HP Slate 7-inch Android Tablet Beats Special Edition Review – 7-4501

Purchase it on Amazon – http://lon.television/nge0r (affiliate hyperlink) VIDEO INDEX:

0:26 – {Hardware} overview
1:09 – Beats audio dialogue
1:58 – Comparability to the Nvidia Tegra Word 7 pill
2:42 – 3DMark online game benchmark
3:09 – Stylus demonstration with wrist / hand detection
3:44 – Conclusion and closing ideas

This can be a good performing pill that sadly has an costly and pointless characteristic that provides $70 to its price ticket: the Beats Emblem. This product is in any other case similar to the a lot cheaper EVGA/Nvidia Tegra Word 7 Pill (http://lon.television/kuhut affiliate hyperlink) and I like to recommend that one over this overpriced mannequin.

Does the Beats integration add something past a royalty cost to Dr. Dre? Undoubtedly not. The audio system definitely do not sound all that a lot better than different tablets. The sound is tinny and lacks any actual depth and vary. The amplified headphone jack does what Beats does finest and provides a ton of pointless bass that doesn’t make for a terrific listening expertise.

The pill does carry out properly, with a number of graphical benchmark assessments I ran displaying a really easy 60 body per second 3d rendering. It is a wonderful gaming platform. I additionally like the truth that it is working a comparatively vanilla version of Android Equipment Kat 4.4.2 with out lots of extra junk put in on the machine.

The 1200×800 show seems to be good regardless that it isn’t fairly as much as ‘retina’ high quality in its decision. The contact sensor, nevertheless, feels a bit inaccurate and is not instantly responsive. The included stylus does work properly and has ample wrist detection to permit a hand to relaxation on the display whereas writing. The display’s low cost contact sensor’s wires are seen when mild displays off the display, nevertheless. HP may have accomplished higher there.

The underside line? Save $70 and get the similar Tegra Word 7 if this pill seems to be interesting. Dr. Dre has sufficient cash would not he?

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  1. It is the tegra note 7 with HP logo..

  2. lon I got the slate 7 extreme and it came with a cancer warning on it. kind of worries me. makes me not want to use it lol. should I be so hesitant to use it?

  3. very good review! Subscribed!

  4. I saw Sega Genesis, Obi wan figurine, super mario 3 cartrigde and SNES pistol, joystick, external DVD/CD-RW ?? 😀

  5. What is the really long black stick on the bottom for? (Not the stylus)

  6. will it get the latest version of android 5.1

  7. Do I have any option in Indonesia, NOPE….

  8. Thanks, I was looking @ buying this as a bargain from HP Aus (with voucher) & you told me everything I wanted to know. Excellent review!

  9. Are the wires on the tablet noticed when brightness is at highest? And does it show the wires in a bright room while using it?

  10. Does it offer ETHERNET via an RJ45 Ethernet to USB adapter? I.e. a BobJgear Ethernet to USB adapter?

  11. Does it offer ETHERNET via an RJ45 Ethernet to

  12. Here in México, the Hp Slate 7 Beats Audio Edition is cheaper than the tegra note 7.

  13. nice review I have the HP Slate7 Extreme I loved it the sound was amazing when watching movies or listening to music. The only problem I had with the HP Slate7 Extreme was the usb port it was hard to connect the usb port eventually broke off so now it's just collecting dust in my draw because I can't charge it and I contacted HP and they told me they don't fix the usb port

  14. what about web surfing I keep reading theirs lots of lag… Lon can you confirm?

  15. very nice, which is that game,2:42, and do you recommend this one or galaxy tab 4 7???

  16. I have a question is this tablet (hp slate 7 beats edition) better than the new hp 7 extreme? Please answer I'm thinking about getting one

  17. +Lon Seidman You can also get  HP's Slate 7 Extreme without Beats Audio that is still $50 less and I believe a little better than the EVGA. I had the HP Slate 7 Extreme first as I got it at Staples for $30 off ($170). When comparing the HP with the EVGA I thought the HP edged it out with the better stylus and other minor issues. I had a screen issue with my original Slate and as HP couldn't get things fixed right they upgraded me free to the Beats audio edition,. I admit without headphones there is little difference between the two tablets, maybe just slightly better clarity. Just my thought.

  18. i'm interested, have this HP Slate 7-inch Android Tablet  camera effects or photoshop?

  19. Actually great review minus one thing the audio is great with this thing…. its not the speakers lon its the digital signal processor and software and the amplified headphone jack. Plug a decent pair of over ear headphones and it will blow your mind take in mind these are built for dre beat over ear. I use a 100 dollar pair of sennheiser and it booms likes subs. It also does great with decent computer speakers. The built in speakers could never utilize the beats dsp. And no its way more then a equalizer lol u have to hook something up that can actually use it.

  20. Really good job on review

  21. Please review the new Nvidia Shield Tablet.

  22. Nice looking device in that color but the cost increase compared to the other one for a very simular product isnt worth it tbh not unless your a hardcore beats fan :/

  23. Isn't beats audio just a equalizer?

  24. Honestly, I would pay $70 to NOT have the beats audio.  I have yet to find anything that sounds right with the beats audio.  I originally wanted the HTC 1 that came out with the all metal case, until I saw it had the beats so I went with the Galaxy S4.  It does have it's purpose, but I just don't like it.

  25. Beats audio is really make for rap music i just know why people even try to use it with any other type of music

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