This is a convertible laptop with touchscreen from hp, which features the intel pentium gold. Processor 7505. A 128 gigabyte, sata m2 solid state drive four gigabytes of ddr4 ram windows, 10 home running in s mode and a 14 inch, 1080p ips, 250 nits of brightness and 42 or 45. I believe uh ntsc, color gamut, it. As i say, it is a touchscreen and what i was quite surprised was, along with the power cable. There was this in the box, and this is something which doesn’t come even on the um hp, which mv x360 13 that i bought last year, and it is the stylus. So the mv i bought last year was double the price of this and did not include stylus, but this pavilion, 14 does and it’s quite a nice design on these last hp ones. Unlike some of the old ones i used, which used a quadruple, a battery which meant i had to go out and buy quadruple a batteries, these ones have a sliding usbc charge port and an internal battery, so you can just plug them in and connect them to. The laptop to charge them, which is very nice, so turning our attention to the machine itself, and this is, as i said before, based on the intel pentium gold 7505 at this – is a tiger lake based chip. So the same as you would find in the intel, 11th gen core range, so, although not an absolute powerhouse, still a reasonably capable processor for most people’s uses.

Looking down this left hand side we can see. We have um some venting here for cooling. We have a usb 3 port, it isn’t actually marked blue or indicated as super speed, but it is a usb 3 type, a 5 gigabyte, sorry gigabit per second port. We have our headphone jack here and then turning to the other side, we have our charging port hdmi 2.0 port. So this should do 4k, 60 hertz without issue another usb 5 gigabit per second port. So usb 3. again this isn’t marked blue or labeled ss. They are just all of that specification, our sd card reader and also a usb c port. Now this is 10 gigabits per second and is capable of usb power. Delivery, display point 1.4 and hpe sleep and charge now going back around the laptop. So we can see there is no kensington lock. So if you’re using this in public places, be aware of that, there is no solid anchoring point in the chassis itself. Um, the laptop itself is also 1.61 kilograms. So not the lightest but competitive for this size of chassis, so other things to note for this machine are that the wireless is 802.11 ac, not wi, fi, six. 802. 11 ax. This is via a intel, 9461 controller, and this also has bluetooth five, and we have a three cell 43 watt hour battery, which hp, believe or state will give you up to about eight and a half hours of battery life, and i just have the system on Its back here, because one of the first things i noticed is that actually we don’t have a uniform chassis, color and finish.

The back of this is a sort of a dark, gray and it’s a slightly textured finish now. My first thought was actually oh that’s. Quite nice, because, if you’re carrying this machine around – and this is something i’ve considered using for my work laptop as that needs a refresh that actually gives you a slightly grippier surface than your sort of the internal uh, glossy plastic finish of the machine looking inside. And what i first will pick up, so we have quite a nice large touchpad. The keyboard, however, maintains hp’s tradition of giving us uk english users a really weird keyboard layout and this time around we have so a full width shift key and, unlike some, including the hp mvx, 360 13, i got last year, um it’s no longer a function key For a backslash, we get our own key down here, but it should be up here, um. Obviously, if you’re in the us or anywhere else in the world, probably won’t bother you um, but this is one thing that trips me up and makes some of the hp machines quite annoying. For me to switch between with my other laptops and desktop computers, and just they have some strange issues in their layout and things like home, page up page down and end, are on the end here. Power button is set in one, so delete is kind of where you expect it, which means you’re not going to accidentally put it to sleep while in use, which is good, i suppose, as you can see, we have a sort of again dark gray, it’s, still a Smooth finish so, if you’re using this in tablet mode, it’s not going to give you the same grip as the base, but it gives you a bit of visual difference from the silver on the lid and the sides.

So looking at it, colors are kind of a bit of a mishmash but that’s a minor aesthetic thing. Obviously this is a convertible laptop, so we can pull the screen round hello because it is, of course, a glossy screen being a touch screen and that folds flat and comes back around and that’s a fairly standard hinge layout, as you will find uh in the two. In one dells that i have covered in the past, the hp, mv, 13 inch x360 and so on. Um yeah it’s fairly typical of a two in one design, with the laptop fired up – and we can see here. The design gives us reasonably slim bezels at the sides, quite a large chin at the bottom and top bezel here with built in webcam i’d, say some designs, definitely thin these down a bit more and also there seems to be some sort of light sections. So maybe some componentry belief, the speaker grille, that you can see um, which makes it look like there’s dirt in there, but i don’t think there isn’t it’s slightly odd, but a very minor thing there. So turning our attention to the laptop itself, i have already switched this out of s mode, because i want to run desktop applications on here just done by making the switch through the windows store. It prompts you when you try to run a standard windows application rather than one delivered through the store. We can see the pension gold 7505 four gigabytes of ram, and we can see the ships with windows 10 home 2004 build.

