Let us take a look at their new pavilion x2. This is a detachable, and that means you can pull the screen off here and use it as a tablet. If you wish, and as you can see, I have mine configured to go into the Windows 10 tablet mode when I pull it off the keyboard and when I put it back on I’ll, get my desktop back with the Start menu. So a nice little feature you can kind of go back and forth between tablet and desktop mode. The base here the keyboard comes with it. It is magnetic too so you don’t have to really latch it in at all. It just kind of attaches to it and the magnets will actually guide it back in. So it really does feel pretty nice that way, there’s, no latch or anything to detach you can just pull it off and get going there. What I like about is that it does go back a little bit further than some of these other detachable zz have done at least the ones that I’ve tested in the past and what’s really cool. Is that if you go too far, it will just attach like this, so it won’t crack it or snap off. If you have a kid or something they push it back too far, it’s just going to detach completely so a nice little safety feature they worked into it, which was nice to see so some neat ways to use it.

You can also flip the screen off here and put it on backwards, so, if you’re on a plane or something and want a way to just kind of prop the the tablet up for using it as a display for a movie or something you can do that. The keyboard gets disabled in this mode, as does the trackpad, but of course the touchscreen will continue to work and you can use it that way and of course you can put it into tent mode if you want also so when it’s on backwards. Here, it’s going to default back to tablet mode if you’ve configured it that way, but of course, if you put it back on this way, you should be good to go now. This is a 10 inch display is IPS, so you’ve got really decent viewing angles. Most of the time, it’s gon na look a little weird here in the studio. The lights are kind of blowing it out a little bit because of the casing color here, but it does look pretty good. I wish it was a slightly brighter. It does look fine to me as I’m looking at it here, but I have seen displays go a little bit brighter than this one, but it’s, certainly nice enough for viewing movies and stuff we’re going to look at Cody in a few minutes with a blu ray Mkv file I’m really pleased with the display quality on here, really really nice and the display is 1280 by 800, so essentially a 720p display.

This is 299 as configured it’s got 2 gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabytes of storage and an Adam Bay Trail, Zi, 3736. F. It’S, just slightly faster than some of the bay trails we’ve seen on some of the other low cost. Pcs we’ve looked at. So this is not the new cherry trail x5 processor. We might start seeing on some of these devices. This is the prior generation version, so the graphics might be a little bit slower, but quite frankly, at this price point you’re going to see pretty much the same perceivable performance for the most part I’m very pleased with the keyboard. Surprisingly, because I don’t, like small keys on my keyboard, I, like my full size, keys whatever they’ve done on this keyboard, I can type really comfortably on it and I haven’t had a keyboard with this size. These sized keys that I can actually type very well on. I think they’ve done nice spacing between the keys and the travel and the spring back is really good on it too. So it’s hard to see on camera here, but these keys do travel down quite a bit, but they spring back really nicely and whatever they’ve done. It actually feels right to me. So I’ve been very pleased with that. The trackpad is nice and wide a little bit. Does springy to me, but what I did do is disable the touch to tap touch to click function, so I have it just tabbing I’ve to actually click it down.

This is a click pad to get my click and that made it a little bit easier. For me to operate, you can kind of have to kind of dig through some some of the menus to get to that setting to turn off the touch to click. Once I did that the trackpad was a better experience for me. What I like is that they’ve put all of the ports into the tablet portion of the device, so you get all of your ports with or without the keyboard attached and again the keyboard comes with it, so you have a full size, USB port. Here you also get a USB type c port. Also this is going to be used for charging, but you can also use it as an additional USB port, so they’re slowly we’re, slowly, starting to see the USB type c making its way into various devices. I should note, though, that both of these ports are operating at USB to speed so you’re not going to get the new faster speeds you get out of USB type c, or even a USB 3 speed out of either of these USB ports. These are USB 2.0 ports, so you’re going to max out it like four hundred megabits per second on both of those. So just keep that in mind: you’re not going to get high speed performance out of either port. You do also get an HDMI out here as well, so you can plug this in.

