In fact, they’re some of the best laptops you can buy period, it’s just that there’s a problem you see. I gave both of these laptops a 4.5 star rating and an editor’s choice award so which one should you get? I mean they’re, both portable they’re, both ultra slim they’ve, got great performance and they last for a full day on a charge. Well, don’t worry in this off we’re, going to compare the yoga with the spectre and answer the question of which two in one is best for you. So, to start this face off i’m going to talk about pricing and that can be kind of tricky, depending on where you’re buying your laptop from and which configurations you’re looking at, but in general, the lenovo yoga 9i is just a bit cheaper than the hp spectre. X360. 14.. I found that you can save between about a hundred to three hundred dollars, getting the same configuration yoga versus getting the spectre. In fact, the yoga 9i starts at 9.99 and you can get a core i7 processor, 8 gigs of ram and a 512 ssd for that price. Now you need to pay 13.49 to get a spectre with those same specs. That is the core: i7 8 gigs of ram and a 512 ssd. In fact, you can even pay 11.99 for a spectre and only get a core i7 cpu and a 256 gigabyte ssd. So, as you can see, the yoga 9i is the better value.

Moving on to design and i’m sorry to say, lenovo, you really didn’t stand a chance. The spectre x360 14 is possibly the most beautiful laptop i’ve ever reviewed. It really is a luxury laptop in the same way that a porsche is a luxury car. The color options, particularly the poseidon blue, if you can find it in stock, are absolutely breathtaking. The small hidden details like the triangular pattern, stipples forming the speaker, grills, the large white font on the keys or the aggressively angled corners and bevel edges, really make the spectre. Look like a work of art. The yoga 9i, on the other hand, has a less is more approach, which is actually more practical than the spectre’s design, because you get a 14 inch display in a slimmer chassis, not to mention that stylus garage. So when you’re done scribbling notes with the pen, you can just tuck it into a port in the side of the yoga. The yoga has silver or, as lenovo calls it mica lid with some clean yoga branding in the corner. When you open the lid, it reveals the star of the design that 360 degree sound bar hinge, it’s the same one you saw in the yoga c940. It blasts audio directly at you, no matter the orientation of the laptop. So if it’s intent, mode and tablet mode, you’ll still get really crisp sound on the inside are more attractive. Silver surfaces with color matched keys and some subtle, lenovo branding so yeah the yoga 9i holds its own.

But the spectre xc60 really is the most beautiful laptop on the market. In my opinion, and so it wins this design round. Comparing the displays you really won’t have qualms with either of these screens. The yoga 9i has a slight edge in size, as it has a 14 inch, 1080p ips display at a standard 16 by 9 aspect ratio, whereas the spectre has a slightly smaller 13.5 inch, 1920×1280 pixel ips display, but that’s at a 3×2 aspect. Ratio keep in mind. Both laptops can be equipped with high res panels, 4k on the yoga or 3k by 2k oled on the spectre. But for this comparison, we’re just going to review the lower res displays now the yoga 9i does have that larger screen. While the spectre has more pixels, although the more significant difference is the aspect ratio. So to that point the spectre has a slightly taller but narrower display, which is great when you’re taking notes or when you’re viewing web pages, because you can see more text at once than you can on the yoga. However, if you use your laptop primarily to watch videos or to do video editing, you might prefer that standard 16×9 that wide angle display on the yoga, because you won’t get as big black bars on the top and bottoms of your videos. Now i did slightly prefer the picture quality on the yoga 9i, although both panels are very bright and vivid, the yoga’s was just slightly better calibrated out of the box.

The white levels were more crisp and the colors it helped because the colors pop more still, though this one is really too close to call. So when it comes to the displays we’re going to give this a draw now, lenovo reworked the keyboard on the yoga 9i. But it still doesn’t feel as comfortable as the one on the spectre they have similar travel, but the yoga 9i is a bit stiffer the keys don’t spring back quite as eagerly as they do on the spectre. And for that reason the spectre feels less shallow and the spacing and size on the keys on both laptops is really good. So you really don’t have to worry about typing comfortably if you have smaller or larger hands. I also for what it’s worth like the bigger font on the spectre, which is more visible than the transparent font on the yoga. Now both touch pads are great they’re, both silky smooth, and they respond very quickly to swipes and gestures. I had no issues pinching to zoom or two fingers scrolling down webpages on either laptop. However, given that the spectre has the better keyboard, the hp wins this round. When it comes to performance, really, only spec sticklers will notice the difference between the yoga and the spectre. They’Re two very powerful ultra thin laptops, but the yoga actually does have a slight edge over the spectre. If you look closely and that’s because it uses intel’s 11th gen core i7, 1185, g7 gpu without getting too much into the weeds, it is the top of the stack 11th gen chip, whereas the spectre uses a slightly lower end chip.

Still, they performed great with our test units, both at 16 gigs of ram that extra bit of oomph from the cpu did take the yoga 9i, just slightly above the spectre in most of our tests. That was best exemplified in the geekbench 5 overall performance test where the yoga hit 5312 and the spectre was just slightly edged out at 4904, but both laptops crushed the premium laptop average, which sits at 38.90. Both laptops rely on integrated graphics, so gamers really should look elsewhere. However, intel’s latest iris xe solution is a big step up from what you might be used to it. Didn’T, we didn’t quite hit our 30 frames per second playability threshold in our test games, but these two laptops can play some aaa titles on lower graphics settings without any issues. In the end, though, the yoga, with the slightly faster cpu, wins this performance round now onto a section i’m sure a lot of you have been anticipating and that is battery life. So let me just start with the good news. Both of these laptops can easily last a full day on a charge you can take them into the office or your home office and work from nine to five without ever having to plug in. However, if you want the laptop with the very longest battery life go with the spectre: x360 14.: it lasted for 12 hours and 11 minutes on our battery test, whereas the yoga clocked in at 11 hours and 15 minutes so you’re.

Looking at about an extra hour on the spectre, both laptops, though again beat the average of 10 hours and eight minutes so having gone through all those rounds. I can finally declare a victor, and that is the hp spectre. X360. 14., if only by razor thin margins. Honestly, these are two really great laptops, you’ll be happy with either of them and in fact there are even some things that yoga does better than the spectre. If you need the absolute fastest speeds, then you might consider the lenovo, because it has the slightly faster cpu. Also, it has a stylus garage which is super handy. If you use that pen a lot, you can just take the pen out scribble your notes, do a drawing slide it right back into the laptop and not worry about losing it. However, in the end i had to give it to the spectre, x360, 14 and partially it’s that design it’s just a stunning looking laptop, but there are a few other things that i prefer with the spectre over the yoga. For example, the spectre has an sd card slot and an ir camera two features that are missing on the yoga. You probably wouldn’t expect that from lenovo to be missing a security feature, but the yoga 9i doesn’t have an ir camera and that’s really a big bummer. I also prefer the keyboard and the touchpad on the spectre. X360 14 and many users will appreciate the 3×2 aspect ratio on the display, not to mention the spectre did last an extra hour on our battery test.

Look. This was an extremely tight battle between two amazing 14 inch. Convertible laptops.