So you will have some build uh. Some updates to do to bring that up to 21 h1. Looking at pre installed software, we have a few bits like alexa amazon. Then there are the plethora of hp tools, mcafee personal security, which i would be getting rid of more hp, a solitaire game and so on. So not too much um. You know you do see worse offenders, but personally i would not be using the mcafee antivirus on here i’d. Be removing that. But i wouldn’t say anything here that would just be making me want to go wipe the machine and reformat straight from the off. Looking at the system with cpu zed – and we can see here so with these tiger lake – u based pentium chips that we get a two core and four thread processor, and so these are effectively becoming like the core i3s a bit lower clocked than the i3 uh 1115, g4 that i have looked at in the past. Only 3.5 gigahertz turbo, rather than 4 gigahertz, but the hype threading is enabled where it was not on the previous generations of pentium chips. Looking at the memory – and we can see, we have ddr4 single channel, obviously because we have a single 4 gig dimm in here and running at 4 times 800 megahertz, so the ddr4 3200 speed uh, interestingly, that it does drop itself down at times and again we Can see here, the module is there as well, but yes, so we are getting the ddr4 uh 3200 speeds.

Unlike some of the dell machines, i looked at like the 3000 series. They don’t artificially limit it to 26.66, looking at open hardware, monitor and cinebench, and this is a 15 watt chip in its default configuration and if we are to run the cpu test. Um in my initial running with the laptop during setup, it’s been very quiet. Uh, less audible than other machines. I have running in this office with my main desktop machine and we can see going into a cinebench r20 run. We are getting 3.4 gigahertz, so a bit down on the max turbo bin temperatures are increasing and we’re using up to 20 watts, which should drop down to 15 after a little bit of time, and if we allow the temperatures to increase and see where they go, We start here the laptop ramp up in volume, and we can see that power consumption has dropped down to 15 watts. Now temperatures then have stabilized are in fact decreasing with the fan, speed increase and the 15 watt power cap, as have the clock speeds, which have now come down to around 2.8 2.9 gigahertz, and i would not be surprised if the fan noise starts to decrease and Obviously, just being a two core four thread chip, this is not going to set any speed records and i’m, not actually too worried in this particular video about the overall result. The ssd in this machine is only 128 gigabytes and it is a sata type device.

If we run crystal disk mark on here, we will see that we get the results that we are more or less expecting, which is 550 megabytes on read, which is very near the limits for a sata six gigabit uh device, but being a small 128 gigabytes. Ssd and the lower cost option for the chassis. I believe the chassis does. Support nvme type drives and i’ll be testing this, along with upgrading the ram in another video, and we can see because it is this low capacity drive with not many channels and gyms and presumably no dram on it as well. We only get 206 megabytes on write, speed, um, so you have to adjust this as a budget. Entry in these convertible form facts as the machines, while a lot of people go. You know this is atrocious. You know this is entry level, ssd performance it’s, still a lot better than having a mechanical hard drive in there and i’ve been quite impressed. Just with how snappy and responsive the machine is in general usage um, you know for basic use, so emailing web browsing light. Gaming, nothing too intensive it’s going to be absolutely fine and you do have those upgradable options in there. Certainly, the four gigabytes of ram would be quite limiting um. I will be increasing that and also a bigger ssd for me, but then you’re going into a more expensive machine and you may just be better spending more in the first place.

The pen we can see here while it is charging it would flash this light to indicate the battery is low when in use um amber means it is charging and it would go white when fully charged for now, however, i am going to disconnect and we can See so response with stylus is good. I can slide back in that charging point and just doing some. I am not the greatest artist in the world, but we can see so response is not too far behind and this is the hp rechargeable active pen. As i can say, i wasn’t expecting this to find this in the box. When i bought the machine, it was not listed in the specifications at all, but we can see so there are 4096 levels of touch sensitivity on this. It has tilt operation um. I have to admit, i am not an expert in this stylus usage uh, the hover height is around five millimeters and there are also a couple different nibs included in the box. Um, for you know different types of use, but we can see here. There is obviously a difference between a light touch and a hard touch in what you produce, so not something i’m an expert in, but it was a real nice bonus to find this in the box. I was not expecting it and it wasn’t listed in the amazon page that i bought this from so a real bonus there. Looking at the output from the webcam – and we have a 720p camera built into the top of the screen here and dual array microphones.

So we should have some degree of stereo sound um in a well lit bright room, the image isn’t too grainy. We can see some noise over on this side, but i’d say an acceptable usable image, particularly just for video conferencing connecting up with my anchor seven in one usbc hub and power supply. We can see here that the usbc power delivery is working and if we follow the cables along, we are outputting to this display here, so the displayport component working as well. Unfortunately, this anchor unit is only 4k 30 hertz, but connecting via the hdmi 2 port does indeed give a 4k 60 hertz output, as you would hope. So i hope you found this video interesting um, while not perfect for the asking price. I’M, actually quite pleasantly surprised by this system. The screen is perfectly acceptable. It’S nice, to see at this point price point and ips display and 250 nits brightness is a nice increase again over the sort of 200. You will find in a lot of budget laptops. These tiger, like pentiums, offer quite a nice increase in performance over previous generations, both with the introduction of hyper threading and the increased power of the intel, uhd graphics, having 48 execution units. Obviously you are compromising to get this convertible form factor. You are only getting four gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabyte ssd, whereas you might expect eight and a 256 gigabyte, ssd and it’s only a saturday ssd, but at least you have some upgradeability in here, which we will be looking at in another video.

If you’ve got any questions that you’d like to ask, just put them in the comments below i’ll do my best to answer them hit subscribe.