Have a USB device go and plug it into an external display? If you wish and you’ve got a microSD card slot here for augmenting its onboard storage, when I booted it up for the first time it had about 8.3 gigabytes free on the internal storage, so having a SD card slid in there might give you a little bit Extra space and you’ve got a Windows button right here on the side for getting back home when you’re in tablet mode. So if I push that button, of course we get that home screen back up the center point here does not work as that. So if you want your home button, there you’ve got to push it on the side. You’Ve got a volume rocker over here and then on the other side. Here we just have a headset, adapter and there’s a power switch on the top, and that is pretty much all of the ports and buttons that you’re going to have on it. Now the tablet portion weighs 1.3 pounds when it’s attached to the keyboard. The whole package is just under two and a half pounds at two point: four, eight pounds so pretty convenient to carry around pretty small and lightweight and again I’m really impressed with the keyboard typing comfort on it too. So a pretty nice all in one package that you can get it get the tablet when you want it, but you can also have it operate with its keyboard case here and it isn’t all that bulky the battery lasts about anywhere from seven to nine hours.

I was getting pretty much right in that range in my testing. In fact, when I was first using it, I always load in all my software, which does take a little bit of time and energy to do so, both on my part and on the computer’s part and was able to give me pretty much a whole day’s worth Of use on it too so it’s quite pleased with the battery life. On there there is a bunch of stuff that came installed. You get some of the NAG we’re from McAfee there’s, an HP thing, that’s running constantly there’s a couple other things that you might want to pop off on there too, so not a lot of junk ware but I’m, getting very sensitive to that. When I buy computers, I really don’t like to have all this stuff on there just like them to be clean. This one is not completely clean, so there are a couple of things you might want to uninstall, but nothing terribly alarming that came in on the box. So that’s the overall hardware let’s take a look now and see how it performs all right. We’Re going to run our usual barrage of tests on here, starting with the New York Times on the web’s, well load up the new edge browser and hit that address up and see how fast things render on screen. The overall render time feels pretty nicely it doesn’t have wireless AC. This is 2.

4 gigahertz only at Wireless n speed, so good enough for what the hardware will support and I did find that the browsing experience is pretty close to what I found on other low end tablets running with these atom processors. So it does feel on par with other devices there, but what kind of separates it at least from some of the other lower cost devices? Is the screen qualities? We’Ve got a nice IPS display on here. It looks really nice and rich and because it’s only 10 inches, even though it’s only 1280 by 800. It does look very nice. You don’t see a lot of pixelization and things are quite nice to read on screen. So again, a nice overall feel to how the web browsers on it. The next we’re going to check out is some web video at my youtube channel. So we’ll go there and watch that video come up and start playing automatically. So you can see how fast that happens. So a lot of stuff happening as the page is rendering here and there comes my video I’ll go fullscreen with this. This is playing at 1080p. But again, the display here is only 1280 by 800, so you could probably get away with the 720p version, but either way, though you can see it’s playing back just fine, the frame rate is decent. Now what you can’t see again, because we’re shooting the screen with my camera, is how nice the color looks on.

It is a really nice looking display I’m. Quite pleased with that. Of course, you can use the touch screen to start and stop here, but haven’t seen any lag on YouTube at all, even with the slower wireless here, it does seem to be playing back quite nicely on the octane test, which is something I run on. All of my computers that I test to see how it compares as far as far as its web browsing performance is concerned on the Chrome browser we scored. Six thousand four hundred and ninety six again puts it right in line with those other Adam Bay, Trail processors. A little bit behind, though, the Celeron chip that’s in the HP stream 11, which is that a 200 PC we looked at last year, but that processor is clocked a little bit higher than this. One is so you’ll see a little bit better performance out of there, but quite honestly, it’s not very noticeable in the screen on this one is so much better and of course, you get the flexibility of having a tablet when you want to so let’s. Take a look next at its Microsoft Word performance to see how we can get some work done on this thing. All right well load up our usual newsletter template that we look at on all of our devices here, also and see how fast we can scroll through the page. So again, this feels about what those other Atom chips feel like.

