There, um and including uh we’re over on amazon and we’re, showing you today we’re going to take a look at this right here. This is the laserjet mfp m234dwe. This is a black and white laser printer for all your needs. What we’re talking about today is this right here: it’s the laserjet mfp black and white, all in one printer, with a scanner with everything like that, and you got it right here now. Let’S uh let’s take a look at some of the features of this printer right here, it’ll print 30 pages per minute. It can do plain paper envelopes. It can do card stock. It’S meant you can use it on your windows machine. You can use it on your mac machine. It is a wireless bluetooth, ethernet and wi fi. Those are the three connections right there: energy star certified it uh scans at 600 by 600 dots per inch and it has a flatbed scanner and you can use the hp smart, app, uh, smart, guided lighting on that which, of course, we will show you. First of all, before i unbox this, i do have to say i did get this product from our friends over at hp and uh. This is gon na get returned uh. All opinions are of my own. They have absolutely no say in what i think and what i say on this unboxing setup. I have a review page that tells you everything about uh, how i review products and all the criteria and if you’ve got a product that you want me to take a look at as well.

So you can check that out and uh and go from there all right with that said with that done, let’s go ahead and get this puppy unboxed here so we’re, going to flip over to the back camera here and take out my handy dandy tool i’m going To go ahead and uh unbox that there we go bring that up right. There i’ll show you the overhead here on this part, so we’ll flip this up and what does it come with? First of all, we’ve got the mfp. This is m232 m237 series, which is this is the 234 series, so different types of printers. Basically, the different types of printers include things like uh flat bed. If they have a flat bed, if they have, if they have a scanner, if they have a multi scanner on it, what not so that’s, basically that so just uh just a little bit of instructions there next up was we have the reference guide right here and It tells you the different status lights. Purple says wireless setup mode rotating blue, says, connecting to network light blue connected ready for use, solid, amber problems, green up, updating or busy, so very important information. There we’ll put that to the side as we continue to open things up, let’s go ahead and open this up. Little piece of cardboard up looks like we have the plug and we got a plug cap and i got actually got asked. What are these plug caps for? Well, mostly they’re, for shipping? You know it to make.

You feel feel good that you know they’re trying to protect the plugs uh before they get shipped out so uh. We got nothing on this side. We got nothing else. That’S gon na pop out so let’s go ahead and what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na flip. This on its side like so, i think that’s, which end is up, i spy with my little eye. I think that is the top. So what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na turn it around and then what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na flip this on the side. Now this isn’t a big printer. So this should be a one person job, but you know, depending on how you feel about it, you might want to have somebody else close by maybe to take care of the box or something like that nice and easy easy. Like tuesday afternoon there we go. Look at that and that’s the box uh. So this is what happens when you get a printer like this out uh. We got some styrofoam on the side, you’re going to notice a lot of orange tape that in tabs that’s, where we’re going to pull everything out. So we can remember this best. Part is a little video tutorial. So when i go to pack this back up, i know exactly how to put the tape back on all right, so let’s go ahead and be kind of careful on how this works.

We’Ve got a piece of styrofoam goes back in the box. We’Ve got another piece of styrofoam goes back in the box. This was about, i think, six, six pounds 16 pounds. Excuse me so yeah, like i said, it’s a little bit heavy but uh not too heavy. On this printer we’re gon na take this bag i’m gon na open it like this i’m gon na lift this up, move the bag away a little bit, but not as much to let the let it drop put that over into the box, and there we go. This is the printer right here, so we got uh let’s see, we’ve got a little get started manual right here. That’S got some that’s got tape on it, we’ll bring that up and basically it says, install the smart software which i already have installed that’s this. The software right here, uh and it’s, of course you can get it for your android. You can get it for your ios uh and, of course it shows you how to do that. You can also get the hp smart software for your windows or mac all right. Let’S go ahead and do this we’re going to start with this piece right here, because this is the this. Is the paper tray so i’m going to un tape that and take that tape off looks to have a little bit of movement to it? So something to keep in mind, we’re gon na set this right here as we pull this one down.

