in, and today let’s talk about the hp spectre. X360. This is, of course, the review of the device and there’s a lot of things that are very interesting about this particular laptop, so we’re gon na get into all of the details, but first thing i need you guys to do – is hit the subscribe button and also Press the bell icon so that you don’t miss any future updates from us that out of the way let’s begin, so the hp spectre x360 that we’re talking about today has the following: specs it’s powered by the 11th generation intel core i7 1165 g7 processor it’s got 16 gb of ddr4 memory on board a one terabyte super fast samsung, nvme drive and, of course, a 13.3 inch. Full hd display it’s also got a 60 watt battery because i know uh for a film factor like this one. That stuff is important. So how does all of this sort of come together? We’Ll talk about that? The other things that this laptop brings to the table is a windows, hello, facial recognition and, of course, a fingerprint sensor on board. But more importantly, this is one of the first laptops in the country to have the intel evo branding on board. Now we’ve done a separate video on what is intel evo and how it’s supposed to benefit laptops uh, but in all honesty, with the hp spectre. X360. Evo does play a key role in making this laptop’s experience a whole lot better, so let’s dive right into that the performance.

Now the x360 is a convertible form factor. So it’s got this whole hinge thing where you can twist it around, put it in tent mode, etc. That opens up a lot of possibilities, but as a performer, this laptop is actually quite interesting because of the whole evo platform certification. One thing that you do get that is exceptional is the battery life. Now i know we talked about performance, but we need to start with the battery first, because that’s, actually one thing: that’s exceptional, the pc marked and benchmark rated the battery at roughly a little over 20 hours, nuts um and, in my day to day usage. This is lasting me about anywhere between nine to 10. Ish 10 would be pushing it, but nine hours solid. That is, of course, assuming the only thing that i do on this machine is write up, reviews, research, stuff on the web and play music occasionally and maybe watch a few youtube videos here and there there is no binge watching of tv shows at all and no Binge watching of movies audio is rerouted via a bluetooth pair of headphones, so that’s the battery life. Now that ties directly into the performance of this laptop and by performance it’s, not just about how fast an application loads or how quickly you can multitask, you can do all of those things it’s a core i7. It it handles that stuff all very easily, but the whole experience of this laptop comes down to this whole evo thing.

Now, let me explain, evo, is all about speeding up a lot of things that a thin and light laptop is supposed to do. While the processor has the traditional aspect of performance covered it’s about wi, fi, six, so really fast, wi fi connectivity about a gigabit worth i’ll show you a demo of that it’s about instant wake where, if your laptop is sleeping, the minute you lift the lid it’s Ready to go it’s about uh, ultra fast ssds, it’s about excellent battery life, but also about fast charging. That is a mandate for the eo platform. So all of these things sort of come together. To give you a very uh, you know everything is quick sort of experience absolute quickly. The computer resumes quickly it’s able to transfer files over wi fi quickly, it’s able to charge quickly it’s all about the whole. Quick, quick, quick evo also, of course, there are a bunch of other optional uh recommendations as part of the evo platform, but these are the few that are mandatory and the x360 meets them very well. So what does that translate to? I was able to transfer an 11 gig folder of demo files, a at a consistent speed of 110 mega bytes per second think about that for a second that’s, literally like plugging in a hard drive and transferring data onto your internal drive that’s. How fast i was able to transfer files using wi fi. Of course, the router that i’ve got is a gigabit uh router it’s got wi fi six on board, so there’s that demo fast charging on the laptop now.

The funny thing is, i want to show you fast charging on this laptop but um. I haven’t been able to drain the battery on it in a in the longest time by just charging it for 30 minutes how much more battery life you can get out of. It it’s actually quite good four hours of use, no problem now when it comes to actually handling applications, if it’s word excel powerpoint browser. Oh everything, just works. The core i7 it’s, like it just you’re, really not gon na, find any problems running uh. All of the usual day to day office related tasks on this laptop uh. You could, in fact i was even able to run photoshop and lightroom and do a little bit of light editing all thanks to the fact that this is also coming with a stylus in the box, so performance wise, very, very, very little room for complaint, especially if You know so i typically use either a gaming desktop a gaming laptop or a very powerful macbook uh 30 pro 13 inch with the m1. So my expectations of performance are actually quite high and i would expect that video editing should be a breeze but that’s. Definitely not the case on this machine that’s, not what it’s made for so you have to keep that in mind. Second thing: that’s very important is actually uh. Despite the super thin uh chassis it’s about 16.9 millimeters at its thickest uh do note.

