. So today i have the sp pavilion laptop 13 with me right here and it’s the hp’s mainstream thin and light laptop, which has a lot of interesting things going on for it. We will be taking a look at all of that in detail, but before we do that, please make sure hit the subscribe button and also press the bell icon. So you don’t miss out on any of our future videos. Now that we’ve done that let’s get started. So the sp pavilion laptop 13 is powered by the 11th generation intel core i5 1135 g7 processor it’s got 16 gb of ddr4 memory, onboard a 512gb nvme ssd and there’s a 13.3 inch full hd display on the front. Besides that, you also get a 3 cell 43 watt hour battery inside and a fingerprint reader on the front that sits separately on the deck now quickly. Let’S just jump into the performance section to see how all the specs tie in together and the kind of performance that you would get out of this laptop on a day to day basis for the performance we’ll be taking a look at some of the benchmark numbers. First, so the 11th gen core i5 processor in this laptop is coupled with the intel, xe graphics. It comes standard on this sku and we don’t have any word about the amd or the nvidia variant on this laptop just yet. I ran all the benchmark programs on windows, best performance mode to get the best results, just putting it out there.

So you guys know the intel core. I5. 1135. G7 is a quad core cpu, based on 10 nanometer process. It has eight threads and has a max turbo frequency of 4.20 gigahertz on paper on pc mark 10, the pavilion laptop 13 managed to score 4704. When we tested its office centric benchmark tool. The score is higher than the me notebook 14 horizon edition. That was powered by the intel core i7 1071 used processor on cinebench r20. The pavilion laptop scored higher than what the dell xps had managed to score with its intel core i7 106.g7. When we tested it. I got similar results on cinebench, r15 and r11.5. When i tested those two programs on this laptop and the results were better than most of the laptop that we had tested here at digit on a similar price point, so the pressure on this laptop is definitely no slouch for testing the gpu. I loaded the 3dmark’s firestrike benchmark and ended up with a score of 2909, putting it high up on the list of mainstream laptop that we have tested here. I was just glad that i was able to run most of the benchmarks on this laptop without any hiccups. It is always a good sign because most of the laptops in this price range tend to just break down. When you run these benchmark for the real world test, i entered the testing process with an open mind. I had my expectations in check in terms of what the laptop can and cannot do in terms of the day to day performance and honestly, i was just pleasantly surprised by the kind of performance that i was getting out of this laptop.

The laptop managed to hold its own without giving up on me at any point. It was easily able to handle the chrome browser with about 25 to 30 tabs spread across multiple windows, so switching between them was also a breeze and it was comfortably sitting in the background, while i was working on something more resource intensive like say, photo editing. I also did some gaming on this laptop or well. You can say i tried gaming on this laptop, but obviously it was not able to hold its own. I mean you can still play games like grand theft, auto 5, but please don’t expect any insane performance out of this laptop it’s, not a gaming laptop by any means and that’s. Why we didn’t put it through our usual set of tests that we perform on dedicated gaming machines, lighter esports title like cs go and apex legends are playable on this laptop. As long as you don’t crank up the settings, it will get noticeably warm to touch on both the front on the keyboard and the bottom, but isn’t anything major. It never got to a point where i felt uncomfortable using it. So. Lastly, i tested the 512gb nvme ssd on this laptop using the crystal disk mark test, and i ran all the sequential rewrite tests, along with a bunch of other tests and the results for that will be displayed on your screen right now. It is not as fast as some of the other machines like hp’s own spectre x360, but it’s serviceable for a mainstream laptop at this price.

Moving on to the display, the sp pavilion laptop 13 comes with a 13.3 inch. Full hd ips display with an aspect. Ratio of 16 is to 9.. You get a 720p sd camera on the front which is decent and the display is surrounded by plastic bezels on all four sides. We use calman’s portrait, display color meter to scratch the surface of this display and pull out a lot of details. First of all, i like to mention that the display is highly uncalibrated out of the box, with some delta e values being way off. The delta e value for those of you who don’t know, is basically the difference between what the actual value should be versus the value that we got on this particular laptop. When we test it, we are looking at an average grayscale delta e value of 3.5 and the color checker analysis tells us that some colors are way off. We recorded high delta l values for some darker shades that make them look very pale. The blue color, for instance, had a lot of issues. The delta e numbers are way off for those scenes involving the color blue, like blue sky, the blue flowers and more sadly, even a manual color. Calibration won’t completely fix the issue. So what does all those value that we pulled out of the color meter actually means, for your day to day usage? Well, first of all, it’s very evident that the display on this laptop is not exactly ideal for your day to day color sensitive work.

