You got a convertible. You have pen support. Obviously you have the port as well intel 10th generation, core i3, i5, i7 cpus we’re, going to look at it now, but first a shout out to our sponsor ifixit when they asked me to do a couple of placements for them. I said well sure, because i’ve been using your tools for years no brainer, so they make tools for opening up electronics, be it laptops, phones, gopros, game consoles, you name it so they send us a couple of kits like the manta kit, which is a whole lot Of different bit drivers, including some very obscure ones, believe me, you probably won’t ever need something that isn’t in this kit and then for more generalized, something for everybody, every kind of device. There is the pro tec tool kit, which is around 69 or so so. You’Ve got your usual things that you need plastic splungers. The guitar pick kind of tools, little little things that you can use to pry off the difficult adhesive on this particular hp, laptop or even which you can see also is the starter kit that was my personal kits about 25 dollars. So all the basics are covered. Very high quality tools with a lifetime guarantee, so you know how it is with tools, high quality tools, don’t tend to strip out your screws and they also well. They do last be sure to visit the link in the description to check out their tool kits now.

Back to our video, so i have to say that hp is really killing it on their affordable laptops. This does not look like a six hundred dollar laptop, to say the least. Yes, not every bit of this is made of metal the bottom on. It is plastic that sort of thing, but it’s got a nice classy looking chassis, so it sits below the hp envy line. We just recently reviewed the 2020 hp envy that one happens to have amd ryzen inside and obviously below the much more expensive spectre. So it’s not going to be as thin and light and pretty and all metal as a specter, for example, but it’s pushing pretty close to the looks and the style of the envy granted, not completely metal parts but hey in terms of weight. It’S, not bad. Three and a half pounds: you can see the weight in kilograms on screen here and they got a little bit thinner for this year. It’S 18 millimeters it used to be 19.7. Yes, i know things keep getting thinner and thinner. Do we need that? Well, hey! It does look nice that way: there’s a 14 inch display ips, and you have two options. Well, technically, three options: you have a 720p or hd display which probably nobody wants. But if you’re really on a tight budget, you might buy then there’s the full hd 250 nit display they’re all ips and that’s, the one that we have and it actually rates a little bit higher than that.

According to our colorimeter for brightness and then there’s a 400 nit option for those who need to work in bright and sunny places too so for the price that’s, nothing to complain about, and it supports the hp pen – and we have the latest generation that they sent Us, as far as i know, that is sold separately, it’s microsoft pin protocol 2.0, which is entry technology and that’s the latest available, and i do see improvements here over previous hp’s using the older pen protocol in terms of line smoothness, and this one supports tilt too Yay that i use as a usbc mini rechargeable cables, recharging cable. Rather so you can recharge the pen not have to go and source quadruple a batteries. So if you’re going to do note, taking if you’re just making your first jump into digital artwork and you need something really affordable and versatile. Well there’s that it’s available with intel core i3 i5 and i7 ice lake cpus, the i3 and the ipha 5 have intel. Uhd integrated graphics, the i7 has iris plus graphics. When you get into that i7 model, you’re looking, you know, of course, you’re going to get more ram, you’re going to get 16 gigs of ram a 5 12 gig ssd and the full hd display on that you’re. Looking at about twelve hundred and fifty dollars, though so it’s less compelling, i think for those who are looking for the model that we have the core i5 that’s, where you’re getting a lot free money.

Now it has eight gigs of ram and the 256 gig nvme ssd it’s an intel, optane ssd. The ram on this is actually upgradeable, we’re, going to take a look at the internals and discover that, even though hp discourages you from opening it up, it’s, not the end of the world. Our 8 gig model is single channel because it has a single ram so dim, but there are two slots, so you could go up to dual channel by adding another 8 gig module, which is not expensive or you can order it with 16 gigs, and that would Be dual channel. Obviously, you could go even higher, given the fact that you have two slots if you need even more ram, but most people shopping for an ultrabook in this price range. Probably don’t want that much ram anyway. There’S a couple of different wi fi cards available. We have wi fi, six and intel 200 card, but most of the listings that i found on hp’s site are wi fi five cards, which is perfectly acceptable for this price range performance, is, as you would expect, for an intel 10th gen. U series ultrabook, which is to say fine. You don’t, have to spend more money to get the same cpu the same performance on here as a pretty decent sized fan inside thermals on this were fine. Noise was not bad, so it’s up to anything, you usually do with an ultrabook whether it’s ms office or streaming video doing some photoshop it’s got the chops to do some photoshop, certainly video editing.