This is not a fanless design, there are fans underneath and when you do get into things like you know, rendering or rather exporting photos from lightroom. You will hear the fans kick in, but other than that, like the performance on this thing has been quite uh premium, and this is a premium laptop for a lack in 30, roughly one lakh, 29 999 on hp’s official website uh could be selling for whatever price. Wherever else uh the internet is your playground, it’s, actually quite an interesting laptop. It goes toe to toe with the dell xps 13. In many regards, it gives you a more realistic display with a 1080p resolution instead of the 4k one on the 13 inch body, which is absolutely useless and a waste of money. So with that regard, you are getting a pretty solid machine, but then here’s the best part in the box. You get a stylus, which means you can uh. Take this laptop turn it around and use it as a tablet and there’s been a lot of talk over the years. If that’s even useful truth is it is, it is actually quite useful, especially if you’re a student. You want to take notes if you’re uh, if you’re somebody who works in an advertising agency or in any creative field, and your primary task is to proof stuff. This touch enable panel with the stylus is going to be super handy to do. Markups it’s just very useful.

If you have a use for something like it, this will deliver without any uh hinderances or without any annoyances and that’s. The part i’ve always had this philosophy that better to have it and not need it than needed and not have it. So if this sort of fits into your use case scenario, this spectre x360 is actually quite a solid contender as a thinner light laptop for most work related needs, um, so there’s, the performance part let’s talk about the keyboard and the trackpad at the i o the Keyboard on the hp spectre, x360 is actually really nice, um nice square keys, very sharp cut keys and that sort of reflects in the typing experience as well. They’Re, not very springy so like the actuation is actually on point the stiff springs and there is no play when you type on a key. It goes firmly down and comes firmly back up. There is not a whole lot of sound, either they’re fairly silent. I particularly like that, because when you’re typing on a mechanical keyboard all day every day for a year under lockdown, it gets very annoying silent keyboard, definitely helpful. The keys are all backlit with the white backlight. I like this as well, because when you have this nice, deep blue keyboard island, the white really sort of sticks out it’s, not pure white it’s, slightly bluish to its tone, but bottom line is it works um the function keys are integrated with lighting control volume, control, Playback controls etc.

So you’ll just have to deal with that. Thankfully, the good thing is essential keys, like shift control, alt function have not been squished in any place and they’re generously sized so that when you try to hit them intuitively, you hit exactly those keys. The arrow keys are a little bit of a well left and right, arrow keys are decently sized, but the top and bottom arrow keys have been squished together. Although i don’t know, if you’ll be using these keys, that much like i’ve been using this laptop for about two weeks and i haven’t really had the use for these keys so much. I just use the scroll function when i’m scrolling on a document or a web page etc. Trackpad is what i want to talk to you about. So hp has traditionally shied away from using precision drivers on their laptops, you’ll, actually not find them on many hp machines, except for the more premium ones. Thankfully, you get precision drivers here, but that did not yield the kind of trackpad experience. I was hoping for, for example, while gestures work well, for example, with respect to multitasking the three fingers swipe up. It shows all of your windows. It does that, for some reason, the left and right swipe just don’t work. It just doesn’t register whether you’re in a browser or on the desktop it just doesn’t work. I don’t know why that is the case. It’S actually quite frustrating because i’m just so used to that um.

But besides the gesture part, the trackpad itself is very nice. It works very well. The left and right key presses are quite distinctive and then there is no play on the trackpad, so that’s really nice, which means it’s firm, and i don’t think this is going to give way anytime in the future. Last we’ve got ports and there’s not a whole lot to talk about there, because there’s only three ports on here two of them are thunderbolt, 4, uh and it’s quite cool, because this one over here is also used for charging, and i kind of like this we’ll Talk about that in the design, but two thunderbolt 4 ports on this side, and there is a full size usb, a port. On this side. Hp has managed to stick a usb, a port into a body that is like impossibly thin and impressive, like. I feel that this basically means that other brands have no excuse for leaving out a usb a port on their thin and light laptops. We’Ve seen the proof that it can be done. Hopefully, others will follow suit. The other thing that you do get on these uh spectre x, 360 is what’s, really cool. Is you get a physical privacy shutter? So uh not a physical one, but you have a physical switch, so it’s an electronic cutoff, but through a physical switch, so that’s nice and when you flip it on and off you see, uh there’s, a notification on your display.

