, hello, everybody. My name is robert, and this is review clue now. As i noted, i’ve got zoe with me today because we’re unboxing her laptop, but of course, if this is the first time that you’re seeing my face on your screen than one lucky you and two go down there hit that subscribe. Button smash that bell notification icon. So you get notified every time i upload now um. As i noted i’ve got zoe with me today, because we’re unboxing, her laptop um, why yeah yeah? Why did you want a new laptop sorry give us a bit of a backstory about your current laptop um. I’Ve got the original hp, pavilion and it’s six years old, six, seven years old, yeah, it’s it’s, getting quite old now, so we were looking to upgrade you um it’s, not the one. I’Ve had the longest, no, no, but it it’s so, and especially now you kind of wanting something a little bit more powerful. We, i was originally showing you some different laptops that sort of didn’t fold around. This is one of these two in ones that folds all the way around, so it can have been. I think, like six different ways: it’s pretty cool uh, so we’re going to take a look at it today, unbox it get it set up and zoe is going to give you her first impressions of it, so yeah yeah without further ado, let’s get on with the Unboxing this let’s go okay, so here we are with the laptop box.

I’Ve always found laptop boxes to be pretty boring, there’s not really much to them other than just the hp logo and our name on the front name and address yeah. Should we we’ll blur that one, but as we look around the box, it is literally just the most boring box, they always have been but um. One thing to note here is: this: is running intel, celeron gold. It has 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal storage. Originally zoe, you did want a um disk drive for your laptop didn’t. You yeah, but um you’ll, be surprised to know that in 2021 it is incredibly difficult to get a laptop with a dvd drive. Well, what the heck am i meant to do with all my dvds, then, if i can’t watch them. So this is the thing i i’ve ordered you a separate drive, which is just usb powered, but yeah it’s a bit strange, but it’s almost impossible to get one. These days, so without further ado, let’s get right into this box i’m, going to try and quickly go off camera, get the seller tape off and pull everything out here, Music, all right, so that was harder than i expected, but we’ll pull out all of the accessories. First, we’ve straight away got potentially the world’s smallest power. Brick. This thing is absolutely tiny: i’m guessing we’re also going to have the other end of this power display this power here yeah.

So the world’s smallest power, brick for the world’s uh, probably um smallest laptop let’s, bring it out here, it’s a 13 inch display and it’s running windows. 10.. I did have to be quite careful when i originally ordered this thing, because they had one version with windows: 10 and one version with chrome, os and zoe. I love you, and even i can’t put you through the pain of chrome os, so windows 10. It is, and we’ve got the main laptop here. This is literally all we get in the box. Laptop boxes have always been pretty boring, there’s never been a lot to them. Let’S just try and get out of its plastic prison here, and we can take a look at the laptop itself and there it is it’s. Quite nice it’s got this silvery design to it. It is an old plastic body body, there’s, no metal in sight, but uh. This, i think, cost 450 450 pounds, which is quite a lot, so i was expecting potentially a um metal body, but it’s it’s, not terrible. My old one was 600. yeah, so i mean. Obviously laptop prices have changed quite drastically um, especially in the last year. Laptop prices have gone up because of the whole coveted pandemic thing, so we can see along the bottom corner here. We’Ve got the bno sign, so these speakers are tuned by bang olufsen, which means that they’re going to sound, really good or they’re, meant to sound, really good.

So let’s get this thing powering on. In the background, while we take a look around the device uh, i think that’s powering on that is powering on. So along this side we have a power, hdmi output, a usb usb c and even an sd card reader. So i will be interested to see if this does have a headphone, jack and good, because it does so we’ve got the usb head, the usb and a headphone jack here as well. So two usbs and even a usbc, which is really good to see because more and more devices are starting to use and i’m here to help hello, cortana a touch of wi fi there and we’ll have your pc ready for all you planned to do use your Voice or the keyboard along the way, and if you’d like me to stay quiet, just select the little microphone icon towards the bottom. Thank you, okay, so that’s cortana shut up now. What we can do is these. The hinge itself is pretty um pretty good. Actually, i was expecting it to feel rather flimsy, but it doesn’t and what we can do is we can go ahead and even just fold it all the way around bringing it into this tablet mode. I forgot i did that. I thought you were about to snap. It Laughter so actually what it does is. It appears to have flipped the screen into a landscape into a portrait mode rather than landscape.

