X360 is undoubtedly one of the most popular two in one laptops out there and in late 2022 it was refreshed with the latest internals. This configuration in particular is rocking Intels, i5, 1235u processor, 8 gigabytes of ddr4 memory in a dual Channel configuration. We also have a 512 gigabyte, solid state drive. Additionally, we have Intels integrated Iris XC Graphics. Now we do have a slightly dated Wi Fi 6 adapter on board, though we also have Bluetooth 5.3 standards on board as well. Additionally, we have a 15.6 inch. Full HD touch captive convertible display on board. There is a lot to talk about in regard to this laptop and Im. Pretty excited so lets get right into it in terms of packaging contents. It comes in a pretty generic looking cardboard box with HP branding on it. Now, once you proceed to open the actual box itself, youll find a few things for. Firstly, of course, the laptop itself remove all that protective packaging around it, and here you have it the he Pavilion X360. Now you also have a 45 watt charging adapter, given that this is a? U series processor, this makes sense. What I dont like is that theres no USBC charging out of the box, whether you get a proprietary pin right here past, that you have the Standard wall, outlet, charging, cable piece. And finally, you have the quick start, warranty and regulation information packed conveniently in this envelope. Right here from a design perspective, the HD Pavilion X360 looks very similar to previous generation.

So you still have those sharp linear edges. You do have inverted curves and you still have those flush hinges at the back side with metal, enforced brackets and youll also notice. You still have that same iconic, HP, silver, color, youll, probably love or hate its up to you with that said, this laptop does have an approximate weight of about 3.95 pounds, making it more or less in range for a 2 in 1, 15 inch laptop now, starting With the top side, youll notice, you have a nice high quality metallic finish, no particular texture, its smooth and conservative in nature. However, at the center you do have a reflective HP logo and just a fair warning. This thing is a bit of a fingerprint magnet, even though the rest of the body isnt still here, Im so happy to see that, if youre enjoying what youre seeing over here, please consider subscribing to this Channel and liking this video its just me over here. I have to do everything from recording to scripting, to reviewing to researching, to editing and ultimately publishing it here for you to see and its a lot of hard work by subbing for this channel. You make it all worth it. Thank you. So much for watching lets, keep going on. The sides of this laptop is where youll find all the i o Port. So on one side you have two usb a superspeed ports. You have the DC charging port itself.

On the other side, you will find a modern HDMI, 2.1 port, a USBC Port that has power delivery as well as DisplayPort functionality, but it is not tundrable to force certified. You have this large air exhaust vent, followed by a headphone jack Im, a little disappointed here, because, frankly, there should be a SD card reader, at least one more USBC Port, given that this is a two in one machine and versatility should be a priority here. The bottom of the laptop is pretty standard stuff. You have a plastic surface finish here, youll also notice. You have a rather narrow air intake vent, and this is a little concerning in terms of thermals, but more on that a little bit later past that you do have two speaker grilles one on either Corner meaning. This is a bottom firing, stereo speaker setup upon unfolding. This laptop, you are greeted by a high quality metallic inner chassis that looks as sturdy as it feels now. On top of that, youll also notice. You have a decent amount of palm rest space here, which is one of the biggest benefits of getting a slightly larger 15 inch laptop. But the real key star here is that generously spaced track pad. So aside from having a lot of surf real estate, one of the key improvements here compared to pre generations is that theres a significantly less Flex on this trackpad, its way more tactile. The calibration is on point and HP has definitely taken this component up a notch.

Im on good terms with the keyboard here as well, because you have well labeled keys and the keycaps themselves, arent finicky, theyre, actually quite sturdy and reliable. On top of that, the keyboard is naturally fully backlit and you have the inclusion of a 10 key number pad. Now, youll also notice, you have a built in fingerprint scanner directly beneath the number pad itself. As far as the typing experience is concerned, its pretty good but not leading in this segment, so you do have a decent amount of key travel and the actual keystrokes are quite tactile in nature, but still nowhere as good as the likes of the IdeaPad 5 series. For example, hinge quality is of the utmost importance, given that this is a two in one machine and Im happy to report that, for the most part, the hinges are well tuned. They dont wobble a whole lot. They are slightly more on the stiff side, but thats. Okay, because hinges tend to get loose over time, and naturally you have a full 360 degree tilt again because its a two in one device. Now, as far as display fitting is concerned, you do have a 89 screen to body ratio, which basically means you have a fairly thin chin at the bottom, with some he branding the bezels are pretty narrow, though not the Narrows Ive seen in this class segment, and You also have a fairly thin forehead at the bottom whats. Not okay is that God, forsaken 720p webcam, I dont know how HP thinks its okay to have this on a mid range laptop in late 2022, 2023.

