I pulled no punches, calling it one of the best convertible pcs due to the robustness of features balanced with a fair price. So i hesitated for 2022 when hp offered its more prominent spectrox 360 refresh. Then i saw it in the specs and you i had to give it a look. Hp addressed all my dislikes of the 15.6 inch version with an all new design hardware and some very clever software. The spectre x, 360, 16 is now available from hp.com best buy and amazon hp lets. You configure the laptop in specific ways, including integrated intel, graphics, core i7 processor, 16, gigs of ram 512 gigs of storage and a 3kw led display, which brings the starting price closer to 1. 500. 1. 250 on sale. The spectre x, 360, 16 comes in two color options: nightfall black with pale brass accents and not turned blue with celestial blue accents. Those accents, especially compared to last years model, are very, very modest. As you barely see the brass, its a nice look and one hp should keep for its other spectre. Laptops ports are few, but it includes all the right ones. A full hdmi, port and usb are on the left on. The right are the two thunderbolt 4 type c ports and the barrel charger port for the 135 watt charger needed for that. Rtx 3050 gpu hp still cuts corners off the rear of the device, letting them put a headphone jack left side and one of the type c ports.

It looks super cool and it enables you to run the wires away from the device without interfering with your mousing head hp, didnt waste, this laptops relatively large size when it comes to audio either. There are four bang and all of syntune speakers on board, including two large ones that flank the keyboard and two on the bottom edge that blend nicely into the curved chassis keyboard. Travel is excellent and the only negative for some people is the still controversial, dedicated home row of keys on the right hand, side, which slightly reduces the backspace key. I have no issues when typing and i find the spectre x 360 16 – to be an excellent laptop for extended typing sessions thanks to the ample deck letting your wrists rest comfortably. The trackpit is quite large and uses microsoft. Precision drives resulting in a satisfactory experience and its a mechanical track. Pit that physically clicks still, i think hp would benefit from using a newer, haptic trackpad, which would be more reliable, thinner, customizable and even supports gestures. The most vital selling point to the spectre x. 360. 16 is undoubtedly a 16 inch, 3840×2400 3k plus uhd oled display. There is also a 3k plus wled version on the more affordable models. The screen packs an impressive 91 screen to body ratio with flush glass, and it has an anti reflective layer that cuts down on screen glare. You get a punchy wall of the screen, thats quite immersive on your laptop and those color profiles are stellar in our color gamut test.

The spectre x, 360, 16 delivered a nearly perfect 100 srgp, 96 adobe rgb and 100 dci p3. Making this a picture perfect screen for creatives who work in media brightness steps down to a decent 22 nits, which may be too bright in a pitch black room and peaks at 385. Nits that peak brightness is on the lower side for some laptops today. But it looks more brilliant than those numbers revealed due to the oled technology. There were no issues with visibility in brightly, lit rooms or even outdoors but theres a downside to the spectre x. 360. 16. It is the processor while performance is decent for this device class. It is achieved with an intel 11th gen core i7 11 ‘0 h processor, instead of a brand new 12th gen chip with many more cores, but also only has an nvidia rtx 3050 laptop gpu, which is powerful enough for multimedia, but is behind the better rtx 3050t Battery life gets a bit complicated as it depends on how you run the spectrex 360 16, when windows 11 is set to recommended for performance and balanced in hps command center app, the spectre pulls off eight hours and 32 minutes, thats respectable for a 3k oled display. 150 nits with this cpu and gpu, however, using hp smartsense, which can ramp up the cpu and gpu based on applications and when set to performance in windows 11. This vector is closer to 5 hours and 13 minutes running it all set to the highest performance will likely be 4 hours, and the windows 11 generated battery report is around 5 to 6 hours.

When it comes to competition, there is not a lot that directly goes against hp, offering not many convertible windows. Pcs hover in the 15 to 16 inch range as most are 14 inch or more minor. That makes the spectrex 360 16 a bit of unicorn and harder to compare samsung galaxy book 2. Pro 15 inch ships with a 12 gen cpu and is a much lighter laptop with iris, sexy graphics and a fort coming intel arc3 option. But its display is only full hd, making it ideal for those who value portability and thinnest overall power and the best display the hp spectre x. 360. 16 is a fascinating laptop because nothing else is like it. Most. Convertible pcs are much smaller, and dell only tried to make a convertible xps 15 once before, giving up on it sure its awkward to use the spectre x. 360 16 is a tablet, but some people want that choice and hp provides it performance is a tad disappointing. Considering the hardware stack, but these are the trade offs with the convertible laptop, its undoubtedly not slow, its just not as powerful as some other laptops. I think its okay for the target demographic, but it makes you wonder how near 12th, gen intel cpu would perform and thats the one negative here. The older silicon, as intels 12th gen architecture is remarkable. I hope this video was useful for you.