Of course, it’s also perfectly suitable for other tasks, so keep watching hp pavilion 14 inch convertible two in one laptop. We could actually call this laptop. A macbook air killer because it has everything to compete with it and even more, for example, digital pan support or 360 degrees, flexible design, but first things. First, the screen we have a gorgeous 14 inch, full hd ips touch panel and it’s, perfect, it’s crisp. The contrast, level and color accuracy are really good and the brightness is enough to work even outside. Honestly, i was surprised with it. Oh and didn’t mention that it supports a digital hp pen, so you can draw do design, work and take quick notes. It feels as natural as a pen on a piece of paper. It’S fantastic. The link is in the description box. The bezels around the screen are very thin, except the bottom one, but it doesn’t spoil the design. No, i actually love the overall look of this laptop. It is thin light and looks minimalistic. I really like this combo in laptops plus it’s 360 degrees, flexible laptop, so it’s four times more comfortable to use it in different scenarios. You can use it in regular, laptop mode in tablet, mode stand mode and tent mode. The last three are extremely comfortable to draw with a pen to watch, videos and movies, video chat and so on. Laptop mode will come extra handy for regular everyday tasks, work, banking, etc.

Now hp states that the hinges here are tested with up to 25 000 openings and closings that’s an average of 17 times a day every day for four years of worry free quality. Of course, i haven’t tested it in full volume, but the hinges here are made of metal and its construction makes me feel that hp didn’t lie one of the most important things about this machine is its hardware. It has a quad core 10th gen intel core i5 1035 g1 cpu, which is powerful and energy efficient. Its base frequency is at one gigahertz and in turbo boost mode it can go up to 3.6 gigahertz. Now talking about memory, we got 8 gigabytes of non expandable. Ddr4 ram and 512 gigabytes fast, nvme, m2 ssd, which also cannot be expanded or replaced while testing this laptop. I never felt it needs an upgrade, though everything loads immediately. The os works smooth plus the laptop, is pretty quiet even under loads. It provides an amazing experience. Working in adobe, photoshop, lightroom and premiere pro i haven’t tested after effects but i’m pretty sure that, even though it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card, it will handle that as well. I would say that this laptop is a perfect choice for photo editing, video, editing, any kind of work with documents or presentations, graphic design, starting purposes, business and so on. The only thing this laptop is not very suitable for is heavy 3d stuff like modeling, or playing serious games like cyberpunk 2077, for example.

My favorite games, world of tanks and valheim, though, are totally playable. I never saw fps drop down below 40 in both of them check the description box for more info about games and if you won’t, find a game you’re interested in on that list. Let me know about it. In the comment section below now, let’s talk about battery life, which is pretty fine for this powerful hardware. You get about 8 hours of work from a single charge in a mixed usage up to 10 hours of watching movies, with netflix and about three to four hours. Under the heaviest loads like gaming and now listen intently, you can charge it from zero to 50 percent in only 45 minutes with hp fast charge. Of course, this machine is equipped with nice, hd webcam, providing a great video quality. It is perfect for online conferences. You will always look good and crisp plus this hp laptop has an advanced voice, recording feature with dual microphone systems, so you’ll also sound fantastic. The internet connection here is always solid, stable and high speed thanks to 6th gen wi fi technology, it’s able to keep you online all the time and don’t feel any troubles with it. Also, it has a built in amazon, alexa voice service, so you can listen to music. Get news, manage smart home devices and use any of more than 50 000 skills all hands free now talking about keyboard, i really like it even comparing to my macbook pro keyboard.

I was really surprised with how comfortable it is to type on it, but it doesn’t have a number pad, and i know that for some of you this might be a huge problem. So keep that in mind and also it’s, not backlit, but on the websites. They say it is it’s really sad. I know, but still not a big deal after one week of usage, you got used to it by the way, using this machine in a tablet. Mode, keyboard and touchpad are automatically disabled, so you don’t need the unwanted key accidentally. It’S very convenient now look. This laptop is extremely thin at only 2 centimeters and extremely light. Only 1.36 kilograms. With this specs a reasonable question: what about the port selection? Are there only usb type c ports? No, thank you hp. It is well rounded. We got hdmi port sd card slot, which comes extra handy for photographers and videographers out there, two usb type, a ports, one usb type c, port 3.5, millimeters, combined audio jack and, of course, a charging port, and also we got a power button on the side. I love this rich set because you can connect literally everything with it, alright, so that is it for the video. If you have any questions to me, ladies and gentlemen, let me know about them in the comments below. I hope this video was helpful for you and now you know for sure. If this hp laptop is a good option for your purposes and if so, please consider buying it from the amazon using the link below description box, it will support me dramatically and help you produce more videos like this at no additional cost.