So let’s jump into it uh. This is a hp pro book 16 uh gigs of ram within the pro book. An i5 uh 1.7 gigahertz throttle up to 2.21 gigahertz processor. It does have a 512 ssd as well and you’ve also got a security for your finger. If you want to open it up right there, which is nice speakers are right on the top. The speakers are not that clear or loud uh i’ll i’ll go ahead and play a video for you all uh, but it’s, not the greatest uh it’s it’s, pretty low uh, the the the sound and volume is not it. Doesn’T get really that high and um. I don’t know is this: is this the way it is so let me go ahead and play something for you all right. So we’ve got some transon right. There go ahead and put a vellum up to 100 percent Music speakers are right. There it’s not shaking the laptop, which is Music good, got another song here: 100 Music it’s, not bad it’s, not shaking it’s, not shaking the laptop or anything like that, which is a huge plus okay. So the sound is okay. It doesn’t get that distorted, but it’s, not that loud um let’s go ahead and go look through the rest of the specs. You got a headphone jack um, two usb 3.0 ports. Hdmi port got an ethernet port too, with a little dongle that goes down, which is really nice.

I like that um got a usbc port and a power plug that’s, where you charge your laptop let’s go inside. This is one of the fans, a sd card slot, a uh looks like a usb and also a power port as well, and one of these for locking your laptop. If you have one of those cables which doesn’t come combo in terms of the laptop going flat, it goes all the way flat, which is amazing. This is a huge plus. You don’t see these in a macbook. You don’t see these in adele. You don’t see these with a lot of laptops out there, but this one goes way flat, so that’s, a huge plus the keyboard is lit. So if you want to light the keyboard, you have that ability by going into the buttons right there, let’s go in through the back here. You’Ve had a fan port right there rubbers on all four sides right there. It is a plastic uh. The whole laptop is plastic it’s, not really that solid, like aluminum chassis or what so, what not uh. There is some kind of aluminum you see here, which is interesting uh, but i mean just tapping it. You know is not aluminum uh. The worst thing of this laptop and what prompted me to make this review is uh the mouse right here. The mouse is this terrible. It doesn’t really function that well. I wish it was better in terms of that, so there should be definitely some improvement in regards to that uh.

Nothing they’ve got on the laptop, which is okay, i guess it’s a plus or minus, but you’ve got these little things on the side uh. I never use them and sometimes when i’m typing it may be confused. So i don’t know if i would like this on my keyboard, but i guess they had some extra space to put it there, um with uh let’s, go ahead and zoom in here. So i can be able to show you um you’ve got this webcam that’s gon na zoom come on there. Okay, there we go uh, so the great thing about this one is: it goes it slides over there and it slides the other way across so that’s, a big big plus, in my opinion, uh because of security features and – and this just being aware, you’ve got these Little two ir sensors on the side for uh for the video when you’re doing a zoom call or whatever it has that right on the top. So pretty big to be honest, i’m surprised about that, because, with a a lot of other manufacturers, they really don’t. Have you know that big of a hole – and i guess they put it there because the frame around it – is all dark plastic right here, so i guess they had to punch out something to put it in uh in terms of the thickness uh. It is it’s, not a a lightweight laptop and any means necessary.

It is, it does have some heft to it. It’S, not that thick, like the old laptops back in the day is, is a decent size. I’Ve got the pro book right there in the back of it. Um let’s see if it passes the one hand test all right. It passed. It awesome so that’s a great thing too uh battery life you’re, looking at uh, let’s let’s, go look into the battery settings and see uh but you’re. Looking at about two and a half three hours with this laptop – and it depends what you’re doing, if you’re doing gaming and all that it’s really going to be draining a lot lot more faster, i do have it on a 100 brightness uh. The nits on this is not that well uh the brightness of the the screen. It could be better uh. There are a lot of other uh laptop manufacturers out there that provide a greater brightness in the screen, and this one is not bad, but it’s, not good. It’S not the best either uh in terms of the uh charging plug you’ve got this charging plug. That goes basically right there on the corner end and after that it just goes basically into the wall and it’s pretty small it’s, not that big it’s pretty compact. A lot of them are nowadays and actually the newer ones they’re even smaller, because they have a usb c port, usbc, cable, so really really compact, small and lightweight anyways.

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