Well, frankly, you’re not going to find a simply put better looking laptop available right now now there’s a silver option available, but the model we’ve got here is the nightfall black, with copper accents all over alongside the trim of the laptop the hinges, even on the actual Edge of the trackpad itself, regardless of the color you’ve chosen, we get the super sweet diamond cut edges all around the trim. The attention to detail here is incredible: hell it’s that good looking. I might elope with this thing in terms of the more practical design, though this thing has an adonis aluminium finish, which means it should be quite hard wearing and durable, but is highly prone to fingerprints, so that’s, something that annoys you it’s something you should keep in Mind inside the quality is more of the same. We have a reasonably large trackpad, which is nice and accurate. Although i wasn’t particularly impressed with kind of the down click motion that you get with it i’m coming off the back of using a macbook air, though, which is actually the best trackpad you can get, they probably could have made the trackpad a touch larger. But what they’ve opted to do instead is put quite a large speaker system at the top end of the keyboard deck just below the monitor and what’s. More they’ve also provided two additional speakers on the left and right side of the keyboard as well, which, actually, surprisingly, do a good job of not getting drowned out by the underside of a table.

Hp have actually partnered with bang and olufsen to help, try and tune the speakers on this hp. Spectre and they’ve done a really good job. They’Re superbly well equalized out of the box, but if you feel like this is going to be a full blown bno sound experience, then you’re going to be sadly disappointed, similar principle to what we’ve, maybe seen on the oneplus 9 camera and their partnership with hasselblad and On that note, get subscribed if you haven’t already, because my review of the oneplus 9 pro is coming up next week. As far as the keyboard goes, i didn’t actually get on too well with the hp spectre. The keys have a reasonable amount of travel. Actually, a pretty good amount of travel but they’re, not particularly tactile what’s more. It took me a couple of days to get up to speed and i couldn’t quite clock y and eventually realized. Actually, it was the presence of the home page up and page down buttons on the right side of the laptop which left the rest of the keyboard deck feeling a little bit left of center. That being said, once i got up to speed, it was a perfectly pleasant typing experience. The keyboard does have a few nice features, though so fingerprint reader windows, hello, automatic, login and actually some function keys which allow you to enable or disable your webcam and your microphone with a handy led light which tells you whether or not it’s engaged.

This is an example of hp, spectres, 720p webcam, which comes included unsurprisingly, it’s pretty poor like most 720p webcams are things get quite grainy i’ve deliberately turned off the studio lights and switched on the room lighting as well, so it’s more closer to your likely working conditions That being said, the microphone on this thing isn’t too bad and the webcam itself does support windows, hello, facial recognition on the i o and ports front. Hp have actually done a really good job, so we have ourselves a usb type, a port on the left side. So you won’t be forced into living that dongle life anytime soon, which is great, and on the right side we have a micro sd card reader. There we have a headphone jack and two usb type c: thunderbolt 4 compatible ports and what’s more one of those usbc ports. It’S actually been engineered into that 45 degree angle at the back of the laptop now i’m, not entirely sure, where there’s a practical purpose. Behind that, but if you’re into aesthetics, as i said earlier, it’s a really nice touch, that being said, i would have preferred to have seen one of those usb c ports actually, on the left hand, side of the laptop that really helps when you’re plugging into charge. You’Re not able to drape cables around depending on where your power outlet is the model i’ve got here, is a 1080p ips panel with reasonably thin bezels on the sides and top, albeit still a little bit chunky on the bottom it’ll output, 400 nits of peak brightness, Which is perfectly acceptable, but at this price point for a premium grade, laptop i’d really expect us to see 500 nits of peak brightness as the standard returning subscribers will know.

How much i like to bang on about aspect ratios on laptops and hp. Spectre is no exception or no exception in the sense of they’ve done a good job. So normally i like to see a 16 by 10 aspect ratio, which means you get a bit more vertical headroom if you’ve gone one step further and given us a three by two, which means you get even more vertical space, which is great for productivity tasks, people Who are into artwork you’ll be really impressed with the hp spectre, firstly, that three by two aspect ratio offers relatively similar dimensions to a4 paper. This is a two in one laptop, which means it is touch sensitive. All over and canon invert on itself also has 100 coverage of the srgb color spectrum and just to sweeten the deal, hp have included a pen now guys i’m far from a digital artwork, but as far as the pre packaged pens, i’ve used with laptops this one From hp is probably the best, it has a nice weight to it. Uh its latency when interacting with the screen is really low and its accuracy feels pretty good as well, because of the size of this thing. There’S no option to actually house it inside the laptop itself say, unlike the lenovo yoga, but as a nice touch on hp. The pen is magnetic and it will securely or reasonably securely attach to the left side of your laptop like so battery life was about middle of the road for a thin and light laptop.

After about seven and a half hours of use, this thing was only down to about 23, which was particularly impressive. It seems well optimized for light loads, but when i booted this thing up in the evening to use premiere pro for some editing, i found that 23 vanished inside about an hour. So i think you’re gon na get the better part of nine to ten mixed use. Hours out of this thing before you need to plug it back into the walls. As far as the internal components of this thing goes, we’ve got intel’s 11th, gen, 1165, g7, 16 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of storage, and its performance is largely in line with its position within intel’s hierarchy of notebook cpus, but notably performed better than the same Specification lg ground 14, and it was largely the same story in geekbench as well and in a 4k render test and davinci resolve. It performed impressively well versus some of the other intel thin and light laptops completing in around about 20 minutes moving swiftly onto the graphical performance of this. In the 14 inch model, there’s no option for a discrete dedicated graphics card. There is on a 15 inch model, so you may want to explore that but that’s not a crying. Shame all of intel’s 11th gen cpus come with their integrated iris, xc graphics, which is a massive step up over the prior generation. And if we compare that in benchmark tests, looking at geekbench, it performs largely in line with the other intel.

Iris xe, graphics, chipsets in other thin and light laptops and same can be said for the suite of tests in luxmark as well, whether it’s largely par the course with the rest of its competitors. Now, in the gaming front, if you’re into aaa titles playing at high frames per second well, the intel, iris, xc graphics, simply isn’t going to achieve that for you. But if you like older games or you’re happy to play esports titles on low to medium settings, then you should be able to operate in around 50 to 60 frames per second, depending on the game of choice and when putting this thing under load fan. Noise was perfectly acceptable and, whilst the laptop got noticeably warm when under sustained load, it was far from hot, so actually quite a comfortable all round laptop to use so to wrap. This thing up. Hp have delivered a really really well rounded laptop with no obvious flaws, but you’d hope so i mean you’ve got to spend between 12 and 800 pounds on this thing, so yeah you’d expect that to be the case, it’s superbly well designed, probably the best looking laptop You can get right now, it’ll perform more than adequately for anyone who doesn’t require super high end performance. It comes with a great touch screen and a fantastic pen included, which will please any potential artworkers out there. This is definitely something you should shortlist, alongside some other considerations like the dell xps 13 and the macbook air.

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