That tells you the webcam has been shut off or it’s on there’s, also a micro sd card reader, for whoever cares i don’t, like i’ve. Never in my life had to insert a micro sd card into a laptop, but i’m probably an exception. So if you care about that that’s there for you. Secondly, we’ve also got windows, hello, the facial recognition and the fingerprint reader built in both of them work very quickly, they’re very fast to let you log in in fact uh with windows, hello, it’s, like while trying to shoot videos showing how it works. It’S kind of annoying because, like literally within a split second, the it recognizes their face and unlocks the damn thing so it’s very fast, which also potentially could be used by. You know your siblings, your friends, to sort of unlock your laptop, because by the time you realize what’s going on it’s already unlocked. The fingerprint reader, however, is far more practical. It works very quickly and is just in the right place, works well and it’s very subdued. So it doesn’t really take away from the overall design aesthetic of the laptop last but not least, we’re going to talk about the design. Aesthetic of this laptop, which i, in my opinion feel, is really really nice there’s a lot of attention to detail here, and i think this is one laptop that is extremely distinct from everything else. That’S out there in the market now we’ve got the dell xps 13.

it’s again a very elegant and very good. Looking uh 13 inch ultra light laptop it’s got its own unique uh features like you know the whole use of the woven glass fiber for the body or carbon fiber, etc. Hp is gone with the more premium and more uh. I would call it gaudy, but this is definitely eye catching even if you’re a person who does not like gold, color right, you think it’s, audacious or it’s too gaudy. The gold trims on this laptop are so subtle. They don’t scream flamboyant it’s very nicely done, and it does create a very nice contrast with this deep blue overall finish that they’ve gone it’s, a great blue finish. The hp logo on the back is really nice. I like that as well and there’s, the spectre branding on one of the hinges super nice super elegant and overall, the design even on the sides like it’s, not just a flat side. It’S got these angled edges. I guess i don’t know how to put it, but it just feels like a laptop that’s somebody in the hp office, like you know what let’s get some really kick ass artists in here and design a really good, looking laptop um it’s, not too nerdy it’s. Just elegant and it’s beautifully designed, and especially with this whole usb a port the way they’ve managed to sort of sneak one in here by using a door. This is typically how we see.

Ethernet ports get accommodated into the light laptops, but they’ve instead used that for a usb airport. All of this attention to detail is just really really nice and it does make you feel, like you know what yes you’re, paying a hefty premium for a laptop like this. One but it’s worth it because it’s designed very well, it works very well. It gives you great battery life. So what could potentially go wrong? Music? A few things. The display is one of my biggest concerns. Now this 13.3 inch full hd display top marks there by the way hp touch enabled again it’s great works for the style is great, but the problem is it’s a glossy panel. Now i know that in order to get touch and stylus input, brands have to stick to a glossy display, but sadly it is quite reflective like even right now in indoor situation. I can see a lot of my reflection in here and when you’re outdoors, that problem does get a little compounded, even though it’s a very bright 400 net panel it’s still susceptible to reflections in certain areas, especially if you’ve got some uh dark stuff on the screen. By dark, i don’t mean, like you, know depressing, but i mean dark shades of colors like dark blue black, whatever you’ll see a lot more reflections in that case, that’s problem number one problem number two: is that for a laptop that costs a lag in 30 and Is all about premium? Has the 400 net brightness panel still no hdr Music? Why should have had hdr it just genuinely should have had hdr.

There is no reason not to have it because uh, you know it’s just something that people will expect when they’re shelling out a lack of 30 for a laptop that is supposed to go toe to toe with the likes of the dell xps 13.. So the display, in my opinion, though perfectly functional, does leave a lot of room for improvement. That is my one area like while performance and everything about this laptop is like yeah. This is great for me when i, when it came to the display i was like no, this could have definitely been better, so that’s the review of the hp spectre. X360. If you want to sum up here’s a quick summary, great traditional performance in terms of multitasking, how much stuff you can do on it? Are you the fact that you can run photoshop lightroom on it? Do a little bit of editing great, not video, editing, though so that’s out good, very, very impressive battery life and battery life of nine hours, not by you know, trying to juggle settings around it’s just generally just fire, it up start using it and uh. You know. Eight to nine hours, not a problem – uh great wi, fi connectivity, while because wireless is the only way to connect this laptop to anything so gigabit, wi fi, six works very well. Um keyboard is really nice. Having two thunderbolt 4 ports is again very helpful because it expands possibilities and of course it is the fastest port available right now, even more impressive is the presence of a usb, a port on a laptop this thin, so that’s really there.

The hinge is very high quality it just it stays where you put it it doesn’t wobble much. The fact that it’s touch enabled comes with the pen in the box makes this display even far more usable. Although the reflection can be a problem, so there you go review of the hp spectre x360 if you’ve got comments, leave them in the section uh below because that’s what the comment section is for, and i will get back to you as soon as i can.