I always like to use a more powerful laptop. I know a lot of you, can’t afford or don’t want something that big and, if you’re, just doing some casual video editing sure you can do that as well in terms of the port selection on this it’s quite good, actually you’re an hdmi 2.0 port, so yay That hook it up to your tv or a monitor, no problem and since it’s 2.0 you can do 4k at 60hz and we have usba 3.2 gen 2 ports on this and one usb c, gen 2 port that supports displayport and obviously, data transfer and charging other Devices they don’t say that it supports charging in this comes with a compact, 45 watt charger and it uses a little barrel pin connector. We also have a full size, sd card slot and, of course, a headphone jack, and if you go with the 4g lte model, there’s a nano sim card slot on the side and you poke open just like you would on your phone to access the sim card. Slot it’s cat 9 lte according to hp by the way typical of today’s ultrabooks. The keyboard doesn’t have a super, a lot of travel but it’s in within the range of normal, your 1.3 to 1.5 millimeter time travel, it’s, comfy and comfy enough. It doesn’t feel mushy or anything like that. The keys have good spring for a laptop in this price range. It’S, not bad. Our model does not have keyboard backlight, but the keys are pretty visible, being black with white masking on them.

As a microsoft, precision trackpad that works just absolutely fine. The speakers on this are the usual bang. Olufsen branded and they’re pretty decent again, given the price range and the size of the laptop they don’t have a super lotta bass, but they’re, not bad they’re, not buzzy and they’re. Reasonably loud for battery life. We have a 43 watt hour battery, which is fairly typical for a laptop of this size, and you get a very compact, 45 watt charger which again connects using a barrel, pin connector on it, and battery life has been. We have the core i5 mod with 8 gigs of ram 256 gig ssd and the full hd display battery life has been fine about six to seven hours of mixed moderate use office streaming video doing a little bit of photoshop if you’re doing lighter use. I think you could probably push this one out even further. Okay to get inside mind you hp, describes this as not user serviceable, but that’s only because they keep using the little or not so little, but the rubber strips here that cover over the screw areas. There is one visible phillips head screw right there, but the others are not. So you have to lift up the rubber strips carefully, and this is what it looks like notice, there’s, a little hole and it’s going to match with a little hole here to help it snap in place. Aha, so these come off after you lift them up carefully.

Use some i’m using this ifixit pry tool here to get it started. You’Ll notice, there’s this layer of adhesive goo here very carefully pry up from the corner to raise this adhesive. You don’t have to take the entire strip off there’s, only a screw here and one over here, and the same story is true for the back area as well, so unscrew, those four and then pry off the bottom cover. You can’t use a suction cup on this because it’s too highly textured, it’s suction couple and grip. So i use one of the guitar pick style. Tools to work off from behind the hinge is usually a good place where you can start to work your way under and then get off. The plastic clips all right trauma over now i’ve lifted up this cover. We have a little rf and heat shield going on over here. This is like one of those like ultra tidy little things that hp has going here a little bit of tape holding it on. I peeled it up, but you really don’t have to put that back on. So that shows the look at that the boners inside two ram slots, something you wouldn’t expect from something that the manufacturer describes is not really user serviceable because look, you can upgrade it. So this is why we have single channel right here because they put one eight gig module in our model right here, but put another 8 gig in you have dual channel.

You get the idea there, so that’s really actually very sweet, especially for a laptop in this price range. Pretty good size fan right here, aha, more gooey tape and underneath that this is where the m.2 ssd goes yet another little cover underneath there. And then there is some cooling material on top of the ssd a little bit off center there and right here is the 4g lte card, because we have that option with our model. They list an intel card. This one is branded as fibocom cat9 lte. At any rate is what hp is claiming for this one, but wait there’s more appealing to be done. If you wanted to get to the wi fi card, it actually is socketed. Right here hp seems to use a variety of wi fi cards. Ours is actually an intel, wi fi six card uh, but there are wi fi five cards too, on the specs page, depending on what you order, it’s up to you to whether that’s particularly important, how fancy pants your router is really and lastly, there’s the 43 watt Hour battery and that’s it for our internals, so that’s, the hp, pavilion x360 14 inch. Big props for the looks and the build quality in this price range a little ding on the fact that it’s a little annoying to take off those rubber strips to get inside, and then you discover my god. You have things like ram slots, it’s great, to see 4g lte in a consumer laptop and especially in this price range as well.

My complaint would be well the display it’s hp, so you know it’s super glossy, so you might want to get the brightest possible model to mitigate that. Obviously the color gamut on this is not great but that’s fair for the price. It doesn’t look as bad as it measures, but the pwm for those who are sensitive to that yeah that’s. A little annoying i’m lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos and thumbs up.