premium thanks to its extremely lightweight design. It brings portability, display quality and processor performance for a premium price. The addition of an oled display really adds a nice element to any visual work. You do. It also has a good graphics, processor, strong battery life and a good selection of ports. It runs quietly during the heavy workload and maintains good thermals throughout. This is a powerful machine that will easily handle most multitasks with ease. It comes with a well balanced hardware, implementation for daily use and occasional gaming. It is mainly designed to sketch take notes or write seamlessly and comfortably its an excellent pick for professionals looking for tons of style and portability at a great price.