This is a co branded device with the folks from beats and probably the last time we’ll see, Beats Audio on an Android tablet because Beats was bought by Apple recently. So it’s a pretty nice tablet. Actually it’s got a really nice tiger. 4 processor on board that’s got 16 gigabytes of on board storage, a gigabyte of ddr3 sdram, a 7 inch display at 1280 by 800. But the only problem I found was that, when you’re out in direct sunlight, you’ll see like these little wires running through the screen, I don’t know if you can see it here, but they’re running this way on here and it’s very, very visible when you’re out in Sunlight and that was kind of a turn off for me. I think they could have done a little bit of a better job with a better touch sensor, because even when you’re using it, it feels a little inaccurate on the side here, there’s, nothing on this side, but you do have a micro SD card slot. Here the volume up and down keys as well over here and you have a stylus on the bottom as well, and then, of course, the power switch, an HDMI out for plugging it into a display, a headphone jack that they say is amplified and beatified or something To kind of give you the Beats Audio experience now, if you have any familiarity with Beats, you’ll know that there’s a lot of bass involved with Beats products, and this thing really cranks the bass up a little bit too much.

For me. Quite honestly, I, like the sound better out of my iPhone now on the front. There are two speakers that deliver: ok, sound it’s, not it doesn’t sound as dynamic as you would expect it to. I don’t often do audio tests on the channel because it’s really impossible with this microphone for you to hear what something sounds like, but I can tell you that it doesn’t sound much better than other tablets. I’Ve used, it might be a little bit better with the stereo separation, given the orientation of the speakers, but I wasn’t all that impressed with how it sounded, which is really their main selling point on this and that’s, where I want to before. I get into the benchmarks, let you know that NVIDIA has a similar tablet called the Tegra note 7, which is if you look at it, is identical to this one except this one is red and the nvidia tegra is black. The speakers were in the same place. It’S got the same processor same same screen just about the exact same device, and this costs seven dollars more, so you’re paying right now, 249 dollars for this, and you can get again the same tablet from Nvidia for a hundred and seventy nine dollars. So if the Beats Audio is that important to you, then pay the extra seventy dollars. But quite honestly, I don’t think you need to do that. It’S, a very vanilla, Android experience, which I like I I do like the fact that they didn’t put a lot of junk on here, so it’s, a Android KitKat 4.

4.2. So it’s got pretty much the latest version there’s. Maybe I think there’s another version that just was announced but it’s pretty much up to date, which was good to see, and I think gamers are really going to like this tablet. The performance on here is outstanding. This is a real time. 3D rendered space battles. This is not a video that this is playing. This is actually rendering this in real time on the display, using that Tegra 4 processor, and it is impressive we’re getting about 60 frames per second right now very consistently, it’s, just amazingly smooth. This is a really nice little gaming device. So I think if you are looking to play some games on it, this is certainly going to do quite well with it now there’s also a stylus located at the bottom of the device and it detects when it’s removed and when it is, you can it’ll turn Itself, back on and it’ll know that you pulled the stylus out, so we can just select our notetaking application here and one of the things that’s nice about this is that it has very good risk detection. So even though my hand is resting on the screen, I can actually write with the pen and it knows where I’m writing versus, where my hand is resting. So that was pretty nice and I think it’s form factor really does well as a note taking device, because I have a larger iPad and it’s a little bit hard to take note sign just because it’s so big that it’s, you know it’s really not as comfortable To hold like a notepad would be especially if you’re standing and writing, so that is the HP Slate 7 with Beats Audio, and I have to say that the 70 premium price you’re going to pay over the identical tablet from Nvidia is just not worth it.

The sound quality out of these speakers on board isn’t, really all that great it’s, certainly not 70 great and the amplified headphone jack is overly bassy and i plugged in a really nice pair of Sennheiser headphones to do my little test and the iPhone I’m kidding that The iPhone just sounds better, then this does with those same pairs of headphones. Just the bass was just way too overemphasized on here. So my recommendation is, if you like the performance of this check out that NVIDIA Tegra note 7, it is pretty much the same product. It just doesn’t have the fancy read case in the beats logo, but I think you can live without it.