This is a two in one laptop, its 11 inch touchscreen laptop with an intel, pentium processor, four gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes, solid state drive and its regular retail price is 3.99, but best buy. Has it on sale right now, for 2.99, the natural silver finish looks beautiful, and this is a perfect laptop for students on the go that just wants something light and portable. It comes in at 2.67 pounds and its roughly around 0.76 inches thick. The whole construction of this laptop is made of all plastic and the bottom, you have a black plastic cover with some rubber feet, and you have two bottom facing speakers now lets talk about the keyboard now, im going to be honest, the keyboard does feel kind of Cram but for an 11.6 inch laptop thats kind of a given, but the good news here is the key travel and tactile feedback from the keys are actually very good. The trackpad is a little bit on the small side, but the surface is very smooth and is using elon drivers. I prefer windows, precision drivers, but these elon drivers did a pretty good job. Overall, two finger, scrolling, multi touch and tracking was pretty solid. Okay, guys so lets look at the ports. Here you got a full size, hdmi port, usb type c power button, usb 3 and your headset port. Moving along to the other side, you got another usb 3 security, lock slot micro, sd card slot power status, port and your ac charging port, alright guys.

So the screen size is 11.6 inches and the resolution is 1366 by 768. Yes, it does seems kind of low for late 2019, but for a 11 inch budget laptop. This resolution is fine, especially for a laptop this size. The nice part about this screen is the ips technology, which gives you wide viewing angles. The only con i really have is a super. Glossy screen can be reflective at times other than that this screen is adequate and when you first get this laptop youre going to want to disable the windows 10 s mode and switch to windows, 10 home windows, 10. Esmo is basically a stripped down version of windows. 10.. You cant install any third party applications and anything you install has to go through the microsoft online store, so be sure to free yourself from that and go to the settings tab and go to activation and switch to windows. 10 home for free. The 128 gigabyte ssd drive in here is actually pretty impressive. I was getting over 550 megabytes, a second for the read speeds and over 400 megabytes, a second for the right speeds. These speeds are actually very good for a budget laptop. The cool thing about the pavilion x360 is the four different convertible modes. First mode is your laptop mode. Now you got your stand mode, perfect mode for kicking back in bed, watching movies or listening to music. Next mode we have here is your tent mode with this mode.

You can kick back and again, i guess, watch netflix and do a lot of touch based games, but it seems pretty similar to the stand mode and last but not least, is your tablet mode. Now this smalls gon na be pretty common with people just on the go or just want to sit in the couch and just browse the way up with their fingers lets see how it works yeah. It feels pretty smooth its a little bit heavy compared to a traditional tablet, but this is a universal laptop. Remember that the intel pentium n5000 is an inexpensive quad core chip that has decent performance. It has a base clock speed of 1.1 gigahertz, but can burst up to 2.7 gigahertz. This chip is perfectly fine for light duty. School work like web browsing word, processing, powerpoint and excel now lets do a quick demo of the n5000 chip and trackpad in action. Lets launch the browser all right lets see how the trackpad responds. Like i said earlier, the trackpad responds pretty well and it does pretty well with tracking and two finger scrolling for many students out there. Microsoft, word is probably gon na, be your most commonly used application and heres a quick demo in action, as you can see, theres no kind of delay when typing and theres no hiccups. The end five thousand and four gigabytes of ram on board offers very good, solid performance for these kind of tasks. There are two bottom front facing speakers and theyre powered by bang olufsen and the soundcloud is okay.

I do wish it was a little bit louder, but for a laptop this size and price, i cant really complain too much. Battery performance from the 2 cell battery pack has been good. Ive been getting around 4 to 6 hours with medium screen brightness and the intel pentium n5000 is only drawing about 6 watts, so that usually translates to great battery life. I was having some audio sync problems when converting this file over to the mac, but heres a quick webcam test of the x360 in action, its actually pretty decent 720p by the way, okay guys. So, if youre looking for an inexpensive laptop for light duty, schoolwork and its also light and portable at the same time, then check out the hp pavilion, x360 11.6 inch version. This version should be on your radar as its currently on sale for 299. So that makes it an excellent buy. The major drawback is the ram installer on board, but four gigabytes of ram should be fine for most light duty applications for school. However, if you guys are looking for expandable hp, pavilion x360 then check out the 14 inch version. Alright guys so that about wraps up my review on hp pavilion x360. Two in one eleven point: six inch touchscreen laptop wow. That was a mouthful. The model number is 11m ap001dx, and this one is available exclusively from best buy so be sure to check it out. If youre interested, if you found this video helpful, please be sure to hit that like button as it really helps out the youtube search algorithm.