All right guys! Thank you for clicking on that video make sure you like and subscribe, and hit that little notification bell down there. So you get a little updates when i post new stuff. So right now, we’ve got the hp, hp spectra. X360 convertible. Now this one is laptop. You can fold it in half whatever and your little stylus and all that stuff. So let’s go ahead without holding you guys up, let’s open it up, see what’s happening all right, so let’s get into it. Now. Let’S see this little stuff open kind of an interesting looking thing here never seemed like that was pretty cool let’s see what this is. A little little package up here up top what the crap is, this oh it’s, like um, it comes with the like a leather, i guess it’s a case for it: that’s pretty cool huh, so you don’t have to buy like a whole case for it. It’S pretty cool yes, it’s like it was like it was sitting in here, and that was like a cool looking box. Nothing like a looks like a piece of explosive or something pretty cool, though it’s like a it’s like a rose gold on the back and black on the front, big rubber things, that’s kind of cool, so real quick for you guys. So i didn’t do this on the last one, so i want to do it on this. One make sure i don’t miss it.

So this is hp. Spectra x360, convertible 15 e b. As a boy 1043 d, isn’t david x, is an x ray, so it has an intel core: i7 116 gig processor, 512 gigabytes 32 gigabyte, intel 16 gig on board ddr ram, no optical drive windows, 10 15.6 display uh hp, ir camera, fingerprint reader touch screen. Multi touch enabled and six cell 72.9 – i guess that’s a battery, so you want to pause that and read it for yourself. You are more than welcome to so now that’s over with let’s get into cutting this guy open i’m gon na bring you guys a little closer, because i think you want to watch this all right. So it’s got a clear film over it. So let’s take it. Let’S put the hp logo back here, too cool, so let’s take it and that’s where this thing’s dull flip it around cut a little better. This would be good to give somebody a christmas gift and prank them. Oh you buy me. Oh it’s, just some sauce christmas gift, prank box, all right there. She is and all her glory, let’s open it up. Let’S cushion foam in here. So what we got in here, it’s just in case you’ve, never operated a laptop in your entire life it’s instructions. How to plug it up a cool little secret compartment, here’s the charger like a pretty standard, pretty standard, hp, plug or uh. Just that was pretty common on a lot of these newer uh laptops here’s.

What this is oh that’s, the stylus for it well, isn’t that just fancy huh we’ve got two little buttons up here. I guess that’s pick up drag release. Whatever oh name comes with new, i guess new needles in there. I guess you in case you wear these out for some reason, so i’m gon na put that back in there just so i don’t lose or break it, and let’s uh set this stuff aside for now, and then turn this laptop on and see what happens all Right so it has the plastic still on it. So, as you see, i have not even opened this thing yet. Look at that isn’t they’re! Pretty that rolling rose gold like a kind of a gunmetal like good metal, gray and it’s. Pretty nice it’s got a little weight to it. It’S, not crazy heavy but it’s definitely heavier than the mac macbook air. Another screen protector. So as we see here, you got all – i guess your speaker grill. This is um. It is kind of a glossy screen, so it is not the glare proof or whatever you can call it glare resistant looks. You got a fingerprint button here, almost i’m assuming it’s, also the power button, but the cool thing about this little guy is it’s not only about opening up, but you can take it. You can go like that with it. You know you can set it up like if you’re going to do some work, take that they get your stylus out and you can use it while you’re sitting down that’s pretty neat, and then you just when you’re done with that and bend it right back from Now let’s turn this little guy on, so we can figure out how to and uh see we can get to work, but let’s figure out how to turn it on first there’s got to be a button somewhere.

Oh, i think that might be the button all right. So after looking for a second, it looks like that little power button a little sneaky guy that hit it right here in this corner i’m, assuming oh yep, try to hide it from you got ta, be little sneakys let’s zoom the camera in a little bit. So you can watch so this is mainly going to be all the boring stuff. This is just basically the setup. Obviously, you got to go through it, a brand new laptop, but i am pretty excited about this one, because this is a 16 gig and and for like my photo and video editing videos, it should help out and i’m cortana and i’m here to help lady, i Didn’T, ask you a little sign in here, but touch a wi fi there and we’ll. Have your pc ready for all you planned to do? Listen, ladies use your voice or the keyboard, and, if you’d like me to stay quiet, just select the little microphone icon towards the bottom of your screen. You know what where’s that button. If you need an assistive screen, reader press the windows, control and enter keys at the same time, to turn on narrator, stop talking. Okay enough, intro, let’s, dig in your region is set to the united states. Is that right? I should so all right let’s. Just a few more things for myself system. Yes, you just know all right so now went through all that got everything all good and set up.

I want to see something i’m kind of curious about oh it’s office or something that’s, not what i thought it was. So this is the mail right, so i’m kind of curious, about which i’m sure you guys are too is how this thing looks. So it automatically flips over and then you still go so then, when you get all set up, um, oh that’s, cool and pops a little keyboard down here. Let’S go. Try some websites on here a little youtuber here, check it out a little animation whatever this is. Rather, cool Music! So stop that for any copyright issues, all right guys. So that is the new hp spectra. X360. I believe yes, x360. So now that we got here, let’s go over a few little things here. You got a little spot for the small memory cards on the side. You’Ve got um right here who looks of it, it’s the camera on and off switch. You got one usb port you’ve got two c type: ports hdmi, which comes in handy. If you want to plug into a tv or something you got your charger and your earphone plug, and that my friends is the hp spectra all right guys, so that was the hp spectra. X360. I hope this video helped you out. I know i didn’t really get into the stylus or anything like that, because i haven’t really figured out how to use it. So i don’t want to give you guys any misinformation on that.

So i hope you like it. If you think i should have chose a different laptop comment below and kind of, because the best i’m using it for photo video, editing and stuff like that, i need something: that’s, good and strong and powerful that can keep up.