. Now this is a very budget. Centric model 1199. Us, in fact, since i put up my unboxing it already sold out, we’ve got an amd, ryzen, 5 5600 h, six core processor and nvidia rtx 3060 16 gigs of ram, which is upgradable as well as a half terabyte nvme ssd, also upgradeable. In fact, there is a second bay uh: they surround the battery and wi fi six and a 15.6 inch 144hz refresh rate full hd ips panel, minimal, backlight, bleed let’s, take a look and a listen to the performance of the speakers and display right now, brightness by The way is all the way down. I will bring it up so you’re able to see that Music speakers are at 100 and now i’m just going to bring up the brightness. So you can see what i’m talking about you can see. It’S looking blown out now and for good reason, Music, bring it back down so what’s the takeaway from this. I think clearly, this full hd 15 and a half uh inch ips panel is more than adequate. I think it’s going to satisfy the majority of users, especially at this budget, and i think that overall so far, i am really impressed with the quality that hp has delivered again at a price point. That is pretty much unheard of. The ryzen processor performs most of its intel counterparts in this class and then, of course, the nvidia rtx 3060, with a max tdp of 100 watts isn’t going to perform the way you would find in a beefier gaming laptop that has max power, but it’s still going To be able to give you great performance across the board, at least from what i’ve tested so far, so let’s jump out of this.

Another thing i want to talk about is the audio quality, so the audio quality that you just heard, i think, is perfectly fine. In fact, i think it’s actually cleaner than what i’m getting out of the lenovo legion 5 pro, which is also an excellent gaming, laptop also budget oriented. Although of course, pricing has been all over the place. It is actually also on sale right now, but focusing on the omen. The audio here is cleaner i’m. Not getting any form of reverb build quality seems to be excellent. Again. We don’t have one of those new 16 inch panels. Hp has a different offering for that, but i still think this is going to appeal to a wide variety of users. You have the omen software you can play with. Of course, performance here fan speed, all of that good stuff, but, more importantly, let’s talk about how this thing is benchmarking. So right there you can see uh my current time spy score for those of you are wondering if i ran this uh plugged into the mains of course and in performance mode, and i went out of my way to manually – set the fans to maximum just so That i could ensure that we were getting the best performance possible granted, it does get pretty loud. This is still a very good score. I mean again 1200 us dollars before tax. One of the things i like about hp is that if you decide to purchase a warranty from them, they will refund it.

If you don’t end up using it and that’s something you will rarely find. I i don’t know of any other manufacturer that does that so that’s another good thing, but this is an admirable score. It means that basically most aaa titles that you’re going to run you’re going to have no problem with. You can see right there battlefield 5 at 1440., this isn’t 1440. remember 1080p. Ultra over 100 frames, uh apex legends 135 gta over 75. Fortnight i mean it goes on and on so. The idea here is that the cpu gpu display they are all going to work as they should no bottlenecks. Nothing holding you back if you want something more premium. There are other options, of course, where you’re going to spend a lot more money, but this so far in the time i’ve spent with it brief, but still really impressive it at its price, i’m kind of in shock. What hp, amd and nvidia have pulled together in this build now the keyboard is excellent. I am an hp keyboard fan. I also really like lenovo. They both do some of the best work in the business when it comes to keyboards. But i have to say i even like the font that hp went with here, love that we have led uh notification; well, not notification, but leds on the power button, as well as uh the mute button. These are things more. Manufacturers need to step into doing i’m, not sure why they don’t it’s, just a simple convenience and something that we should have now.

There is a webcam front and center no privacy switch. So if you’re wondering about that it’s absent, why i can’t tell you but of course that’s easily fixed with a you know: small magnet from amazon, one of those little covers and you’re good to go, not an ideal solution, but an easy way to supplant uh. The fact that we do not have a dedicated uh switch for privacy, the webcam, not anything special again. This is the usual routine. With most manufacturers you can’t expect much, but at five and a half pounds without its power, brick again performance from cpu gpu. Everything is in line let’s talk about the hynix half terabyte nvme drive that comes with this. I was not surprised with its performance, some best in class overall capability and that’s. Why so many manufacturers hp among many others, my asus g15 lean on hynix for their half terabyte and one terabyte drives because they do give some really impressive, read: write speed again still inside of the current generation, we’re transitioning to gen 4 drives, but until then this Is still top of the line? So if you get this build with a half terabyte you’re, not unless you need more capacity, i will tell you from a read, write perspective performance wise. This is going to do everything that you want it to you’re, not going to be upset with what comes stock. Of course. To me, a half terabyte is fairly small, but again, at this price point really hard to beat the specifications and upgradeability that this machine has to offer.

I mean hp does give you a pathway to really making this machine last longer. I feel that many other manufacturers, my asus g15, would be one that i’d point at. I love the g15, but the reality is is that it doesn’t feel like a machine that’s made to last build quality. Here is surprisingly good combination of aluminum and polycarbonate. You know the bezel at the bottom of the display fairly thick, but i like the subdued overall look uh, the back lighting on the keyboard is not rgb, um, it’s, basic back lighting and i think that’s, all that’s really necessary. Some people will wish they had put in a numerical. You know pad keypad. I don’t think it’s a big deal that we don’t have a numpad. I think that again, the symmetry, the font, the key travel, the touchpad everything works as it should it’s, not a perfect machine. I would say right now. The drawback i can see very clearly is battery life. So if you’re wondering what is the achilles of the hp omen 15 in this configuration, i have to point to the battery. So in my unboxing i had said that i hoped we would see something around five to six hours right now. It’S, looking like three to four is realistic territory. Now, if you plan on never disconnecting this you’re not going to have a problem, if you plan on disconnecting this you’re going to have to at least understand that you’re not going to be a road warrior with this machine, but again we’re still in a pandemic.

