So what are the pros and cons of this usb spectrum? 360 14 laptop has and how much performance speed it give you and who need to use this, how long it’s battery work. So i will tell you everything about it, so watch this video until the end to know everything about it or if you first time come into this channel don’t forget to subscribe. It is the most attractive laptop. I have ever seen. Usb spectral 360 14 is excellent. Constructed two in one laptop, it can also transform into a tablet usb use its jam card or diamond card edges style, and because of this it looks like one of the most attractive laptop in the entire market. The spectre has incredibly unique, with its 3.2 display aspect ratio, something widely found on the microsoft surface device. There is no number of ad on this laptop on the right side. You get a two thunderbolt four ports and on the beneath corner, you get a 3.5 mm. Headphone, jack and also micro card slot and usb spectrum 360 has a thinnest bezel, which i like this look at that. How thin is this? It has the aluminium frame, another thing which make this laptop attractive, easy speed, signing logo which make it more attractive when you unfold this laptop. For the first time, you notice the big difference with the sp spectre 13.5 inch screen, which feels incredibly luxurious compared to the 16 9 screen. It weight is only 2.

95 pounds, so you can carry this laptop for traveling without getting any problem display. This display gives you such a good image quality with a higher brightness, and also it has a very good anti reflection coating. So you don’t get many reflections in a brighter room. The spectre has incredibly unique: 3×2 display aspect, ratio and 13.5 inch display screen 1920 by 2v80, led thousand screen and ant reflection, corning gorilla glass and tv 400 nits. It used oil ready display because of this it helped this laptop to produce a better color in videos or images, and also because of oe led display it’s a battery life. This has an i7 displayed. That means it reduced the blue light. So you can use this laptop for a long time without any problem. It has a 60 hertz refresh rate esp also use auto brightness sensor, which is still something many laptops do not include in their display. This laptop is also good for outdoor use. Also, it has 267 ppi. If you don’t, know ppi, it means pixel per inch and if you want to more quality picture or video, then higher ppi is very important. Higher ppi means better image: quality webcam the webcam isn’t extraordinary, like most laptop webcam. The spectre is still stuck at 720p well, for the vehicle work will be done with this webcam. Also, you will get a windows, hello ir sensor, and it work remarkably fast, and also here is the key to killing the webcam.

It means the laptop has a private key for the webcam. If you press this key, the webcam turns into a white. I think this is the best part with the implement keyboard and touchpad. The keyboard is great. In my opinions, i, like this keyboard feedback. Also, it has a keywords: backlight, the keyboard backlight has two different levels. In my personal experience, the keyboard is very clicky, with a good traveling space and also it has large and smooth. It was bad and it works excellently and smoothly. It is very comfortable to use security. It has a fingerprint sensor that quickly and accurately recognize my unique fingerprint is time and also it has face organizing system on this laptop and it works excellently. I don’t see any problem when i use this. The ir login works. Very quickly and the fingerprint reader seems pretty responsive connections. With the usb inspector. You will get a wi fi standard 6, which is the latest generation connections type. I don’t see any problem, it would work pretty accidentally and bluetooth. V5 connections also work well battery life and charging capacity battery life on the hp. Spectral works around 7 hours, 2 minutes 37 seconds. If you use it non, install for normal use. But if you play games then it’s working around 5 or 6 hours a day that’s. It and it has a 65 watt charging speed 66 watt hours battery capacity. Let’S talk about software and warranty. You will get alexa netflix expressvpn lastpass premium for 30 days trial.

With this laptop and also you get a one years warranty and you will get a usb support assistance and through this you can do diagnosis, you can fix your network problem or you should optimize your performance and also you can check your battery health and remaining warranty. Audio speaker are very clear. The speaker are not over loud but loud enough to fill a small room with the music and provide a satisfying enough media experience. If you want to modify the audio, then with a usb spectrum, you can modify the audio with bang and ulpsyn app according to your preference, this laptop has four speaker two for the normal laptop uses and two on the bottom for the media, presentations or tablet mode. You have a bang and oops an audio controller from this controller. You can manage audio and you can make noise cancelling for your voice and multiple device user can configure it. The audio for music movies or vibes here sometimes cpu bends. Marker is near thermal maximum, but most of the time i don’t see much hitting problem at all the surface temperature when you’re running benchmark wasn’t that bad, because they, i think they have a good thermal solution inside them. It means, if you use this laptop for normal dogs, then you don’t get that much problem, but sometimes windows could do some background. Talks casing it to get too hot, but it doesn’t affect performance at all. So let’s talk about performance and speed.

Performance is good. On this laptop you will get 4 core cpus and intel erie, cxe graphics, intelli xeox is one of the most widely used graphic processor in 2020. The gaming experience is fine. You cannot play cyberpunk 2077 smoothly in a higher setting. It means this laptop doesn’t provide an excellent gaming experience. You can use adobe photoshop premium pro after effects cc on this laptop on the gigabits, 5 or performance benchmark. The hp spectre get a single core score. Is 1 4, 6 2 and a multi core score is four nine zero? Four, but if you compare it with daily xps 13, then deli. Xps 13 has a higher score in multicore performance, and this score is five. Six: three: nine: the spectral transfer 25 gb of file at the rate of five three three yummy ps faster than dildi xps, 13.. So at the speed level, they both quite similar pros and cons. So first start with the pros outstanding premium design and you have options which display. Do you want to use we already or fsd long battery life, comfortable keywords, a large responsible or smooth touch pad and cons is a ram max out at 16 gb. So, final conclusion: if you want a surface laptop but convertible, you want incredible oily tots display. If you like, watch movie or videos with excellent audio or you want to use adobe photoshop premium pro fx cc, then you can buy it.