I don’t know whether i can rotate yep, so i can rotate it there to back into a landscape mode. So what else can we do with this? Well, we can even have it like this as a zoom display. I guess for when you have when you’re having zoom phone calls. You’Ve got the web camera on the top there. I actually don’t know the specs of this webcam, so it’ll be interesting to see, but we can obviously use the touchscreen here to just go through the normal windows setup and get this device ready to use uh. You don’t, really care about. Second, keyboard layout, um let’s connect up to wi fi, real quick, so obviously we can also sit it on its side like so. Obviously, the screen would normally be facing you in this scenario, but you can have it in a tent mode for when you’re, watching films or even playing certain games. But i think nine times out of ten zoe, you would be using it in this orientation of just a normal keyboard and screen there yeah or folded over folded all the way over yeah. So you can it’s actually very versatile device in terms of the kind of media that you’re consuming and it seems pretty fast and pretty well built as well. So we’ll finish up the setup here and then i’ll get you to play with it and just give us your first impressions of how it feels how it runs and yeah let’s finish up the setup.

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I don’t know about you zoe, but i think it actually looks really nice. No, it does. I quite like it like that, and this screen as well. We were having a look at it. The viewing angles are excellent, like we can take this and we can place it up along its side like this and the viewing angle doesn’t change too much the colors don’t shift like they do on some other displays. Unfortunately, when you fold this out back into its normal keyboard state, it becomes a lot less elegant. I personally absolutely hate this keyboard. It is fugly and it has a face that only a mother could love um, mainly that, like this is a pet peeve of mine. Uh apparently it’s a only a pet peeve that i share. Um zoe doesn’t seem to worry, be worried too much about it, but this enter key here. The way that is shorter than it normally is on a keyboard really annoys me. It should be that these two keys are one enter key, so i feel like if i was using this keyboard, i would keep hitting the wrong key, no see that’s how that is on my old, laptop okay, so you’re you’re very much used to it. It doesn’t bother me so you you’ve, been using this laptop for sort of 10 15 minutes. Give us your first impression of how it felt what did you think of the build quality and that rotating of the screen there it’s lighter than my old one, which i quite like, because my other one is quite big and bulky and kind of hard to use.

Sometimes, but this one’s smaller it’s quite light, i can i’ll be able to use it easily, especially when doing work, because i need to do a lot of course, work for um and training online, so that would be more useful. Um. I think tablet mode will be what i use it for most yeah yeah um, but otherwise i think it’s quite good. So what i? What i’ve just gone ahead and done is opened up the the apps and features section, because hp are renowned for putting a load of bloat and crap on their laptops, and i would be intrigued if this is still the case here. So i mean i’m seeing the amazon app, which fine um booking.com, that there’s a lot of stuff here again that isn’t particularly necessary – and i don’t know why they bother to put it on here. Most of it can probably go um. I don’t know how to do that. I can do that for you, but yeah like mcafee and it’s an anti virus software that is notoriously hard to get rid of, but in general there’s, not as much rubbish as i was expecting, but still more than i probably would have liked. In this case. Sorry go on you’re, gon na, say something no, but yeah. I think overall, this isn’t a bad. This is not a bad tablet, uh in laptop mode that keyboard is less than ideal, but for i think your use case zoe.

I think this is going to be perfect and we’ll revisit this in a couple of weeks or maybe months time down the line, and you can give us a little bit more of an in depth review of how you’ve got on with it yeah whether you’ve found Any things that you don’t like with it or so forth, but um let’s, jump out to an outro and we can get this thing fully set up for you. So let’s do that. So there we have it zoe uh. Are you impressed your first impressions of this laptop yeah, i quite like it. I don’t, like it yeah. I think, it’s going to be better than my old one as much as i loved my old one. My old one was for college and uni yeah. I mean it it’s old, this probably won’t be as fast but that’s. Fine we’ll do most of the jobs that you need to so we’re, going to revisit it in a couple of weeks or months i’m going to bring you back in and you can give us a full review of how you’ve got on with it. Because i think your use case and my use case for a laptop are very, very different, so i think your review of this. If you were gon na use it would be completely different exactly exactly so.