The business ultrabook market has been hotting up ever since the working from home movement accelerated with the pandemic. However, the choice was limited to premium and usually expensive notebooks. The hp pro box 635 aero g7, is aimed at the business middle class under 1 kilogram. Can it compete with its more costly cousins let’s find out Music. The pro box, 635 aero is made from recycled aluminium and magnesium, making it sturdy and lightweight at 0.99 kilograms or 2.2 pounds, it’s solid, with no flex on the keyboard deck and some movement. When pressing on the display lid backed up with military standard 810h testing against shocks and bumps, the screen is held by a single hinge that opens flat to 180 degrees for group collaboration work. It has the typical understated pro book business design with a silver chassis and black screen, bezel it’s, not the slimmest, but makes up for it with upgradable options to access these components, undo, five screws and pry the bottom cover carefully to lift off hpf, thankfully, provided generous Upgrade options on the 635 two memory modules to a maximum of 32 gigabytes of ddr4 memory in dual channel mode: a single pcie, nvme, m.2, ssd slot removable battery and wi fi six card. This review model has a 13.3 inch full hd anti glare ips display panel. If you predominantly work from home or in an office, the display would be fine to use viewing angles from the ips panel is average at best, mostly due to the low brightness rating of 250 nits it’s not suited for outdoor usage or working near window as it’s.

Poor under direct sunlight color reproduction is weak at 45 ntsc, okay for office usage, but not if your work requires accurate colors like photoshop or lightroom. There are two other models: one with 400 nits, 72 percent ntsc and another with 1000 nits 72 ntsc using hp, sureview reflect privacy screen technology on the right, you’ll find a power connector hdmi 2.0, a usb type c port with 10 gigabits per second signaling rate. Usb power delivery and display pool and an optional lte sim slot on the left. We have a kensington, lock, two usb type: a ports with five gigabits per second signaling rate, one with charging one with power and a headphone microphone. Combo wireless is taken care of with the intel ax 200 wi fi six two times two and bluetooth five combo card wireless speeds and coverage were excellent during testing, especially if connected to a wi, fi 6 access point. Bluetooth worked reliably with the external mouse and headphones. The hp spill resistant premium keyboard has chiclet style, big keys are nicely spaced out with a large enter key there’s. The convenience of two level backlighting keys controlled by the f9 key typing on this laptop keyboard, is a really good typing experience. Plenty of tactile feedback, good travel and quiet typing keys, perfect for noise, sensitive environments. The f12 key is a hp programmable key to open applications, a folder or shortcut to a favorite website. The f8 key is to mute the microphone to avoid embarrassing moments on zoom.

The clip pad is wide and comfortable to use it could do with more height but that’s limited by the chassis dimensions. No issues with finger gestures using this smooth clip pad the integrated buttons, are quiet and responsive the dual stereo speakers position either side of the keyboard is above average at best volume is loud without distortion, but missing the dynamic range and base is weak use. A pair of headphones or bluetooth earbuds instead, the 720p hd camera with jewelry microphone has above average video quality good enough for spot of zoom or teams. This review model runs on amd ryzen, 5, 4, 500u running at a base. Clock of 2.3 gigahertz. Up to four point: gigahertz max boost clock with six calls. Tdp is rated at 15 watts, along with eight gigabytes of ddr4 memory and a 256 gigabytes pcie nvme m.2 ssd. The pro box 635 runs smoothly with multiple browser tabs music streaming. In the background, an office program like word or outlook, open benchmark results were great with amd cpu. Cinebench r23 shows a score of 5709 points on multi core and 1126 points on single core. Just behind the i 9980h, with less power. Superposition gives a benchmark result of 885 points. 3Dmark results show a cpu score of 2’8 and a graphics score of 483 pc mark 10 resulted in a score of 4073. geekbench 5 produces 10′ in single core and 3716 and multi core. The hp and amd engineers have done an excellent job, keeping the thermals down on their 635 aero g7, the majority of the time even under load.

The pro book is called as a cucumber fan. Noise is non existent, most of the time working on office, type tasks, surfing downloading a game. The fan never came on great for quiet working environments. Graphics is looked after by the integrated amd, radeon rx vega 6. performance is on par with the dedicated geforce mx150 and near the mx230. Using dual channel memory will squeeze more performance from the vega 6.. The vega 6 will play older titles over 4 to 5 years old at low to medium settings. Simple games like among us, overcooked, 2 or yakuza 6 will play ok, but don’t expect triple a titles to play. Well, in fairness, the pro box 635 is targeted as a business laptop first and foremost the battery inside the pro box 635 is a free cell 53 watt hour lithium ion variant. Battery life is excellent, with general office usage about 10 hours plus of general usage office, apps, youtube and web browsing convenient fast charging is available charging 50 in around 30 minutes with the hp smart 65 watt external ac power adapter with the pro book range. You expect a good level of security features. For starters, we have a fingerprint sensor for authentication a webcam privacy shutter for peace of mind and hardware tpm chip. On the software front, we have hp software security tools like hp, client security, a wizard driven set of security tools to activate hp security. Essentials combines hp, shortclick and suresense to protect your laptops from websites and malware variants, top three pros and cons before buying the hp pro box.

635 aero g7 lightweight. If you tend to move your laptop around the 635 aero is perfect for the job tipping the scales at under one kilogram or 2.2 pounds, it’s, certainly lightweight, but a solid and well built machine amd performance. You can’t argue that amd have been slam. Dunking three pointers with their awesome processors: the ryzen 5. 4. 500. U make short worker productivity tasks with its snappy performance and cool thermals tip, go for the minimum 16 gigabyte, dual channel memory and 512 gigabytes ssd. If possible, battery life need a laptop. You can rely on to power you through the day. The pro box 635 will give you that with incredible battery life, okay it’s not class leading, but you would be paying a premium for that more nits, please one of the biggest weaknesses in the aero g7 is a poor choice of display panel in this review model. 250 nits is okay for office indoor usage, but go for the 400 nits model with better color reproduction. If you can weak hinge, the display hinge needs to be more sturdy. It has a tendency to move when you’re holding it with one hand, which can be quite frustrating, as you end up constantly adjusting the optimum viewing angle, no sd card reader a bit of a nic pick, but i do miss a sd card reader. For my digital camera transfers, if you were in the market for one kilogram laptop, what other laptops would you be looking at in no particular order, here’s something to consider lg gram: 14 fujitsu notebook, lifebook u9310 zeus, expert book b9, lenovo, thinkpad, x1, nano asus, swift, 7.

The hp pro box 635 aero g7, is a fantastic lightweight laptop for people on the move, it’s well built with a sturdy, recycled, aluminium and magnesium chassis. The keyboard is great to type on all day and there is plenty of power under the hood with the amd ryzen, 5 4 500u battery life is all day backed up with fast charging. If you need to do some overtime, the pro box, 635 stops shorter, being class, leading with the poor 250 nits display go for the 400 nits display and avoid the hp short view. Privacy screen, if you can, if you don’t, want to pay top box for ultra premium laptop the hp pro box. 635 aero g7 is a great business notebook that ticks all the boxes. What do you guys think leave your comments and discuss below hope? You guys enjoyed the review of the hp pro box 635 aero g7 laptop. Please click on the like button.