That seems to be the part of the paper. Tray i’ve got a little bit of padding right here and a little tape to take off so we’ll put that to the side got this orange thing right here, uh, so we’ll let’s start with. I think start with that. Maybe there’s some tape in there and there’s. Some more tape so let’s. Actually, i think this all lifts up yeah this all lifts up, so let’s go ahead and take this piece of tape off first it’s uh right on top here. So what that’s going to do is it is going to expose the scanner bed right there and then, if we open this up, oh, i did have to take that piece of tape off anyway to get this piece. This piece right here out we’ll, go over here and we’ll kind of pull this out and it looks like it’s pulling out the whole toner unit, and i just did something: you’re not supposed to do and that’s touch. This blue bar right here so got a little bit of tape on the side. Take this thing you can slide it right back in there. We go now. Let’S see any tape in here. I need to worry about all right, so this is the uh put that back in there. That’S good and we’ll bring this down, but we do have one more piece of tape right here and that oh okay yeah. It goes like that so i’ll take that out and put that right.

There see if there’s any other doors. I need to worry about on the sides on the front on the back. No, i got the paper, so this is going to be the paper tray right here. We got a slide out catch tray, so i’m. Guessing what this is is this covers yeah. This is the cover for the paper tray. So once you have your paper in there, you’ll attach this down here, so there’s this tray right here and uh. You go ahead and just insert it like that. So that’s pretty much the printer right there. We got one more one, more piece right here and that’s up on top a little blue tab, flip that up, of course, that’s displaying the lcd so up on top, we have the lcd up on up above. That is a little wi fi button, so i’m. Guessing that will turn on and off the wi fi. We got uh buttons that have this one has an ellipsis on it. This one has a plus, and this one has a minus, not sure what that does. Yet this must be for a copy when you’re, when you’re doing a scanner copy. This one looks like it looks like a card button so and of course we got an information button. We got a down arrow and x and a and the power button, and i think these light these ones that you can’t really see the uh can’t really see the icons they’re gon na light up uh, as this gets turned on let’s go ahead and show you The back of this on the back we do have a door, looks like right here, so let’s pop that open make sure there’s no tape here uh.

This is where everything feeds through. So it looks like we got the ethernet jack, it says wi fi and it says usb no usb so i’m wondering yeah it’s a usb b plug, but i don’t think it’s for connecting up your pc. I bet you that’s a maintenance plug. I don’t know if uh they’d, probably plug you in some sort of diagnostic or something like that, that’s where that would be. But that says that it’s not a usb plug down here we have the power plug, which is where we’re gon na plug in over to the left. Here you see a little kensington, lock logo right there, so that’s, where you can lock down. Let me take this cord and we’re going to plug it in once. We plug it in it should turn itself on. If not, we just hit this button right here. There we go got the lcd is uh is moving we’re hearing, some noise come from the printer, so now we got the wi fi going up on top uh, it says 01 and as as i thought, these lights will start to light up as we go. These lights are not lit up. I would guess the power light should have been lit up, but it’s not. We can turn off the wi fi through here, but right now, it’s looking for something to connect to and that’s where this comes in that’s, where the app from the hp smart app.

So what we would do is, we would add your first printer, as you can see when i had add printer, it showed the m234 right away, so that’s that’s cool we’ll just hit this button to set to uh to do this, so it did did find it And it says: hey you want to uh use your your location and i’m just going to say well using the app uh and then it says, connect that printer to wi fi uh, which i will do right now and i put in my password says continue. It says configuring, configuring, configuring, getting information and then up on above uh we’re, seeing now this uh the x is now lit and the information in this app it says: uh press the flashing information button on your printer, so we’ll go up above and we will press That – and it says, joining the network right here, so that must be the extra security step that we, you must take to make sure that that’s how it connects it says, want to join the wi fi network. So we’ll say yes, it’s, going to finish the connection. Okay and then i have to reconnect the this one to uh, wi fi and there we go. It says, check the printer there’s, a problem with your printer what’s, the problem there’s, a problem with your printer, well it’s. Probably the fact that i don’t have any paper in here and then of course, it’s going to go through some props we’ll just go.