So if you saw some of my computer stick reviews or some of the other low end Windows tablets we’ve looked at this is about the same performance, but you can very easily work with something that’s a little bit more involved than maybe your standard Word document. So you can imagine, is writing out a paper for school or something is going to be just fine on here. Of course, we can start typing some text in here, and you can see it keeps up pretty well there and no review on this channel is complete without a little Minecraft. So you can see how well it runs on here. It actually runs very well on this computer. I have the Optifine plug in installed, which gives us a little bit of a performance boost over the basic Minecraft installation, but this is running with the fancy graphics and there is a version of Minecraft that is made just for Windows 10. But this is the original one that most people are still running and, as you can see, we’re getting really nice frame rates here, partly because this display is only 1280 by 800. So if you were looking at some of my other reviews, a lot of those other Bay Trail devices were plugged into a 1080p display and it was rendering more pixels. So that obviously slows it down. So, as you can see here running the original Minecraft on this device is really performing quite nicely.

One thing I did have to do was turn off the palm detection on the trackpad, so I could use the trackpad as well as move the character around here at the same time, but once I did that I was able to get everything to work pretty well And again, I’m very impressed with the frame rate here, sometimes going as high as 50 frames per second, usually hovering around 30 frames per second there’s another benchmark. I started running called the 3d more cloud gate and this is really a best kind of comparable to a modern game, something it uses a little bit more resources. Perhaps then minecraft might so. The pavilion here scored eleven hundred and forty five about five frames per second. On that test, which isn’t a lot but when you compare it to some of the other computers out there at its price point it’s about the same, my high end gaming computer, that I have at the top. There is really what you would normally run a game like that on, so you can see the kind of the performance differences between the low end here and the high end, but those of course cost a lot more. But for games like minecraft and a lot of the tablet games, you know fruit, ninja and that kind of stuff. You can have a really good gaming experience on here all right, one last thing to check out and that is it’s Kodi performance.

I have connected an external hard drive to its USB heroes having a hard time getting some of my blu ray mkv files. These are huge files stream over my wireless network to it, but the hard drive here seems to work just fine with that. So we’ll take a look at my Star Trek movie. I was watching earlier and, as you can see here, it spins up very quickly off the hard drive and I hadn’t had any drop frames or anything like that. It really played back quite nicely. So again, a really nice display to watch movies on and if you have you know, an SD card with some movies on there, they should play back just fine through Cody or Plex, and be a good viewing platform for that. So that is the Pavilion x2. I have to say this is a really nice computer. I would say really good for kids, because it’s, not all that expensive, you do get a full working version of windows on here. You’Ve got the tablet. Functionality to it very easy to put back together is not easy to break it by accident by snapping it back too far so there’s a lot of things they thought about that kids might put through it. It’S got a decent webcam for doing a Skype and other things on there and the keyboard, certainly the right size for little fingers, and I was surprised that it is as good as it is because it really is deceiving when you look at these tiny keys that You think it’s gon na be a crappy keyboard, but it actually is very functional as a keyboard.

Even for me, the touch type er who’s, very picky, about the keyboards that I use. So I was really pleased with that. A good selection of ports on the side and a really nice display that will playback movies quite well. You probably want to load movies on to an external device like a memory stick or a SD card, that you can stick in the side just to augment some of its limited storage. There is a 64 gigabyte version of this available. Also, that costs a little bit more, but I think you know for the performance you’re probably going to see about the same just by popping a SD card there in the side and storing your media on there. So it’ll work well to play up to a blu ray MKV, as you saw certainly lower impact movies you might buy from one of the online movie stores will work just as well on here too, and I have to say, it’s a good overall package.