But here we are in the display Department. Things start out, okay enough, but then quickly start going on a downhill. So, starting with the good stuff, you have a modest full HD display here, which equates to a 16×9 aspect ratio and a standard 60 hertz refresh rate. You also have a high quality IPS panel with fantastic viewing angles now, youll also be happy to know. You have a full multi touch 10 point system here, which means you have full compatibility with both your fingers as well as hps MPP, 2.0 stylus, and by the way the stylus comes included with the laptop in this region anyway, and its fantastic. Its got a great light quality build and I like it overall plus its USBC rechargeable now past that this is where things start getting gloomy. You still have a 45 ntsd color rating, which means things look super washed out. This is now probably the fifth year where HP has not improved the color rating by even one percent, its frankly disappointing and thats putting it lightly. But to make matters even worse, you have a mere 250 nits Peak brightness combine this with the ultra glossy screen. You have here and its a glitter disaster recipe. So basically, if youre using this in super bright settings, its practically impossible to see the screen keep in mind. This is the base configuration here. You can also opt to get this in a more powerful i7 with up to 16 gigabytes of ddr4 memory.

With that said, even with the base configuration day to day activities like HD content streaming and web browsing work, just fine, even more intensive activities like web coding and 3D modeling are totally doable on here, even again, with the base configuration. But where things start getting choppy is when you start doing intensive activities like 4K video editing, youll get frequent frame drops you do get the occasional lag and its just not a very healthy experience. When you have multi layer editing going on, I highly recommend opting for the more powerful i7 16 gigabyte configuration if thats your workflow. Now gaming is in a similar situation. So games like fortnite do struggle to maintain a healthy 30 frames per second, even at just medium settings, which means youll frequently find yourself playing most games on the lowest possible settings. If you want a healthy frame rate, keep in mind, this is not a gaming machine, but upgrading these specs will definitely help in that case, in terms of thermals things, arent too bad, so under unrealistic Peak loads, you can hit a maximum surface temperature of Just Around 43 degrees Celsius, but more realistic, sustained loads will yield you around ‘ degrees Celsius, which is just ever so slightly above average for this class of laptops. Now, with that said, fan noise isnt bad either. Given you only have a single fan on board, so you can hit a maximum of 43 decibels which really isnt all that loud, and it only happens when you really push this laptop to its limit for sustained periods in terms of battery life.

You can realistically expect about nine and a half hours on a single charge, given the activities that weve mentioned here now. With that said, of course, your battery life will vary depending on what youre doing with this laptop and how intensity task is in terms of the speaker quality. Like I mentioned earlier, you have a bottom firing, stereo speaker set up here and the sound quality, while not industry, leading isnt bad. Have a quick, listen for yourself, Music, with an estimated value for about 970 US Dollars. The Pavilion X360 definitely is a mid range laptop. Make no mistake about it. Its two in one functionality, combined with the fact that the HP MPP 2.0 pen is included in most regions, make it a decent value. Things that hold it back are pretty noticeable, including its lackluster display quality. The fact that HP still is okay with giving a 45 ntsc rating just isnt. All that great other things that could improve include the fact that it has a poor iodiversity going on overall and an SD card should have been standard. However, there are things that have improved that I mentioned earlier, like the trackpad and keyboard. For example, you also get decent battery life and all the cool efficiencies that come with a u series chip, but if you really want to get the best value, I do think the i7 16 gigabytes of RAM is the ideal touch point. If youre trying to get the most performance for Price overall, let me know what you think of the X360, whether or not youd be interested in getting one and as always, if you enjoyed the content, please consider subbing to the channel and liking this video.

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