The panel was only able to reproduce 60 and ‘ of srgb and dci p3 color space accurately, which means there are better laptop displays out there for your day to day media consumption like watching, netflix content, etc. Overall, i think the display on the xp boiled in laptop it’s pretty decent in its class. Yes, it could be better but it’s perfectly serviceable for day to day usage. The full hd resolution display makes it for some crisp visuals on the smaller 13.3 inch panel, and it has great viewing angles too. That being said, there are certain things that i don’t like about these laptops i’m, just going to be talking about all of them. Right now, first of all, it’s glossy, which is not very desirable or even necessary for that matter, since there’s no touchscreen input on top of that, the maximum brightness of 269 nits makes it quite difficult to use the laptop outdoors. Outdoor visibility can definitely be a pain for users and direct sunlight will completely wash out the display. The sp volume laptop packs, a three cell 43 watt hour battery in its relatively small chassis. Yes, i wasn’t expecting some crazy times here, but the battery life felt pretty short on wi fi and at peak brightness i was only able to get about 5 hours of real world usage with the performance mode set in favor of the battery. My usage on a typical workday includes things like researching and writing stories on website editing image for the same constant pings on whatsapp and streaming music via bluetooth.

So, i would say, is to carry a charger every time you step outside. With this laptop, you can get a little bit more usage out of it by lowering the screen brightness, but don’t expect it to do some crazy numbers in the pc marked in modern office battery life test. The sp pavilion laptop lasted for ‘4 minutes, but what’s good about the battery, however, is that it doesn’t take too long to fully charge charging the laptop from a dead state to full capacity, takes a little over an hour and a half thanks to the hp fast Charge you can charge up to 50 of the battery in just 30 minutes. The laptop can also be charged via usbc, but it ships with the proprietary barrel charger. The hp, pavilion laptop 13 features a standard keyboard with backlit keys. You can’t change the colors of the light, but you get an option to adjust the brightness. The keys are mushy and shallow, which means your key presses are probably going to be less satisfying, depending on the kind of keyboard you’re coming from that being said, it’s not a bad keyboard by any means and it’s very easy to get used to the touchpad. As you can see is quite small, it feels cramped with the small form factor and you might want to consider investing on an external mouse. The touchpad itself is very accurate and i had no issues gliding, my fingers over it. It supports windows, precision drivers, so the cursor control is smooth and gestures are very reliable.

Moving on to the ports, there are two usb a ports and a usb c port that are compatible with both power delivery and display board. You also get a hdmi 2 point. Port and a headphone microphone, combo there’s, also a micro sd card reader, which, during my testing, i was able to transfer about 1gb of files in roughly about 11 seconds i’d, say the laptop has plenty of ports in its small chassis coming to the design of this Laptop, i have a lot of good things to say about this right now, so the pavilion branding usually reminds me of one of those older laptops that are, you know, big and bulky that that are basically made to reflect their price tags, but this one on the Other hand is actually completely different. The laptop’s aesthetic, however, took me by surprise. It instantly made me think of hp’s more expensive laptops from the spectre series that are second to none when it comes to design. I absolutely love how pavilion laptop 13 has inherited. Many of the design features of the spectre, and even the nv series hp has done a great job and the end result is a product that looks classy. The laptop just looks more premium than what its price tag would suggest. It only weighs 1.24 kgs, which makes it very comfortable to carry around its thin and light profile, makes it even better to just throw it in the laptop sleeve or carry around without any hassle.

But as someone who has spent a lot of time with this laptop, i do have a couple of things to point out. First of all, the laptop is made out of plastic and that’s particularly noticeable because it is susceptible to flexing push down on the center of the keyboard, deck and you’ll notice. A substantial dip. The inner bezels around the display are also made out of plastic, which looks cheap on an otherwise terror. Looking laptop, the bottom chin is also slightly thicker than the other sides. The lid of the laptop opens to a max angle of about 140 degrees. The base of the laptop also lifts up ever so slightly when the lid is open all the way, it’s nothing significant, but definitely opens up some space for air to escape. The sp pavilion laptop 13 also comes with dual speaker placed at the bottom of the device. These speakers are tuned by bno and they get decently loud. They don’t come near anywhere close to the speakers on some premium laptops, but are good enough to fill your ears when you’re not using a pair of headphones. So, overall, this is an extremely well built machine that will impress you the moment you look at it it’s actually quite refreshing to see all these mainstream laptop, getting a slick and classy look. In fact, i would go as far as to say that it compares to the dell xps 13, which we absolutely love for its build quality, it’s, that good the sp oil in laptop 13 is priced at rs, 71, 999 in india, and at that price you get An intel core, i5, 1135 g7 with intel, xc graphics, a good full hd display 16 gb of ram and 512gb of m.

2 mdma ssd. All that is wrapped in a chassis that looks and feels great to use. This laptop also earns some brownie points from me for inheriting some premium features from the spectre and the nvc’s as well. What i don’t like much about this laptop, unfortunately, is its battery life. Hp can definitely put in more work to make it last a little longer. I can get used to the small touchpad, but the battery life is definitely not something that i can turn a blind eye towards, but buying that the sp pavilion laptop 13 is just perfect in almost every aspect and it’s. Just a no brainer in this price point. Well, that was it for the review of the sp pavilion laptop 13..