This is the box. I have one of my trusty. I have my dad and trusty assistant nightglass here, hello, hello, everyone – and this is an hp, pavalon gaming laptop pavilion, pavilion. Sorry and it has some of these let’s read the specifications. So why don’t you read each one intel core um: i 5 10 300 h, processor, uh, 25, 256 gigabyte, solid state drive, no optical drive windows, 10, 3 cell 52.5, wh that’s, the battery okay, um, eight gigabytes, ddr4, sd, ram 15.6 inch, ips led display and nvidia Geforce gtx 1053 gigabyte, graphics card, okay, so, okay, i don’t know if there’s anything else, let’s just see what else. Okay, oh there’s, something right here. Oh, i think that’s just the same thing: same information, yep, intel, processor, okay, let’s, see what’s on the other side, um. Nothing else: okay, so um let’s, just wait because light doggies, just getting us the scissors, no i’ve got something here. Oh never mind: okay, nevermind, okay, okay, so this is just our fan: we’re just unboxing the family, computer it’s going to be for family uses and possibly gaming, videos, game, videos and general uses. So let’s get unboxing okay. So here it is fancy whoa that looks cool and we looked at this at the score beforehand. So we know what kind of to expect – and here is this – is the charging cable and stuff is that correct, looks like the charging Applause, cable, cable, the charging, cable? Turning cable extension, cord, okay, that’s, cool, okay, let’s, see if there’s anything else.

Oh, oh, oh, is there anything paper in there beforehand. I thought we we bought a mouse that i’m going to use. This is going to be my mouse, and these are the so here’s. The instructions – okay, so we’re, going to be using the english ones. These are the instructions so step. One is gon na be what insert the charging okay let’s go through all the instructions, one by one: okay, let’s, just look through what’s, going on okay, so step one charge put in the charging table and stuff step, two um i’m, not sure what that is. Plugging that into a usb port – oh yeah, okay, it seems like it’s the power, maybe pushing the power button. Oh that’s, probably a power button, yeah step three i’ll be connecting to the internet, wi, fi and internet okay. Let’S see what other oh let’s review the components on the laptop, so the number one, the internal microphones, the camera, wireless antennas, um touchpad windows and hardware, good, oh there’s, more on the hdmi, the hdmi port, the usb port, the rj50 45 45 ethernet cable, ethernet, usb Type c port memory card reader and the drive light the audio out, the auto out for headphones for microphone, jack, two usb ports and a power connector okay and then some other information which i don’t think we need yeah. So, oh here’s, some more okay, okay! This is we won’t go through this in detail, but okay.

So if you want windows information, some instructions for using pad okay, um, okay: well, can you get all the packaging off i’m just going to go talk to light doggy, okay, so what’s that this is i’m? Guessing the charging port or something that’s, the i don’t know exactly what it’s called just uh. Okay, so he’s also here say: hi hello: this is going to be our family, computer yeah, so yeah and, and me and light doggy may be posting some minecraft videos. Gaming videos be precise. We both like we both like minecraft, so fingers crossed we’ll, be able to play on here, yep, okay, so we’re almost at the end here, okay, so this is actually looking from the rear wow the laptop. I never noticed this is so cool because at the store we can only look at the front fence for air air airflow hp, let’s, look underneath the more vents cavallone of pavilion pavilion and then some other stuff, some vents and some little support, but feet yeah raise It up to keep it up so there’s some space on the bottom. Okay, let’s see if there’s anything else so here’s the front view so it’s a little thicker, because it’s a gaming laptop but it’s also pretty thin. All things considered and then okay, because it’s not it’s a laptop, not a computer, pc combo, so yeah i’m just going to lower the camera a bit so that we can get a better view: i’m guessing it’s, so pretty yeah.

We chose it just especially so so that’s, the computer, pretty nice let’s put it like that, pretty and pretty nice and apparent and light doggy, this lights up the keyboard yay the keys kind of light up so let’s let’s, look at the keyboard a bit so qwerty It’S called the qwerty keyboard, because q q, w e r t y, but some things i like about it, are the enter key – is a full enter key it’s, not one of those vertica, those vertical ones, it’s a horizontal, okay, that’s cool – and this is a special Thing and it’s got a number pad on the right side too, so it’s a full keyboard, most keyboards won’t have this yeah, but ours has this like. This? Is your new, your normal thing and now we have a little number pad nice and then, where shows the button for the backlit, i think it was uh this one, this one f5 shadow donkey. Yes and here’s the power button up here at the top that’s power button here’s this i’m guessing this is speaker speaker, maybe vents i’m, not sure yeah. I want to see it light. Let’S look at the ports, so this is the headphones and headset. I guess yes, usb 2 usbs and then also get my mouse yeah, the usb or yeah the mouse, because we need this to plug into one of those. So this goes in here. This is a logi. This is a logi tech, logitech logi.

I call it logitech. Okay, i call it logitech that’s the ethernet rj45 that’s usbc and then this is the file thing, because we need a file for our camera that’s for memory cards like our camera memory card. So we can upload videos. Yes, can i always say this is pretty? Can i only say pretty for the rest of the video, because this is so, i think we’re pretty much done so well.