Is your first dance of Nicoles face my name. Is I make content from the United Kingdom? I focus on beauty, fashion, lifestyle. I do a lot of reviews on this channel Id love for you to subscribe at the end of this video. To my whole, subscribers, you guys are awesome thanks for always being on my videos. Yeah today is going to be a quick unbox of HP laptop. So I got this actually for work for my office by the way compliment of the season to you all its um, its almost Christmas, its few days to Christmas and Im getting um external memory for this device, which is, I think, its about 513 or 25. Thereabouts, um storage. As an entrepreneur, I would definitely need um a lot of space for business purpose, especially for my products. Pictures by the way Jerry can do is one of the things that I do and um skin care products. Okay, if I want to check us out on www.saints by area in the money where we sell, beautiful luxury and jewelry can also skincare products. I picked this up from Applause, John and Louis yeah, Music. This is very light light. Actually, I think this should be around 3 Kg with some rice, its quite slim, and I love it for the fact that its very handy quite handy, wow thats it thats what we have. What else do we have in the Box lets check it out? Okay, we basically have a child a doctor, so okay, so lets put it to work.

So here is what we have Music and control and enter touch screen, yeah its actually touchscreen, The Versatile and you can actually hold and theyre amazing thats. So so so cool really cool Music. Let me get to this and um yeah, basically Im just going to say to all this and then put it to work. I love the fact that its a touchscreen, its gon na make things easy around here England. He wants uh to have a second keypad layout, skip Im ready. I think Im loving the experience because um its touchscreen highly buttons are quite smooth and I can finally say goodbye to my old thank you so much everyone whos, I guess Ill see you in the next one before I go, make sure to show www.sync by area. In the money thats come where we sell um, where we sell jewelry candles, luxury candles and um skin products. Complement of the Season Ill see you in the next one.