Today we are going to review HP on 115 laptop, which cost only 900 at the time of this review. We’Re going to see if HP omen is one of the best affordable gaming laptop in the market for gamers, looking for reason, amount of power without breaking the bank, so please sit back, relax and enjoy the review. Now let’s talk about the specs. Our machine came with Intel Core i7 97 v, 0h hexa core processor running at 2.6, gigahertz 8gb, ddr4, ram 512 GB SSD hard drive, 32 GB Intel opt in memory, 802, 11 ax, Wi, Fi 6 card plus Bluetooth, 5, 720p, webcam 15.6 inch micro Edge, Full HD Display and Vidia GTX 1650 graphics, backlit keyboard and weighs only 5 pounds now let’s talk about the design and build quality. The HP mo laptop body is all plastic with carbon textured and brushed aluminum on the back of the screen. There’S HP omen logo. On the back of the screen with a signature, red color, but overall structure feels solid, durable enough for daily usage. It is lightweight for its size. It is nice looking and nicely built laptop first impression from a visual standpoint, extremely impressive when compared to other laptops in this price category, the body feels solid and there’s no creaking, and the base is fairly rigid around the corners according to HP. The overall footprint has been reduced as compared to its previous generation models. The new model features two distinct separate hinges.

The hinges feel solid and there’s very little flexing the laptop weighs only 5 pounds, so it can easily fit in a bag or backpack and carry around school or college campus. The HP omen, laptop is equipped with latest range of ports, and most the port’s has been relocated to the rear of the device. On the right hand, side we have status LED USB 3.1 gen2 on type a port and a power supply connector. On the left hand, side we have USB 3.1 gen2 on type a port headphone and microphone jack, an SD card reader. On the back. We have one gig land port, USB 3.1 gen2 on type; a port, HDMI port mini DisplayPort, USB type c port, Anakin’s interlock slot. The laptop has 720p front camera. The cameras picture quality is enough for video calls and the camera does not perform phase recognition following is a sample. Video footage from the webcam overall HP omen laptop has a design that is simple and clean, but smooth textures does not hide fingerprints very well, and users who like to keep their laptop clean, will have a hard time trying to keep the palm rest clean. All the time the HP or my laptop display has thin bezels and our unit came with 15.6 inch full HD 60 Hertz display the display has decent contrast ratio, but the gameplay at high frame rates, sure slow response rate and may be too slow for gamers. The panel supports disappointing 58 srgb and 37 Adobe RGB.

The displays backlight is not too bright as well averaging only 231 nits. This is lower than the average of most meteor gaming laptops, which is kind of disappointing as well. The display has good decent color reproduction and accurate white balance. 1080P display showed a reason, amount of detail when I watch full HD content, but it is not the best display for its price category. Viewing angles are not good as well due to slow maximum brightness, which is not typical for IPS display the mate finish essentially eliminate glare, but the backlight is not strong enough to shine through sunlight or other bright lights, which means laptop screen cannot be used outside. But there are other upgradeable screen options and I highly recommend choosing better screen if you’re considering buying this laptop. The HP omen visuals are handled by dedicated NVIDIA, GTX, 1650 graphics. The GTX 1650 is a mid range GPU and, unlike its better RT X, 2006 GPU, the GTX 1650 lacks ray tracing and tenser course. The omen 15 is capable of on the fly on demand: switching between gtx 1650 and intel UHD, 630 graphics as well in 3dmark. Gtx 1650 was able to outperform his previous generation graphics in his category and overall GTX 1650 scores good in different GPU benchmarks. The HP omen laptop keyboard is good for longer timing experience. This is a fast, quite reliable keyboard. The pressure point is only slightly noticeable and provides a good amount of feedback.

On the other hand, the key size and arrangements are good and our unit came with backlight keyboard. The keyboard backlighting is split into four zones that can be customized with the HP omen command center software. The default setting sets different colors in each zone and it looks good. The WASD Keys also have slight highlighted around the edges. You can turn off and on the keyboard, backlight fire functional key. As far as the touchpad concern, it is a normal sized touchpad with dedicated mouse buttons below the touch surface, which improved overall precision in the performance section HP, omen, laptop, is equipped with Intel Core i7 9, 7, 5, 0 H. Processor. The processor has six course with the base clock, speed of 2.6 gigahertz and a maximum clock speed of 4.5 gigahertz. The processor is rated for 45 watts and based on 14 nanometer technology. This processor is based on coffee lake architecture. Its performance is perhaps best option for gaming laptop and strikes a good balance between price performance and thermals. Our unit score 2553 points and Cinebench multi thread cpu performance benchmark running at 2.6 gigahertz, which is about 10 percent higher from its previous generation core i7 processors and completely destroys AMD risin 7 series and its cpu z, benchmark laptop CPU, scores 3535 points in multi thread And 491 points in single thread in the storage solution, HP omen offers good, read and write weights that are average in his class. Our unit scored 13 hundred megabits per second read and 350 megabits per second write in SSD benchmark thanks to its m2 PCIe nvme 512 GB SSD and 32 GB Intel obtain memory combo.

The HP omen comes with Intel, ax 201 eleven ax Wi Fi, six wireless card, which supports both 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz, dual band with the max speed of 1.7 gigabits per second, and it also supports Bluetooth 5.0. The HP omen speakers are great and expert tune by bno. They get loud enough to fill a medium sized room and the sound. The output is great, with good base Applause Music in the thermals. The HP, OMA laptop stayed exceptionally cool during over testing the hottest location on the laptop is the underside reached 80 degrees Fahrenheit after you played a full HD YouTube video for 15 minutes that is well below over 95 degree, comfort threshold, the touchpad reached only 70 degrees And the center of the keyboard reached 75 degrees, the CPU never crossed 70 degrees, which is great and keeps the laptop running smooth in the battery life Department, HP, Omo laptop came with 67 watt hour battery. The 67 watt hour battery can provide between 4 to 5 hours of runtime, while this is an average of a mid to your gaming, laptop it’s, not enough for workday away from an outlet when it comes to upgradability HP allows you to upgrade most of the components You can access the laptop motherboard by removing the screws from the back cover. You need to be careful while roaming, the back cover with proper tool, but the process is very simple: you can replace or add bigger m dot.

You form factor hard drive. Should you run out of storage space on the internal m2 SSD, you can add a secondary 2.5 inch hard drive. You also have an option to upgrade or replace RAM with available RAM slots hidden under the cover. Our unit came with one 8gb RAM installed and you can install a dish of RAM in the second slot. In the CPU cooling department. We have heat pipes and heat sinks and dual fans. You can hear the fan noise during general usage, but could get loud during gaming or stress test, but CPU temperature never crossed 70 degrees during test, which means cooling is sufficient enough to keep the laptop temperature under control during gaming or CPU intensive workloads. The HP omen gaming laptop is a good overall performance machine. I had high expectations from HP or my laptop going into this review and I’m pleasantly surprised by the performance of the system. The inter processor, in particular offers excellent CPU performance and NVIDIA GTX 1650 GPU performance is great as well for gaming, the 16 Hertz display with low response time and bad viewing angle and low maximum brightness in particular, is a worst part of the laptop. So if you are considering to buy this laptop, I would highly recommend you upgrade the display to full HD 120 Hertz panel, which offers better maximum brightness and better response time. Hp omen. Gaming laptop is a decent buy for under 900 if they find a better screen option, and I would highly recommend it on that basis for anyone who’s in the market for a decent content creation laptop as well as a gaming machine.

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