If you’re working from home gaming from home – and this is going to stay, docked, that’s not going to be an issue, so what is left i’m not seeing anything so far with thermals granted, i’ve only had a few days with the machine, but everything looks fine. Nothing looks stressed if i had to point to some critiques because i’ve, given a lot of praise to this machine, i would say that at its price point again hard to really be incredibly critical of what hp has brought together. But the i o is on the fairly weak side i’m, going to show that to you right now and i think that’s something that everybody needs to be aware of, but again fit and finish really like no question about it: the color scheme i’m, not at all Bothered by the omen logo, i don’t care that we don’t have something lit up here. That bothers me more than anything in a lot of cases. But when i say the i o it’s, not that hp hasn’t thought of giving you basically everything you need because they have. I mean you have type c with power delivery. So you can charge this using a traditional type c, 65 watt or higher. You have display port out. You have two type a’s, nothing on the back, except ventilation and on the bottom for that matter, and then on the other side, we have the dedicated power port now in terms of charging.

What hp has estimated for the dedicated charging time is accurate, so about an hour and a half is where i’m sitting right now to get a full charge out of this ethernet another type, a port that also supports power, delivery, hdmi out uh, audio combo jack, any Full size, sd card slot that i love now would i have liked to have seen another type c port on this sure, but again uh. Even if i were to be critical of the i o on this machine, i feel, like i’m, being unfair, considering its 1200 price tag. Now, if this were sitting at 15 or 1600, that would be another story, but it’s not it’s a 1200 machine and there’s a reason. It’S sold out basically instantly since i posted it. I mean it had been in stock for a few days, but i guess enough. People caught up with the fact that it was in stock. You can easily open this if that wasn’t already obvious with a single hand. So if that’s, something you’re looking for you’re, not going to have an issue there and again right now, it’s looking like battery life and basically the the one thing i’ve noticed in the build quality. That is not a problem, but is this right here? If you pick up the machine at the back, you know near in between the hinge, you can see that flex that’s happening now. I don’t think that’s a problem. I think it’s something you have to be aware of it’s, not something you know.

Any of us are necessarily accustomed to. I don’t know if the previous gen omen also had a similar design, but that seems to be a weak spot on the display it’s. Just something to be aware of, i don’t think it’s a qc concern. I don’t think it will end up being a problem again. I think this machine is well made. It just gets a little bit loud and right now it seems like battery life could be better, but of course it is what it is at 1200 us dollars. So i think the omen 15 again in this flavor with the amd uh, you know five uh, the ryzen 5 5600 h is a steal. If you want a video photo edit you’re not going to have any problems. Is this. You know something you should be looking at if it’s going to be a workstation no, but for many of you if you’re on a budget. I still think this is going to be able to deal with the majority of gaming and productivity work and, of course, photo and video editing. Can you get more performance for more money? Absolutely. I mentioned this in my unboxing. If you’re willing to spend several hundred dollars more, you will be able to get a 8 core ryzen cpu you’ll likely possibly also be able to pull a 30 70.. The question is, you know, it’s all about accessibility. What can you get right now? So many things are in and out of stock at such a high rate that when i posted this, this had been in stock.

I think for about a week or two, and if this was what you were looking for, it was a steal. Now that it’s sold out people will look to other things. I’M sure hp is going to bring it back, though, because again at its price, it appears to be a winner, so battery life aside, there’s not much to dislike here about the omen. I think that they’ve done a really nice job and even though this isn’t my full review, because i haven’t spent enough time with it so far, the only thing i’m really critical of is again battery life and you know only having one type c port, but otherwise. Wi fi performance has been really good, no problems there and you know there’s bloatware, but you’re going to get that from all of the big box manufacturers like hp, like lenovo like dell. The only way to get around that is clean, installs that you do yourself or through the microsoft store. They inherently do clean installs on all of their machines, because they’re aware so look i think it’s a good buy and, of course i will include a link in the description for those of you interested in purchasing it. But i know right now: it is out of stock and, if you’re interested in the comparison between this and the legion 5 pro that i have back there, that is in the works, so no worries sooner than later, you’re going to see that comparison.

But again they are in different leagues. Of course, this can be specked out a little bit higher to closer to that, but really because this has the 15 and a half inch panel of yesteryear and that sports, the new 16 inch 1600p 165 hertz ips panel. That alone, without taking into account the internal hardware already, i think, makes it a very different machine and i will put them side by side, because i think a lot of people are going to look to these two in order to figure out see. If i can even get to it, which machine is really right for them, i personally right now think that, if you know budget is what you’re after clearly, the omen is basically impossible to be it’s, just it’s too inexpensive, which is a good thing. I mean at 1200 us dollars that isn’t something to complain about, but you know in the long run, will you get more out of the legion 5 pro versus the omen? It’S a matter of personal preference, they’re close on battery life, they’re close on pricing, but, of course the legion 5 pro has a little bit more on that spec sheet. So again, i’ll save that for another comparison but interesting times for gaming laptops, no question about it. We’Ve got a lot of choices, a lot of different price points and a lot more availability than the desktop sector. Any questions or comments, please feel free to post them.