There we’ll hit the processing to see what’s going on there. We go take the tray out paper. So this is, i don’t know. If this will do legal and uh eight and a half letter or legal just says letter, so now, we’ve got printed paper in here and now our app says that the printer is ready so perfect. Now, with this thing right here this app, we can personalize our tiles. So if you do certain things like printing and scanning super quick, then you can bring those tiles up here. So let’s just do something simple: let’s go in we’re, going to select our printer and it’s, actually seeing my other printer too, so that’s good. So there we are it’s going to print in black and white and that’s interesting. How that’s going to do that, and we want one copy. We can do double sided, which is definitely what we want to do. Let’S do a range of the first. It says 17 pages, so we’ll just go we’ll go to four and up on top. You see that this this this lit up and we hear something going. I was telling you about the bars on the printer that’s. This thing right here: if things are errant, it will tell us through that now it just did a double side print, so it printed brought it back in flipped it around and it printed the other side so not too bad on the print uh it’s, not how It the website looks so that’s kind of weird but that’s, not the printer’s fault that’s just to how it decides to print, and it definitely looks like a laser style print so i’m, pretty happy with that um and, if it’s, something like getting directions or anything like That uh, that makes it easy so there it is right there and do this.

Then you definitely can see it so it’s saying uh let’s see there. It is right there that’s, the printer, so we’re gon na definitely add the device in the meantime, i’m, going to what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na take a look and call up a photo here, all right. It says it’s ready. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to take this picture right here. This one right here and i’m, going to print it out so we’re just going to go to the print button and that’s, not the right one. This is the right one uh. We can choose landscape portrait copy one, so that looks good, eight and eight by ten, so that’s good, fill page let’s hit the print button and let’s see how that works there. It is so there’s me there’s. My print looks pretty decent in black and white. So what we’re gon na do now is we’re gon na see how it scans we’ll throw this into the scanner open up the scanner bed we’ll see how this works, so we can do eight and a half by eleven. We can uh do a4 and, of course, it’s got indicators on on sizes. There we’ll put the scan there and we’ll close the door, and then i believe we just hit that button. There we go and that printed up pretty well so i’m guessing this is the amount of copies that you want, and this ellipsis uh this this the ellipsis tells us if we want it to be darker or lighter contrast wise.

So this was in the middle of the road, so let’s take a look at the scan here. There’S, the original – and there is the extra crispy so take a look at how and we’ll just fold this in half, so there we have the this is the all. This is the first copy. This is the second copy. You can see it’s a little bit lighter here so but of course we can change that with the contour, the uh, with the levels there, but on this side you can see how the beard is and we’ll just do this. So this looks on this side. Looks a little bit smoother than this one, but of course that was expected to be when a copy of a copy of a print happens that’s what happens so. This is the m234 dwe black and white, laser jet printer from hp and, of course, it’s available, and you can get it if you’re looking for something to print out black and white photos, it does come with the app. You have a lot of different features, including the whole instant ink feature, which is a cool feature that allows you basically to figure out when you need to get more ink and then you can order through the app you can do a lot of cool things. For the app the app also has a fax ability to it so let’s say instead of printing, you want to fax it out to somebody.

You can do that it doesn’t receive faxes, but it does send them out. The tiles can be changed around, like i said, there’s another feature on the on this app. You can put in your receipts and you put them into the into the scan bed and then i’ll go to the app and there it says to place the print on the scanner and then we’ll hit this now right now, it’s doing a photo, but you can Also, do you can also scan in uh receipts and things like that and get them put into your uh into whatever accounting software you have, so you can use it that way, so there’s the uh there’s the photo that i just scanned and it’s processing there. It is right there. This is the m234 dwe black and white laserjet printer with scan bed and the, of course using the app and, of course they have the instant ink options and all that other good stuff that you can get from our friends over hp. If you got any questions for me feel free to ask me that over at geekazine think magazine put in a geek, you got me. Socials are right here and then, of course, you can go ahead, hit that follow button up on the top there or, if you’re, over on forward slash shop forward, slash geekazine. That is where you go to uh, follow me there and you can check out some of the other live streams.

I’Ve done some of the other videos that i’ve done and, of course, all the cool products that you can get for yourself. All right thanks a lot for watching you guys geek out, have a great tuesday and we’ll see you next time.