Now the part number for this particular device is f6v97aa acj. This is what appears to be an oem packaging because uh these things are made and sold in bulk on the front. You don’t see anything except the manufacturer’s sticker, as well as pricing and all those information again. These vary from time to time on the rear. You have a couple of certifications mentioned, but no specifications whatsoever again. Another sticker stating the part number and other details. Let’S go ahead with the unboxing. First comes out the cable Applause. Then you have some of the instruction manuals we’ll get to these later. Lastly, you have the drive itself: we’ll, take all the packaging out of the frame. First, first off we have the drive itself. It’S got a little hp logo in center. On this side, you have the eject button, along with the little hole in which you can insert a pin for ejection in case there are any problems, nothing on the other side on the rear. You have a usb mini. This is not a micro, nothing on the side either on the bottom. You have the usual warnings, because this uses a led for laser. You require the laser warning and the other information is what you already have. You might not be able to see things clearly because of a thin film on the top. With that out of the way you can see the hp logo in the center, along with a brushed look, the entire thing is made of plastic coming to the cable.

You have Music about a half a meter, long usb mini cable. This is usb mini the usb type. A this is not your typical micro cable. Most external devices come with usb mini and not micro among the documentation. You have the warranty and technical support information. That’S number one: then you have a couple of free software being provided this happens to be cyberlink, so you can head over to this particular url that’s mentioned on the pamphlet to get that software and the last documentation happens to be product notice. So this will have all the regulatory information, the specifications, instructions and everything else that is pertaining to the device that’s it for the unboxing of the hp external usb dvd rewritable drive. If you like us to do similar, unboxings or devices in the future, please do stay tuned.